Equinox Cosmic Weather Report

Equinox: September 22, 2010 8 p.m. PDT

The general energy of an Equinox is balance, equal day/light and night/dark. This Equinox has some challenges but it also offers solutions. Saturn is conjunct the Sun and they are opposite Uranus, the Moon and Jupiter. (Jupiter is now really close to the Earth, it's quite bright near the moon, so have a peak at the sky tonight.) Pluto is in what's called a T-square position to all this.

Squares can feel like a crisis, or that your are at the effect of something out of your control. And Pluto - the Underworld/Shadow King - is still hunkered down (stopped or stationed) in Capricorn. Pluto moves slowly and it's taking a while for him to get going forward again. And there is a Full Moon, exact at about 6 hours after the Equinox adding to the intensity. This can feel like pressure to get moving and being unable to make any progress. There can be situations that are upsetting and you feel like there's nothing you can do to make it better. In a word, frustration!

The solution is in the sign opposite of Pluto which is in Capricorn. We look to Cancer. Cancer is all about home and responsible nurturing. Ultimately, your home is your body. How do you nurture your body? What makes your body feel safe? What makes you (the soul) feel safe to be in your body?

Mars and Venus (masculine and feminine) are close together in Scorpio. Scorpio is about life force energy, bringing spirit fully into physical reality and experiencing and mastering intense feelings. This is a good time to check in with your Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine and flow the life force energy through your body.

I talked more about this during my Monthly Free Teleseminar and led a guided meditation with life force energy as well as a preview of the New Energy that is coming in with the 10-10-10 Portal. You can listen to or download the audio here.

The bottom line is that you can't force things to happen now. If something is stuck and you don't see an option to get it moving, let it go for now. Focus on taking care of your body, of actually being in your body and flowing that yummy life force energy. Remember to breathe... and give yourself a treat!



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