The Keepers on the upcoming Scorpio cluster (Mercury, Saturn and North Node)

Question: What can you tell us about the cluster of planetary energies that soon will all be in Scorpio (Mercury, Saturn and the North Node.) It has some people concerned about the intensity levels, as things have been pretty intense this year already! Thank you.

Answer: Beloveds, we understand your question and we say this: We do see that there indeed will be a certain intensity and also a potential for an increase in shadow material being released both personally and collectively. For those that are feeling balanced and well, it will be a good time to continue to place your good thoughts, light and positive intentions onto the planetary Grid for the nourishment and benefit of all sentient beings.

A key to be mindful about Scorpio energy is that it is very much about the *Truth* and perhaps going beyond surface levels to reach it. For those that have been “doing their work” on a personal and spiritual level we see this has a very positive and inspirational time. One of the archetypes of Scorpio energy is the Eagle, which flies high with Great Spirit. It also has a magical or “wizardly” quality to it as well. We see this as a powerful time for healing, transformation and envisioning. Those that are seers and light workers may be particularly inspired with new ideas and practices that may be shared with others for the benefit of all. This is also a time that those that have been on the sidelines and doing their work quietly, may feel a subtle but tangible *push* to share and become more public. Though this may seem counter-intuitive as Scorpio energy tends to be private and keep to itself; you will soon has Mars moving into the sign of Sagittarius, which is active and philosophical and will help serve as an impetus in this area.

It is also significant to mention the powerful “Shamanic” quality that these energies carry with them (for those that wish to connect on that frequency.) It is a powerful time to do deep healing work around ancestral and gender-related issues. The concept of the Divine Mother/Feminine is been brought to a greater awareness in the collective. There will also be a greater awareness of healing around the issues of victimization, illusion and power vs. force. Scorpio is also related to the 8th house of mysteries, sexuality and tantra. You will see more taboos around Sacred Sexuality disappearing and it recognized as a legitimate path to the Divine.

Another thing that is worthy of comment on is the fears that may arise during Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is the taskmaster yes, he is also very good at showing vulnerabilities and places where you are afraid, so this makes him a good friend. In Scorpio there many be fears of intensity, sexuality, transition and death. The key to navigating in these Scorpionic waters is to reach for the higher octave of the energies, which may include a form of a Shamanic Vision Quest or even a form of the “dark night of the soul,” and also to be open to the potential of transformation and transfiguration. Mercury in Scorpio will bring freer communication about these topics and can serve as a benefit to the Saturnian influence.

As you may know, Scorpio energy has three archetypal aspects: the Scorpion, the Wolf and the Eagle. Yes there may be those that are momentarily caught in the dramas, intrigues and toxicity of the Scorpion. In that case, you may take to the winds spiritually or be like the wise wolf that senses danger ahead and takes an alternate path. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 10.2.12

NOTE: Mercury will be in Scorpio until October 30, 2012. Saturn will be in Scorpio until 2015. North Node will be in Scorpio until February 18, 2014.



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