12/21/12 and Beyond

I went to visit the Council of Beings (a group of “Extra Terrestrials” who have participated in the Earth Game throughout history) to ask them about what will likely happen over the next few days and especially on December 21st. I always see the Council meeting place as a large stone stadium. I entered the stadium and sat in my seat. Someone said, “You didn’t even check to see if your Greater Self was already there!” I jumped up and looked behind me at an empty seat. Everyone laughed, including me. It was their way of telling me that I was taking this thing too seriously.

I asked about what we might experience and feel and what might happen on a planetary level, over the next few days and into the future. While reminding me that they can’t predict the future with 100% accuracy, they offered to show me some of the most likely potentials.

As it arrives, the wave of new energy will feel enthusiastic, exciting, hopeful, playful, and make us “hunger” for something. It is like Spring Fever, knowing that the fine weather is here, the new growth is beginning, and there are really cool potentials out there. There will be is a powerful inflow of new energy which we will perceive on a spiritual and energetic level. However, there will probably not be a lot of change on the physical plane. The spiritual always precedes the physical, though the time between the two is getting shorter.

The Council showed me a metaphor of childbirth. We are giving birth to a new era and we have certainly had birth pains. The picture they showed me is that moment when a newborn child makes its first noise. We parents feel great excitement and love. But, there’s still some work to do to complete the process. We have to expel the placenta, get cleaned up and the mother’s body has to go through the physical changes needed to recover and produce milk.

Why are we not going to see a huge physical transformation on that day? One, because the shift from one 26,000-year cycle to the new cycle doesn’t happen in a day, a month or even a year. The shift has been happening for years and it will continue to happen for years. Also, we chose to have as smooth a transformation as possible. We are letting go of drama.

Ahrazu/Osiris gave me a little poke here making me aware of something. I wonder if anyone else has the little hope in the back of your mind that something really huge and dramatic will happen to prove to all the disbelievers (who have judged you) that your were right after all?

From the Council:

“Most of you will feel like ‘doing something new’. You may feel a deep need to be creative and to express yourself in whatever way works for you. It can be through art, writing, movement like dance or yoga (as long as it is new), cooking, sewing or doing something new in your home or garden (creating an environment). For those who are “therapy shoppers” you might interpret this ‘desire for something new’ as a trip to the mall for some power spending (for something different than what you would usually buy). You will probably feel a strong attraction for being in nature, especially if you go somewhere you have never been before. Keep it simple. 

This is not a day (though we would say there never is a day) to use your will power to make yourself do anything that you really don’t want to do. Invite spirit into any mundane tasks that you need to perform or do it in a new, different way, i.e. when you wash dishes you could play your favorite (or new) music and dance the dishes away.

Make sure that you get some alone time, but don’t become a recluse. Spend time with the people you love. And treat yourself as a loved one too.

If you feel inspired, perform a ritual to celebrate the completion and releasing of the exiting era and the exiting season since the 21st is the solstice too. Think of the image of a valued employee being thanked for all his work at his retirement party. You could even write a thank you card (and give him a gold watch!). And then welcome the new era and new season in whatever way feels right to you, especially in a way that is new.”

December 21st is the transition day. It’s like midnight on New Years Day. The 22nd is the first day of the new era, like January 1st. This is the day you say, “That was fun! Now what cool, new thing can I manifest?” There is another potential that could happen on that day – disappointment.

Here is a metaphor that I think is timely. It’s Christmas morning, time to open the presents. Alex told his parents what he wanted. The list includes a bike, some other smaller things and (added at the last moment with a lot of hope but not much expectation) an iPhone 5. Mom and Dad hint that he’s getting something “really special” and Alex is really excited. He is sure that he’s getting an iPhone and even tells his friends who are envious. When Alex opens his presents the “special” gift is a bike, albeit a very nice bike. Bingo, disappointment! The bike is not unwanted or not valuable, it is just not as flashy as the iPhone.

We’ve had such a buildup for this one day. What will you feel like when it turns out to be just another day like January 1, 2000 (Y2K) or 11/11/11 and all those other times? My concern is that on December 22nd people will feel really let down. Doubt will creep in whispering in your ear that your hopes are not real. There is not something out there that will make this planet better and easier for us to live on. That’s not to say that there is nothing happening, there is, I can feel it and I know that you can too. But, there is no super-duper special thing out there that is going to make everything better. What matters is what is inside of you. And you still have to wash the dishes, pay the rent, etc.

