Monthly Astro-Forecasts February 2012

Welcome back. There is a strange kind of magic in the air as we step into February, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement, and yet it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause for this. And yet, in some ways the root of this seems unimportant, for it is the general peak in energy that looks set to inspire each of us to take some significant steps forward in life.

Neptune moves into Pisces on the 3rd, and this truly marks the age of a new dawn. This subtle but powerful combination of energies looks set to impact the collective as much as the individual, as we become increasingly aware of our inter-connectedness. At the same time, as each of us surrenders more to the flow of life and begins to embrace our gifts and powers, it seems that this is having a knock on effect on the global consciousness. We seem to be entering a new dawn, and a time where the spiritual, energetic and unseen forces around and within, become central to creating Heaven on Earth.

On the 7th, Saturn moves retrograde in Libra, and this suggests a time to become more aware of responsibility in life. Responsibility comes through being responsible for our lives and our actions, and being accountable for our choices. In many ways this is a personal journey, unique to each of us individuals, and yet just about every choice we makes ripples out from the pebble reaching far and wide on different levels of being and consciousness. The winds of change have been gathering momentum for quite some time and it now seems to be time to ‘put our money where our mouths are’ and get out into the world to make a difference. We each have a personal responsibility to make our mark, and to matter.

We all have unique paths; some will be noticed, but most will be tucked away, hidden from view. This doesn’t mean that they matter less, far from it! The wheels need to turn, and whilst it might be the shiny alloy wheels that get noticed, it is the axle and the engine, the rubber tyres and an array of other mechanical items, not to mention the fuel, that actually makes the alloy sparkle. For without motion, would anyone truly be impressed with a set of wheels that doesn’t go?!

As February progresses, Pallas Athene enters Pisces on the 12th and Vesta enters Aries on the 25th. Both of these seem to intensify the need for taking charge of our lives and for becoming more self-aware and connected. As each of us becomes a fully integrated and self-aware part of the Whole, we can expect huge shifts both within and without. In some ways, this is a time of great uncertainty, but when we go within, there is calmness, strength and focus. Even when the seas get stormy, we need to remain calm and strong, and know that we are on the path towards bliss on all levels of our being.

The Full Moon is in Leo on the 7th at 21.54 GMT and the New Moon is in Pisces on the 21st at 22.35 GMT.

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There can be no denying that you are a colourful and creative soul with a pioneering spirit and a strong sense of adventure in life. This is your true nature, but it seems that recently you have lost touch with this and become a little consumed and pre-occupied by the treadmill of life. This has resulted in some of your zest and energy getting lost by keeping on keeping on, instead of keeping on doing it your own way! As February progresses, it seems that you will have the chance to re-connect to your zest and sparkle, and begin to re-assess your path in life. You have big ideas and special dreams, and it seems to be time to explore these once again to see how you can manifest them into being.

There are some decisions to make in connection to how you move your life forwards, but once you have re-connected to your true essence, these decisions seem to form natural conclusions and opportunities, rather than mountains to climb. You seem to be on the bridge between where you once were and where you would like to be, and whilst unfamiliar, there is a strong sense of excitement and anticipation at what lies ahead. The pioneer and adventurer in you are seeking an outlet, and it seems that pushing your boundaries and raising your expectations will enable you to embrace a brand new direction in life. Whilst this may be a subtle change initially, there is a strong sense that this will grow and re-shape your life for years to come...


February looks set to inspire and empower you towards making some big decisions about your life and your path ahead. Knowing that you are the driving force behind change and transformation in your life has given you more strength and self-belief as well as the realisation that you can change your life and embrace your dreams. The key to all of this comes from how you think and how you act. You are strong and determined, and you need to use these gifts now to re-shape all aspects of your Self in order to focus on what you truly want from your life. Try to feel the power and the energy here, and know that every little bit of effort makes such a big difference!

