The Keepers On The Astro-Cosmic “Sea Change” of October 2012

Question: We are in the midst of a big “sea change” astrologically and energetically with so many planets moving or preparing to move into different signs. What guidance can you give at this time on this? Thank you.

Answer: Beloveds, thank you for your question. The one thing we feel is important to share is the natural or organic nature of change. We liken it to the growth of a baby to an adult human being. There is nothing that the child has to “do” to grow besides take care of the vehicle, feed it, and so forth for physical growth to occur. It is the same for you. You are in a natural process of spiritual expansion and growth. There is a belief that you must “do” many things, and for some even “wake up” others. The amount of Light being directed at Gaia is and will continue to have a profound impact. Yes there are some that are a bit more attached to the 3D conflicts and dramas than others, but ultimately this will not impact the process which is ongoing. There are things that may do to support this process such as service, meditation, light work and so forth, but the process is well underway. It is also important to note that when a human being is participating in healing, it is often the physical/3D level that experiences it last as this plane is of a denser nature.

We would invite you to be patient as Gaia is also in a powerful process of birth and regeneration. We would like to add here that we are not in agreement that all will be transformed immediately in a “blink of an eye.” Spiritual awakening and transformation *can* certainly happen at that speed. Movement on the physical plane often takes longer. We would like to see more ease and trust in your experience. You are the ones that make it so. Though we are aware that many beings do not have conscious knowledge of their agreement and role to be here in this momentous time, but there are also many who do. In this highly spiritual atmosphere, it will continue to be easier to receive answers to deep and enigmatic questions.

Awakening as often been said is an “inside job.” External actions, words and so forth may point to the path, but are not the path itself. For those that identify as Light workers, seers, and so forth cannot effectively assist others when they are busy judging their life choices or their path. This also may be a distraction to avoid some of their own emotional or karmic material, as well as projection. It has been said that you can only take others as far or high in consciousness as you are. If you wish to truly serve others, it is your own transformation that truly matters. Be receptive to learning lessons and dropping karmas through ease and grace, and leaving conflict and drama behind. It is possible, dear ones.

The illumined, high beings on the planet in the past have not had interest in judging others, but were more involved in serving and radiating Love to all beings. So is it now for you. This is one of the aspects of moving from the mental realm to a more spiritual (heart) focus.

Another thing we would add about the current (and soon-to-be) energetic influences is this: some may be feeling grief, a general sadness, or perhaps an “empty,” feeling. You have cleared so much over the past months dear ones. You have emptied out your lamps so you may be filled higher, and may burn more brightly. For some, this is another one of the *outbreath* periods in your world. Take heart dear ones, as you will soon expand again. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 10.4.12


Rhiannon 8th October 2012 11:21 am

Very much appreciated...and well said, thank-you! :smitten:


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