Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2013

Message for January 2013

Happy New Year! January looks set to be a month of re-focusing and re-alignment as we connect to a growing sense of stillness, both within and without. After a somewhat rambunctious 2012, January may feel un-eerily quiet, but this quiet should be celebrated as it allows each of us to come back to centre and re-connect to our essence.

Although the path of evolution and the journey of awakening continue in earnest, it is hard to deny the sense that everything has changed; nothing feels quite the same as it once did. It is as though our eyes have been opened that little bit more along with our hearts and souls, and this shift is enabling each and every one of us to feel more connected to the Whole: to our selves, to each other, to the Earth...

This shift feels both inspirational and magical, for it suggests a time of opening up to the beauty and the strength within in order to re-shape and re-define ourselves and our paths in life. Such opportunities are rare so January looks set to be a special month of re-declaring our true intent to the Universe in connection to living the best life possible. It is important to be clear about our dreams, goals and visions, for in order to create what we seek, we need to have clarity. Of course, the key to manifestation often comes through focusing on the feeling of the intent more than the specific details of what we seek, but even this is important to re-shape and re-define now.

Therefore it seems prudent to find a little time over the coming weeks in order to go within and re-connect to Truth and to all that we hold dear. Stripping back the layers and getting to Truth is not always an easy path, but there is such an uplifting and inspirational energy in the air, it seems that our endeavours are being cosmically supported now as we step forward with love in our hearts, passion in our souls and bliss leading the way. The time is now upon us to ‘be the change’ and to shift from seekers of light to beings of light...

The New Moon is in Capricorn on the 11th at 19.43 GMT and the Full Moon is in Leo on the 27th at 04.38 GMT.

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January looks set to be a month of inner consolidation and convergence as you bring together the many different facets of your Self into one, stronger and more cohesive Whole. You have spent a great deal of time thinking about your goals and dreams, and over the past few months you have been able to discern between what you truly want from what you think you ought to want. This is an important distinction because despite being a strong-minded and passionate soul, you can often find your Self under the influence of those close to you; you pick up on their dreams, goals and needs and this can muddy the water when it comes to your Self. As January gets under way, the feelings of convergence intensify as you start to see new ways of working with your gifts and talents in order to live a more holistic, fulfilling and rewarding life. You seem ready now for change, and whilst you are a little reluctant to upset the apple cart of your life, you intuitively know that this is entering your life whether you want it to or not.

Of course, you have a choice how to deal with change, for you can embrace it or resist it, and it is important to acknowledge that this is a choice. It seems clear that it is your perception of change that matters now, for if you resist it and feel disempowered then this begins to shape your life; but if you embrace it and feel the power rising up from within, then this begins to give your path new life and definition. Of course, embracing change is not always easy, particularly when it seems to be taking you away from those aspects of your life that you hold dear, but the time is now upon you to open up fully to the process of awakening as you re-connect to Truth and begin to establish a brand new way of living and being...


As you step into 2013, it seems that your inner strength, vision and motivation take centre stage as you begin to contemplate what happens next in your life. You have spent a great deal of time trying to work out which path to follow in life, for every choice and decision you make is not simply for you; it is for all of those close to you as well. Of course, this is in your nature, for you cannot focus solely on your Self for any given amount of time as you are simply not wired that way. However, there are times when you need to step back from trying to juggle the wants, needs and dreams of everyone in order to re-connect to your own dreams instead. There is a sense that you have lost sight of your Self in the swirling mix of opinions, ideas and philosophies that flood into your life on a regular basis. Although you are strong, you find that these set you off balance and keep you away from feeling centred and re-aligned. It seems that the reason for this discombobulation is connected to you losing sight of your steadfastness, strength and determination; you forget that you are a mighty Taurean bull!

January 2013 looks set to be a month where you not only reconnect to your inner bull, but a month where you re-align to your Truth and sense of Self. This is not selfish, nor is it indulgent, for it seems important now that you allow your true essence to surface and lead the way. You are a strong and passionate soul, and you often lose sight of this through giving so much of your Self, your essence and your spark to others; of course this is admirable and amazing, but you also need to think about your own needs now for you are ready for change, and this change begins within...


January looks set to be a time of relative stillness for you; a month to pause and reflect on the path that you have lived, the path you want to live and the path that you find your Self standing on in this very moment. The latter is perhaps the most important here, for it is the present that ultimately defines you; the past is behind you and the future hasn’t happened yet, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid acknowledging your presence in the current moment! Of course, why might you want to avoid acknowledging the present? Why would you find it easier to focus on the path behind and the path ahead? Well, you define your Self by the full length of your journey through life, and you see the wisdom in bringing together the many different experiences into one, more cohesive Whole.