As the weeks progress, there is a strong sense that you will grow increasingly self-aware and confident that you do have what it takes to succeed in life. At the same time, letting go of doubts will inspire you to connect to your true power and might (for it is formidable!); your power is not a weapon to wield, but it is a tool to work with to create a rich, life affirming and abundant life. Once you embrace the full flow of your power and essence, you look set to embrace a brand new way of living and being. This is a wonderful and positive time for you, and knowing that this is all within your own power to achieve makes it even more of a joyful time, for you are proving to yourself that you absolutely have ‘what it takes’...


February looks set to begin on a slightly confusing note for you as on one hand you feel energised, vibrant and focused, but on the other you have self-doubt and a lack of belief bubbling away. This somewhat paradoxical situation would seem alien to anyone other than you, for you live a life of two halves. As a Gemini, you are constantly drawn between two forces in life. This draw makes you the thinker and philosopher, but it can also thwart your progress if one side becomes too dominant. It seems that the more restrained and constrained side of your nature has been winning the battle lately, and this has left you feeling rather out of sorts when it comes to knowing how to live your life. The good news is that February sees the freedom fighting creative soul re-emerge to conquer the doubt and to allow a stronger sense of direction, purpose and motivation to surface.

It is important to remain focused on the stillness within you during this time, for being centred will help you to embrace a new perspective as you let go of the self-doubter in you once and for all. These are exciting and life affirming times as you are on the brink of a new adventure and a new way of being. These have been a long time coming, but you can now look forward to savouring the true sweetness of bliss as you begin to walk a new path. It is time to let go of the past as the defining force in your life, and to become fully conscious in the precious present...


There has been a strong theme of decision making in your life over recent weeks and months. You have been pondering whether to maintain the status quo or to step into the unknown in order to explore unchartered terrain. This has been frustrating at times, and it seems that you have grown a little weary of trying to find ‘the’ answer and perfect solution. Seeking out ‘the answer’ may give you some reassurance as to what to do next, but as no answer is guaranteed, is waiting for ‘the answer’ more of an avoidance strategy than a plan of action? Sometimes life isn’t black and white, and sometimes logic doesn’t always know best. You seem a little lost in the confusion, and this has left you lacking in energy, drive and focus.

The good news is that February looks set to re-ignite your drive and give you a stronger sense of purpose and direction in life, and this will help you to step back a little to regain your perspective. It seems that you have been looking so hard for ‘the answer’ that you have failed to notice other solutions that have been waving frantically in your general direction. As you re-connect to your sense of Self, you will begin to realise that whilst life is never guaranteed, you do have it within you to step towards your dreams. This seems to be a time of positive and lasting change for you, and it seems wise to make the most of this amazing opportunity to transform your life from where you are now to where you want to be...


The positive and empowering energy that has been all around you (and within you!) looks set to continue to flow in your life throughout February as you begin to work with your Self and your life in a determined and life affirming way. As you reclaim your true power, your priorities and your energy, it seems that you are beginning to realise that you have taken on a great deal of ‘stuff’ from those close to you. Whilst this is human nature, it seems that your capacity to carry ‘stuff’ is greater than most. Combine this with your admirable loyalty and sense of duty to others, and it is hard for you to say ‘No!’ This has resulted in you becoming clogged up with the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and ‘stuff’ that is not yours.

It seems that the more that you can connect with your Self, the easier it will become for you to draw boundaries in order to give yourself the space to re-connect to your own pathway in life. You may feel a sense of guilt at standing your ground, but on some level, you have been looking for an opportunity to re-address this imbalance, so it is important not to let your pride get in the way and stop you from embracing such an amazing opportunity to re-shape your life. This is not about cutting yourself off from others, but it is about re-balancing all those little nuances and tugs that have seen you feeling disconnected and detached from your own purpose. This is your time to re-affirm your own importance and to know that your life is in your hands...