Using the birth metaphor from the Council… We’ve anticipated the baby’s arrival with great expectation…expectations that included everything being magical and wonderful with the new baby. But there will be times when the sleep deprivation is challenging and there are so many diapers to change etc. And there are times of worry. Is the baby getting enough milk? Is the rash normal or could it be measles? Am I giving the baby enough attention, stimulation and/or quiet time? Though first time parents may have been told to expect this, somehow they think that it won’t happen to them. After all, they have also been told about how special and magical it is to have a baby.

What will the “old energy” people experience?

From the Council: “The people who want to keep things the same and don’t welcome the changes or the new energy will be feeling increased psychological pressure which can lead to events like the shooting in Connecticut. There will be a need to release this pressure somehow. People might argue and fight. Another way is through shocking events like car crashes, injuries or illness. (This is not to say that anyone who experiences something like this is resisting the new energy. There are other reasons for these kinds of things to happen.) You will see more aggravation and frustration, feeling like they have ‘had enough!’

I asked the Council of Beings about what might happen on a global level. I was told that there will not be three days of darkness as we imagine it, but there could be something that happens that is “un-ignorable and unexplainable”. They would share no specifics. I guess it is supposed to be a surprise.

From the Council: “On a global level the pressure will intensify the aggression between countries. Old enmities will escalate and some new fights will start. There will probably be more severe and frequent planetary changes like earthquakes, storms and floods. But you have chosen for this process to be as smooth as possible.

We don’t expect this Sun Spot Cycle to be significantly powerful or intense, however you will be more aware of the effects because the flares will affect communications and everything that depends on the communications as never before. ‘Snail mail’’ is likely to be unaffected by the solar flares.”

I asked, “What will happen with the big Institutions especially the financial ones?”

From the Council: “Expect more scandals and dirty dealings to be brought into the light. There are fewer and fewer dark corners in which to hide. We don’t expect a total collapse of the global economy but there will be big changes. Greed and power over others through money cannot exist in the new era, so it will not exist in the new era. Money will be with us for a while (as the exchange of energy is valuable) but more and more people will be exploring and creating other ways of making the exchange. Also, with greed on its way out, we will have less need for money to buy things we don’t need. Expect an exponentially growing number of inventions that produce free or almost free energy, reducing the cost of things across the board.”

Will we see a sky full of spaceships or have undeniable “first contact”?

From the Council: “We do not want to create drama or panic (especially on this day that has so many people expecting the end of the world), so there will not be a sudden irrefutable showing of our presence. The way and when of “First Contact” is a frequent topic of discussion in the council. Much depends on how humanity reacts to or embraces the new energy. Many of you are eager to have overt and unquestionable communication with us, to be ET Ambassadors. We are also excited by this potential. Let your imagination run with this, creating pictures of peaceful yet exciting exchanges. Your imaginings will become part of mass consciousness, which will create a group dream that allows for our presence to become known by all. As well as knowing us comes your remembering who you truly are and your relationship to us. Look to the sky and smile, knowingly. We are here, excitedly watching you, waiting for the time when we can join you.”


1merlin1 22nd December 2012 11:56 am

When I woke up this morning I felt a detachment that was very comfortable. Then I was flooded with sadness & overwhelm. I quickly realized that sadness wasn't coming from me, I was feeling the disappointment of so many others. When I realized this, I was able to bless & release this pain, and hold Sacred Space for those who are feeling troubled about the 12-21-2012 unfoldment so far.

We are going through an initiation, a major testing period. When we "come out the other side" our lives will be so much more balanced. I truly believe this, because I feel it manifesting personally now. We're on the edge of Major Change. Breathe it in.

Sandra Smyre 22nd December 2012 1:43 pm

Thank you so much for this post. I Am awaiting the arrival of our Galactic friends and look to the sky with love and peace in my heart. The naysayers don't bother me, I know in my soul the time is coming for our reunions. In LoveLight, Sandra :angel:

theinfinitebeing 23rd December 2012 3:02 am

Let's face it. Everything is the same, if not worse.


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