The New Energy Template for our Bodies

I was bouncing around on the web recently and found an interesting article about the Earth's magnetic field flipping. I also read about sunspots and the way the Sun's magnetic pole flips. Here are the Cliff notes.
You probably already know that the Earth's magnetic field has flipped (reversed direction) many times in its long history. The last flip was about 780,000 years ago. The flip occurs when the magnetic field is really weak and it has been getting weaker for the last two millennia. Two thousand years ago the magnetic field of the Earth was very strong, about 11 VADM [1022 A m2 (whatever that means)]. Now the number is down to about 7.8 VADM. (BTW: They figure out how strong the field is and which direction it goes by studying rock, especially sedimentary and volcanic rock.)
But before you run out and buy "Field Flip insurance" you should know that historically the VADM has always dropped below 2 when the magnetic poles reversed. At the rate the magnetic field is weakening it will be at least a couple of thousand years before is gets that low. Of course, that could change, we are living in unusual times.
The Earth's magnetic field protects us from cosmic rays from outer space. With the field getting weaker, more cosmic energy reaches the planet.

 Image of the Sunspot Cycle

The Sun's magnetic field also protects us from cosmic rays. The sun goes through regular 11-year cycles of high sunspot activity to low or no sunspots.  This cycle is actually half of a longer, 22-year cycle of solar activity. Each time the sunspot count rises and falls, the magnetic field of the Sun reverses polarity; the orientation of magnetic fields in the Sun's northern and southern hemispheres switch. Thus, in terms of magnetic fields, the solar cycle is only complete (with the fields back the way they were at the start of the cycle) after two 11-year sunspot cycles.
Right now the sunspot activity is at it's lowest called the Solar Minimum. The Sun's magnetic field flips when the sunspot activity is high, at the Solar Maximum. The last time this happened was at the beginning of 2002. Since this is a regular 11-year cycle, we can expect the next Solar Flip to happen in 2013. No surprise there!
Right now our planetary magnetic field is the lowest it's been in thousands of years and the solar magnetic field is at its minimum. This means that we are receiving more cosmic energy than ever before. At the same time we are at a sort of lull with such a quiet Sun.

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The New Energy Template for our bodies

The low magnetic fields perfectly describe what so many of us are experiencing right now. We are more able to access the energies and Beings that are outside of the magnetic field (the Veils of Illusion or Earth Game programming). This is really exciting, because we can feel so many amazing potentials, yet at the same time we are feeling stuck, exhausted and frustrated. We know something new is coming, but we can't get there yet.
This also relates to the 09/09/09 energy. The words that go with the number 9 are completion, compassion, spirituality, forgiveness and brotherhood or community (more on this later).
Another reason for our slowness and exhaustion is that our bodies have been going through huge changes. You can be really tired but at the same time not able to fully relax. There is a part of you that knows that all is well and everything is in divine timing.
What is entering and anchoring in our reality now is a sense of knowing. Think back to several years (or months) ago. Have you noticed that you are more sure of yourself? Is it easier to make decisions? Are you less likely to ask for advice from family or friends? Do you worry less (or not at all) about what others are thinking about you? What is leaving our reality now is doubt. Even though the world around you might not look different, that no longer makes you doubt yourself (as much). It is like the dreams I mentioned in last months newsletter where I had been pretending to be a teenager in school again but now I remember who I really am. Even though the world in my dream totally supported the version of reality with me being a student, I know better.
When you came into this life, you took on an agreement to forget who you really are and to pretend to be just a human, with karma and lessons to be learned. Now is the time to wake up and remember who you really are, a bright, beautiful Infinite Being, a Starseed with great wisdom and abilities.
The DNA is not the brain the cell, DNA does not choose what your body creates. Instead, it is like a storage unit of possibilities. What activates the DNA is your state of mind and your beliefs. Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote about this in his book, The Biology of Belief. This new state of mind, of confidence and knowing activates specific strands of DNA that hold the New Energy Template for your body.

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