February looks set to be a month of renewed vim and vigour in your life as you roll up your sleeves and get stuck into a new venture or project. This seems more about self-development and personal evolution than it does about anything else, for you are on a pathway towards increasing self-awareness and self-knowing. Whilst you have a myriad of things you want to do and goals you want to achieve, and you may feel frustrated that you are not moving forwards as quickly as you would like, this project, whilst personal in focus, seems to re-shape your perspective in quite a radical way. It is as though your urgency to move forward has disconnected you to why you want to achieve your goals, and as a result, the goals have taken on their own power and momentum.

As you begin to ponder what is truly important for you in life, you are likely to see your path ahead in quite a different way. You are growing and evolving all the time, and nothing ever stays the same, including your goals. So before you groan at the thought of wasting your time going down pathways that do not now seem relevant, remember that everything happens in life for a reason. Every choice and decision you make shapes your life, and everything you learn, you carry with you, always. As you begin to re-assess and let go of some of those goals, your frustration begins to lift as you can begin to see how you can now begin to live your life with more joy in your heart and freedom in your soul...


Your depths are as magnificent as they are perplexing; there is so much to you that even you do not truly know the full extent of your power and gifts. There are times when you become lost in your depths, feeling overwhelmed and confused. Yet there are also times when you find such meaning from getting lost in those deep crevices within. In some ways you fear your depths, for you are a thinker and philosopher, and you need to understand yourself on all levels. Yet, without at least some level of unknown within you, what have you left to discover and learn? It seems that you have become strongly focused on finding all the answers to your life in order to live your life. Yet, unless you live your life, you will not get the opportunity to use those answers, for your potential will remain largely untapped and unused.

Waiting for the time when you know all you need to know makes sense, but a lot can be said for learning, growing and evolving as you go. Sometimes, you have to step into the unknown before you have all the answers, for it is the only way to move forwards and to break free from the inertia. February looks set to be one such time, and as you begin to realise the adventure and excitement of learning and growing as along the way, you look set to take a giant leap forwards in terms of your sense of Self and belief in all that you are. You are a wonderful, bright and talented soul, and the time has come to embrace this now and to live a rich, abundant and blissful life...


February looks set to continue the theme of self-learning and self-discovery that has been a strong focus in your life recently. It seems that that more you go within, the more you find out about your Self, your gifts and your true path in life. Whilst you have been keen to take some big steps ahead, this has been a time of inner soul-searching instead. Yet, this has allowed you to stop focusing so much on the end destination and has brought you much more into the present moment. Having goals and dreams is important, but it is usually the journey to these goals that proves the most valuable and insightful. You now seem to relax into this knowledge and begin to re-think your life in a more relaxed and less pressured way. Whilst you are not letting your dreams go, you are beginning to see that you do not have to ‘rush, rush, rush’ all of the time, you can, instead, amble and rather enjoy yourself in the process.

Throughout this time, you seem to be growing increasingly at One with yourself, and this is allowing you to let go of some of the more ‘material’ ambitions that have previously been important to you. Obviously having enough is important, but you seem to be yearning for inner abundance and inner prosperity now. Such a powerful shift is likely to have ramifications to those close to you, as well as to your path ahead, but you seem so connected now, and your intuition looks set to guide you forwards with confidence, courage and faith. These are special and wonderful times, and you seem to be very much a part of this now...


You are an optimist, and you are a believer; you have the capacity to turn negatives into positives, dead-ends into new and exciting opportunities. You are a dream weaver and a change maker, and yet you can struggle so much to embrace the power of this to transform your life. Why? Well, it seems that whilst you have more optimism than most, this is clouded by a sense of doubt that your dreams are just too far out of your reach. The irony of this is that the more you believe it, the more power you give it and the more you make it a reality. As you step into February, there is a strong sense that this is your moment to break this cycle once and for all; and to change your belief to one that is life affirming and positive.