Yet, despite your wisdom and expansive outlook on life, you do find it hard to step back enough to step consciously into the present moment; you resist it because it means embracing a shift within and this shift is connected to you opening up and going with the flow. Being in the present moment suggests a willingness to accept All that you Are, and although you don’t push this away, the perfectionist within you wants everything to be tickety-boo before you even consider accepting such a thing. As a result, you are hovering on a kind of periphery in life; ready to step into the flow and consciousness of the Now, but uncertain of the impact that such a choice will have on the status quo of your life. Yet, this is kind of the point, for acceptance is a willingness to be at One with the flow and to be fully present and consciousness in the moment. You could tie your Self up in knots for eternity with this or you can step beyond your mind and allow your essence to open up to becoming Whole...


As you step into 2013, there is a strong sense that you are leaving certain aspects of your Self and your life behind you in 2012. Over the course of recent weeks and months, your sense of Self has shifted and expanded as you have reconnected to what you truly want in your life. As a result, you have tapped into the strength and courage within in order to reach towards a brand new way of living and being; you have found your Truth and your voice, and opened up to the magic and adventure that life has to offer you. Whilst you may not be one to invite change readily into your world, you have been courting it for a while now; the upshot of this is a sense of new beginnings in January as you take some big and brave steps towards living your dream.

Of course, those pesky doubts are likely to be whispering away in your ear, but these do not have to be the dominating force in your life any longer; listen to your inner adventurer and life coach now, for he/she has some wise words in connection to embracing your full potential and living the best life possible. You may feel that this is all well and good, but back ‘in the real world’ you cannot have the luxury of such whims, but this is your inner doubter at work again! The more you open up to the belief that you cannot have all that you want, or be all that you know you can be, the more you create that dynamic in your life. This is your time now to upend those thoughts in order to re-shape and re-define your life; you seem ready now to leave those doubts behind you and embrace a new approach of self-belief, self-affirmation and self-love...


There is a strong sense of empowerment and inspiration lighting up your world as you step into January with an open-heart and an open-mind. You have spent quite some time pondering what you want in life as well as contemplating all that you do not want in life as well; the latter is important, for it suggests a kind of inner evolution and sense of personal growth as you stand in your own Truth and allow your own essence to lead the way. Of course, you are a fiery, passionate and creative soul, and so it may seem strange that your essence has ever done anything but lead the way, but there is a sense that this inner light hasn’t been radiant over recent months, for you have become entrenched in the lives, loves and dreams of others. Whilst, on the whole, this seems to be a choice on your part, there did come a time when you seemed unable to extricate your Self from the situation, and this resulted in feelings of powerlessness and confusion.

January looks set to be a month of renewed inner passion and insight as you step back from the ‘entrenchment’ and allow your inner spark to light up your world from the inside, out. This suggests a time of reconnection and re-evaluation of your Self, life and path as you begin to finally let go of all that you do not want in life. In other words, January is a month to re-focus your passion towards those things that are important in your life in order to give them shape and form. The less energy and focus you inject into regrets and into those things that you do not want, the more you will have available to bring your dreams to life. This is a significant and important shift in focus, for it suggests a re-alignment with your Self and with your Truth; in short, you have awakened and the path ahead looks amazing...


As you continue to stand at the crossroads in your life, it seems that you are beginning to look beyond the obvious pathways around you towards a different route to follow. This route leads you away from the routine ebb and flow of life and takes you into a more creative, fluid and adventurous way of living and being. Whilst what lies ahead is unknowable, you can’t help but feel the tingling of excitement as you contemplate embracing and living a life less ordinary. Of course, your life has never been ordinary, but the grass has always seemed so much greener on the other side of the fence. As you gaze ahead expectantly, there is a sense that you have become quite firmly attached to your dreamy idyll, and this idyll or dream is inspiring you to re-shape and re-define your life. Yet, it seems important for you to not get too lost in the dream, for this takes you away from the present moment and it can lead you away from working out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

January looks set to be a month of realisation as you shift your focus back to the present moment in order to reconnect to your Self on the crossroads. You are not in the dreamy idyll (yet!), and it is important for you not to get lost in this vision of loveliness without keeping at least one foot quite firmly on the ground. In other words, whilst your idyll is very real, it is important not to forget where you are now, for if you lose your Self at the crossroads, it may be hard for you to re-establish a sense of direction. You seem ready now to shift from dreaming about your ‘idyll’ to making it happen, and this shift looks set to re-shape and re-define your life in the most amazing ways...


