It's Too Subtle to Understand and to Intense to Feel

After her trip through the Underworld, the Great Mother Isis has returned to transmit to us a higher frequency of Goddess Energy. The Portal through which this transmission is being delivered is the three star system known as Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.  Sirius is a stargate through which we are receiving the archetypal energy of the Divine Feminine. Imagine our galaxy with its spiral arms. The cosmic energy from the Galactic Center flows out along the path of the arms. Sirius is located directly upstream from our solar system. The transmissions from the Galactic Center come to our planet through Sirius to Sol and then to Earth. We are receiving a powerful transmission through Sirius, a new level of perceiving and expressing the Sacred Feminine and healing the wound of separation.

The transmission through Sirius is creating a great opening, an opportunity to experience an expanded awareness of self. There are waves of Divine Energy flooding in from the Sacred Mother and Home. It feels so wonderful, blissful and safe! Our energy expands as the wound of separation lifts. It brings so much joy but it also flushes out the sadness and loneliness that comes with being a human being.

Some of the things that might have come up include:

  • What was your relationship like with your Mother/Mother Figure/Primary Caregiver? Did you feel unconditionally loved, supported and safe?
  • What kind of relationships do you have with the women in your life now?
  • What is your relationship with the feminine energy?  Do you trust it?
  • Do you feel like you live in a "friendly" Universe, one that supports you and makes you feel safe? Or does it feel like you are always thwarted in your desires to create and manifest?
  • Ultimately, do you love and trust yourself?

I'm sure you've read about the recent and current astrological T-square and oppositions causing great pressure for change. Pluto has been one of the big players and this always means a trip to the Underworld, the shadow energies. I have had an intense journey there recently. You can read about my adventure here: Osirian Initiation: My Trip to the Hospital. I've heard from so many people about having similar high-pressure, out of control experiences that have eventually created important changes in their lives. If this has been happening to you, I can pass along Saint Germain's message to me, "There is a reason for this. You didn't do anything wrong and eventually you will know what it really all about."

The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are Sirian Beings. Sirius herself, known to the Egyptians as Sothis, is especially associated with the Goddess Isis, the Great Mother. Each year as the starry sky appears to rotate around the planet there is a period of time (about 70 days) when Sirius is not seen in the night sky. The day that she rises in the early dawn, just before the Sun is called the heliacal rising of Sirius. To the ancient Egyptians this marked the beginning of the annual flooding of the Nile River, bringing fertile soil. This was also the beginning of their year. The exact heliacal rising of Sirius happens on different days in different parts of the world. This year was is in the second week or August. The first month of the Egyptian year, which would correlate to roughly August 8th through September 7th, is the month of Thoth. He was considered the heart and tongue of Ra (the Sun) and was the one who translated Ra's will into speech. He was the scribe of the Gods and created writing (hieroglyphics). Thoth also aided Isis. After she collected the pieces of Osiris's dismembered body, he told here the magic words to resurrect him. Thank you Thoth! In Greece Thoth became known as Hermes, messenger of the Gods and finally in Roman times he is known as Mercury.

And here we are in the month of Thoth, receiving messages from the Gods while Mercury is retrograde (August 20 - September 12). Click, click, click... something is happening here! During the three-week Mercury retrograde period normal paths of communication fail or get all confused. During the first week we are examining old communication patterns. During week two we examine our communications in the present time and the last week of the retrograde period is about the future. What I've noticed is that the nature of what I call Inter-dimensional Communication (channeling etc.) is changing.

A couple of weeks ago I connected with Ahrazu/Osiris and I felt his strong, loving presence quite clearly. However, I couldn't see him or get any specific words or pictures. This has been happening lately and I asked him, "What's up with that? I miss seeing your beautiful face and engaging in our enlightening interchanges."

What I got was very subtle. It was a knowing that the way we used to communicate was going away and a new way is coming in. They used to shape their energy into a form we could recognize and translate the information into a language we could understand. This is changing now and it's left a lot of people feeling like they aren't doing it right. I've received many emails about this, it has come up while working with clients and especially during the process of teaching my Inter-dimensional Communication and Channeling Program recently. It's frustrating on one level, but I also find it quite exciting. I feel like there is so much more potential opening up. We've graduated from college and student status and are ready to be seen as colleagues.

What's difficult about it is that we can't understand it! We can't figure it out, put it into words and explain it to others. Spoken and written language is too limited. The left brain is totally baffled and frustrated. (And here I am trying to write about it! ) If you want your guides, the angels etc. to give advice, explain what's going on in your life or the world or anything like that, forget it. I have noticed that they are happy to "hang out" and are interested in hearing about what I'm discovering and experiencing, though. They are like old friends instead of a counselors.

Because of this flow of connection and Home, our psychic/empathic channels have opened even more. It's like the volume has been turned up.  Imagine you are driving your car. You've gotten pretty good and maintaining your inner core, regardless of the drivers (and all their "stuff") around you. Now it's like they are all blasting heart-pounding rap at full volume! What's an sensitive/empathic person to do?

Stop feeling it! Yep, that's it... and I can hear you now... How the hell am I supposed to do I do that?!

As children we were born with and/or developed the ability to feel other people's stuff (emotions, thoughts and physical sensations) for several reasons. We came in with agreements and missions to heal, people, animals, plants and the planet. We had to know what they were experiencing in order to heal them. It is also a way of protecting yourself. In my childhood, I would always pause before entering the house to check the energy to see if I was going to get blasted or not, so I could prepare myself. What happens is that we take the energy into ourselves to understand it and hopefully transmute or clear it. Healers have taken on so much outside energies to their own detriment or at least requiring them to work hard to clear themselves, and try to rest and recuperate.

We can't do this anymore. It's too much and it is not appropriate in the New Reality. It's to intense to feel inside ourselves. This doesn't mean that you build walls and shut down your awarenesses. Instead, you shift from feeling it inside of you to perceiving it as outside of you. I suggest that you change the way you think and speak about your awarenesses to leave out the word feel. We are automatically programmed to take it into ourselves when we use that word. Try using perceive, or see or notice.

When working with individual clients or with groups I use a holographic representation of their energetic system that I set up in front of me. I can perceive their emotions, energetic blocks and patterns etc. inside of the hologram. This way I never take on anybody's stuff.

It has taken me some time to develop this way of processing my awarenesses. It takes conscious effort to break old (and for the most part valued) habits. You have to stay aware. For every thought, emotion and physical sensation you experience immediately ask, "Is this energy mine?" (Hint: it usually is not yours.)  Be willing to say "no thanks" and send it back or just let it flow on by you. It is your divine right to have your own space.


Gwen in New Mexico 30th August 2010 9:04 am

Bright blessings for sharing.
I needed to read the comment by St. Germain. I am totally confused by my physical pain now. "in time" helped.
Gratitude and love, Gwen in New Mexico

COBALT 30th August 2010 9:53 am

I like feeling... :smitten:

Inspired in Spirit 30th August 2010 2:35 pm

Thanks Sarah! I was also a little confused by the 'change' in channeled information and was thinking, "What's happening guys?" Pleased to know that there isn't something 'wrong'.

Have also noticed an increase in the senses and immediately sense and know when something is not 'mine'.

You're right - our guides, angels etc are very much on a supportive, empowering stance now as opposed to "instructing". We have all the answers inside of us, and they want us to know this... with a few prods of encouragement here and there.

Thanks for your message.




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