It is important not to become lost in the chaos and busy-ness of your life during this time, and instead try to step back a little in order to regain your focus and perspective. Keep your focus clear and well-defined, and try to avoid meandering down pathways of possibilities just for something to do! Whilst a lot can be said for exploring possibilities, you need to keep your attention on the task at hand! This looks set to be a pivotal time of your life, and a time, where if you can keep working on your self-belief, you can expect to leap across that irksome ‘gap’ from where you are now to where you want to be, to live the life that you know you absolutely deserve to live.


It seems that your quest to get your life ‘back on track’ looks set to begin with gusto in February. Whilst you have been keeping on keeping on with life, you have been aware that the zest and joy have been somewhat lacking, and this is what you are searching for now. In some ways, this is a journey within, for it is your perception of your life that matters most. It seems that you feel that your life should have ‘more’, but inwardly you seem to want less. The confusion is clear, but simple to explain, for less means a simpler but more rewarding life, and more means a busier and perhaps a less focused life.

On one level you cannot comprehend seeking out less, because more always makes sense. This is a conundrum that only you can solve, but it seems that this is time to let go of the feeling that life should be busy, full of challenges and things to do. It is possible to live a simpler life that has more meaning, depth and purpose and still provides you with all that you need. This revelation is not truly a revelation, for deep down you have known this all along, you have just become carried away with the ‘ought’s, ‘should’s’ and expectations of others and life, and felt obliged to do more. In some ways this is a challenging time for you, as there is a need to connect to what you truly want from your life. No one else has the answers, and no one can find your solution. This is your chance to contemplate and change the dimensions of your life, and to step forwards with courage, confidence and belief...


The theme of self-knowing looks set to continue throughout February as you let go of doubt, fear and indecision on so many levels of your life. You now seem to have stepped back and regained your perspective, and can see your life and the possibilities and pathways out there for you quite clearly. This is opening up a new dimension in your life and inspiring you to think outside of the box when it comes to carving out a new and individual path ahead.

You have many gifts and talents, and you are not easy to fit into a box or category when it comes to how to utilise all of these gifts into one cohesive Whole. Yet your path is not meant to be one of conforming to a conventional route; you are meant to explore rough terrain in order to find your own path towards true happiness and abundance in your life. Truly embracing and accepting this concept will allow you to let go of the layer of burden that you carry in order to do the ‘right’ things in life, and instead to focus on what is right for you. This is not about being selfish, but it is about honouring your Self.

Your life is yours, and whilst others travel with you, only you can know what is truly right for you. The time has come to know yourself, to love yourself and to embrace your life with a passion. It is easy to say that life is not a rehearsal and you should do what’s right for you, as life often doesn’t pan out this way, but this seems to be your chance to re-write the rule book of your life...


February looks set to be a month of empowerment, inspiration, and positive flow for you. It seems that you are now fully connected to your power and sense of Self, and the more you embrace the freedom within by doing things that you love, the more you are creating freedom and space on other levels of your life. You are a complicated and complex soul, for you often appear to be lost in your own depths being carried along by the currents of life. Yet this is a mirage, for you steer the currents and you direct the flow! It has been easy to buy into this mirage though, for life can, and does, feel overwhelming and confusing. Yet, once you realise that this, on the whole, is of your choosing, everything changes!

This may sound like jesting or a rap on the knuckles, and it is neither, but it is a gentle reminder for you to celebrate your power and strength! You are an amazing and gifted soul, and taking control of the helm is scary, but don’t you owe it to yourself now to steer your ship towards your dreams and to know that you have it within you to achieve this by your own fair hands?

You are a magnificent and wonderful individual, and your power is immense. Now you can ‘own’ this, you can work with it to transform and re-shape your life in the most amazing and life enhancing ways. This is a brave new world for you, so take small steps, and let these naturally grow into leaps as you embrace the full wonder and joy of being you...


eileenk 2nd February 2012 7:22 am

I just had a personal reading done and reading this today for Virgo very much confirms what I was told. Thank you


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