The Seven Questions That Can Change Your Life!

These seven questions are designed to break free from the limitations of 3D Reality so you can create your life as YOU choose.

Quantum Physics tells us that the universe exists as an infinite number of possible futures until it is observed. These possibilities follow a wave function. It's like each possibility is represented by a hump in the wave. Once a choice is made, the wave collapses. A question creates a wave of possibilities. Once the possibilities exist, then all you need to do is choose.

These questions are particularly expansive and empowering. When you ask the question, do not expect an immediate answer though it might happen. Sometimes just the act of asking the question creates the change. Pay attention to your dreams and notice what jumps out at you in your environment. It could be words in a book, a picture, a memory, etc. However, just asking the question shifts the energy. Keep asking until you feel like the question is no longer useful.

1) Is This Energy Mine?
During the transition to the New Energy the frequencies here are fluctuating dramatically and rapidly. When the planetary vibration is higher you feel expansive and blissful. At these times you feel like you are really "getting it". You feel calm and content, as if everything is going to turn out well.
When the planet fluctuates into the lower frequencies you start to struggle. Old limiting patterns that you thought you had cleared come back. These can be mental, emotional and physical. At these times you feel like you are not "getting it". You can feel tense and/or exhausted. It can seem like things just aren't right and you can slip into old habits. You might say, "On no, I thought I was over that, but I guess I was wrong…again." Does this sound familiar?

You are more psychic than you even realize. Not only do you sense the frequency shifts of the planet, you also pick-up the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations of other people. It is a wonderful ability, and part of the nature of your New Energy being. The problem is that you are unconsciously aware of the energy and you translate it to fit the pattern you expressed in the past that matched that frequency! The old patterns can be negative emotions, limiting thoughts, pain or illness, or old habits that do not serve you anymore. You perceive the energy and you think that it is yours.

The way this worked for me is that I got back pain. That is an old pattern for me. For a whole lot of my life I was limited by my back problems, particularly sciatica. Recently, that problem went away. OK, it didn't just go away. I worked hard, clearing the programming and learning to be in harmony with my body. When the pain returned, at first I went into judgment of myself, "Oh no, Why am I creating this again?" Then I stopped and I chose, instead to look at it from the place of my expanded being. That was when I realized that I was translating the energies that I perceived into an old pattern. In my inner vision it looked like there was a wind blowing through me. Only I wasn't letting it just blow through, I had hooks that were catching the wind and locking it into my body. There was a familiarity to the energy and because it was familiar I thought that it was mine.

Another example is when I found myself obsessing over memories of all the horrible (I thought) things that my ex-husband did before and during our divorce. I was well into the maze of troubling thoughts before I caught myself. "Whoa! I am so over that story. How did I get into that loop?" I understood then that I was perceiving thoughts and emotions that weren't mine. That energy pattern matched what I had experienced when I was in the thick of the drama and story of divorce. That energy was familiar and it triggered the familiar reactions in me. My mind created thoughts to match the energy.

You do not have to take on all these outside energies. By being conscious of what is going on, you will be able to disconnect from reacting to the energy and stop the symptoms of that reaction. Stay aware and question everything you feel and think. Ask yourself, "Is this mine?" Your inner knowing will give you the answer. You might get the answer, or you can muscle test or use cards to get your answer. If the energy is not yours then it will lighten up just by asking the question. Say the words, "Thank you for the awareness but this is not mine. Let it pass through." Use your imagination, breathe and let it go. Dissolve the hook(s) and "let it pass through”. Relief may not be instant. Give it some time. Continue to breathe and release.

Here is an exercise that is excellent practice for this process.

Go for a walk in a neighborhood where people live. As you walk, notice every thought, emotion or sensation and ask, "Is this mine?" I was amazed when I did this. At one point I started to feel sad, immediately my mind found something in my life that I could feel sad about. But I caught it and asked, "Is this mine?” The answer was "No". "Let it pass through", I said and the sadness went away, just like that. Later my hips started to ache, also not mine. Within a few minutes the pain went away. This type of thing happened over and over and none of it was mine!

With consistent awareness of this process I think you will be surprised to find how few of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations are truly yours!

2) What Would It Be Like If (_)?
Everything that has ever been created has first been imagined. When you ask the question, “What would it be like ____?”, imagine what it would feel like. When you use your feeling sense to perceive a potential reality activates the part of you that can create that reality. Focus your imagination to create a new sensation. This starts a flow or wave of energy to manifest the desired effect. Focusing on the physical manifestation creates a limitation to only that option. You want to keep all your options open, even the ones that you can’t imagine right now.
Here are some examples:
What would it be like…
* if I always had plenty of money?
* if my body looked like I wish it did?
* (or better yet)if I loved the way my body looked?
* if I was brilliantly successful?
* if I knew what to do in this situation?
* if I didn’t have to worry about my son(daughter, mother, etc.)?
If you are having difficulty imagining the feeling, don’t give up. Keep asking the question. You could ask, “What would it be like if I could imagine _____?” The more time you spend in the feeling of the desired effect the better.

3) What Is It Going To Take For _____ To Happen With Ease?
In the New Energy we create without effort. When you want something to happen and you are not sure how to go about it, ask this question. Do not ask, "What do I need to do?' or "What are the next steps?" Do you feel the difference in the energy between those questions. If you ask what to do you are setting yourself up to create in a linear way and with effort. "What is it going to take?" is an invitation for it to appear without struggle or effort and it allows for possibilities that you haven’t thought of. This question invites the universe to support you in your creation.

4) What's Right About this That i'm Not Getting?
So often we focus on what is wrong or bad about a situation. Then we start judging ourselves and/or others as being wrong for letting it happen. What you focus your energy on is what gets bigger. So asking, "What's right about this that I'm not getting?" focuses your energy on what's right and off of judging.
Think of how many times things have happened that you have judged as being bad, like losing a job. When you look back at it (perhaps after you get a better job) you realize that losing the job was actually a good thing. Asking this question shifts your perception, and that shifts your experience.

5) How Did I Create This?
When you ask, "How did I create this?" you are asking for awareness of that moment of unconsciousness when you made the decision that led you to a less than expansive outcome. My daughter was ill with an ear infection. One afternoon I started to feel bad, really exhausted and achy. I asked, "How did I create this?" I remembered that my ear had started to hurt earlier in the day. At the time, I realized that I was taking on my daughter's pain and suffering. I thought that my body would be able to clear the illness faster and easier than my daughter would. She was not getting better after six days. Then I went unconscious. I just thought about something else. Within a couple of hours I was feeling sick. Asking the question, "How did I create this?" led me to the awareness of that moment of unconsciousness. From there I was able to un-create it. The good news is that we both got better, fast.
DO NOT ASK, “WHY DID I DO THAT?” When you ask “why” it takes you back into a loop of your own failures, to all the times in the past when you did something like this and all the emotions and judgments that went with that. WHY brings up all the stuff that you believe makes you do stupid things, like your abusive parent or two-timing ex-spouse. This solidifies that limiting reality into your current situation. Instead I asked how it started, what was the point of creation of this experience.

6) What Would This Be If It Wasn't Pain?
Use this question after you ask, “Is this mine?” if it doesn’t go away. The experience of pain is an interpretation of sensory input. This question gives you the option of interpreting it in a different way. If there is something that you’re being is trying to communicate to you and you are not listening, sometimes it comes out as pain. Emotion can be translated into pain also.

7) How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Say this when anything happens that you like. If you find some money… "How does it get any better then this?" If the waiter brings you a delicious dessert for free…"How does it get any better than this?"
A woman found a penny on the ground. She asked, "How does it get any better than this?" Shortly after that she found a ten-dollar bill in the back of a taxi and asked, "How does it get any better than this?" A shiny object in the rain drain caught her eye. It was a diamond bracelet. Unfortunately, she said, "It can't get any better than this!" and it didn't.

Say "How does it get any better then this?" when anything happens that you that you don't like. If your car gets a flat tire…"How does it get any better than this?" If your child gets in trouble in school… "How does it get any better than this?"
It is an invitation to the universe to show you how it can get better.

If you can't think of what question to ask...try: What Would I Ask If I Knew What To Ask?

This may sound silly, but it is probably the best question of them all!

Consistent use of these questions will change your reality. Here’s the big secret. “We’re making it all up!” We created this game of life on Earth. We continue to create it every day. Why not do it the way we wish? Why not have fun and play with it?
What would it be like if you could make it up however you wish?


Laura 21st July 2008 6:51 am

Thank you for sharing such a simple, yet powerful message. I am always looking for new ways to perceive life and I love your seven questions. I loved it so much that I asked myself "How can it get better than this" :) I can't wait for the answer.

Have a blessed day.

Olga 21st July 2008 10:17 am

Hi Sarah:

Wonderful article, Thank you for sharing.

All the best

POLLY 21st July 2008 11:59 pm

This is an amazing and powerful article.
Thank you

Polly :)

Eizen 22nd July 2008 1:33 am

This has helped me a lot in my own healing. But i have a question, what do you mean when you talked about your daughter's ear infection. The comment you said, you went unconscious, and then asked, "How did I create this"? Could you explain the way you "un-created"? That would help me a lot!!


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