January looks set to be something of a breakthrough month for you as you let go of a great many doubts and fears in your life. There is a sense that you have given your Self permission to rest for a while in order to re-centre and re-focus which is wonderful news as it suggests that you are allowing the stillness within to lead the way. As the stormy winds subside and the silence of those initial few moments after the chaos has ended, takes centre stage, there is a sense that you are realising that the more you open up to being a part of the flow of life, the more at One you are becoming with your Self. Life isn’t just about the rush, rush, rush: the things to do, the people to see and the places to go, for it is also about the stillness, the quiet and the riches found in the spaces in-between the rush.

In other words, as you step back from feeling like a powerless pawn being tossed about like a piece of driftwood on the tides of life, you are realising that it is your perception that has been shaping your life up until now: feel like driftwood, act like driftwood. This may sound simplistic, but feel the energy and you will intuitively sense the deeper meaning; you have spent a long time caught up in the currents and the storm, trying to keep on keeping on, and trying to forge ahead with your dreams. You have resisted pausing in the stillness through a fear of losing all that you have worked towards, and yet it seems that your true strength, vision and wisdom resides in the stillness. Therefore, the more you can rest in the stillness and stop being buffeted about by doubt, fear, self-created pressures and that mighty to-do list, pause for a while to re-centre, for within the pause lies the passion, power and strength to step towards your dreams...


January looks set to be a month of renewed inspiration for you as you continue to open up to the freedom within and let go of those storylines that have been shaping your life for so long. There is a sense that the more you peel back the complexities of your life, the simpler your vision as to what you want in life becomes; this is not to say that you suddenly want less, but you are realising that it is not the trappings in life that you seek but the feeling that you are centred, Whole and complete (and no trappings can bring you that, although they make for pleasant distractions!). This powerful shift looks set to transform your life, for the more you focus on inner Wholeness, the more your outer life re-shapes and re-forms, for you no longer feel under pressure to do more and be more; you instead start to realise that you already are more.

As you open up to living a life that is more in accordance to your inner values and beliefs, you may feel some resistance from those close to you. Of course, change is rarely easy, but intuitively you know that you are on a path of awakening, and this is hard to resist or deny! Yet, you are also a deeply empathic and intuitive soul and so you cannot just ignore what you sense; you therefore need to find a way of balancing your own evolution and awakening with your desire to maintain harmony in other areas of your life. Not an easy task, but if anyone has the determination and drive to achieve it, then you do. Of course, you do need to be clear of your motivations here, for this is a hugely important time of your life; get lost in inaction driven by guilt and you could lose sight of your goal. So, be strong, be clear, and most importantly, be your Self...


January 2013 looks set to be a month of vibrancy, buzz and possibilities for you as you finally fly free and begin to explore some new pathways and directions in life. You have spent a great deal of time maintaining the status quo, and whilst this has kept the wheels turning, your world has grown smaller as a result. At the same time though, your visions have expanded, and you have felt stuck in a kind of dichotomy of macrocosms and microcosms; possibilities and impossibilities. This has been confusing on many levels, and it has sapped your belief that you are a free spirit; instead you have become defined by the restrictions and doubts, and these have grown increasingly heavy and burdensome with time. However, it seems that the excitement of a new month, a new year and a new age has injected a new wave of passion into your soul as you step free from the tangles and begin to sense freedom on all levels of your life.

As you contemplate the bigger picture of your life, you begin to let go of the fears and doubts that have been the defining feature of your life for some time now. Whilst it is not usual for you to be influenced by such things, it seems that the more you have explored these fears and doubts, the bigger they have become. However, it seems that you can break the cycle simply by shifting your focus back towards the possibilities and the excitement, and away from the doubts and challenges. Sounds simple, but it will take focus and dedication. Try to remember that at heart, you are a free spirit; an exuberant possibilities person, and the more you connect with the energy and vibration of this, the more you will shift back towards your natural and effervescent way of being. Feel the buzz and the joy of flying free and let it lead the way now...


January looks set to be a month of renewed focus and vision for you as you open up to a new direction in your life. You have been standing on the periphery of change for quite some time now, but you haven’t quite found the resolve to step forward for it means embracing the unknown on many levels of your life. You are pragmatic and a realist and you know that everything is ultimately unknowable in life, but you do like to maintain the status quo as much as possible in order to minimise the chaos that the unknowable can create! This is part of being human, but it can create a deep level of unrest within you, for on one hand you want to embrace change, but on the other hand, maintaining what you already have feels wiser and ‘safer’.

As January progresses, there is a sense of you reaching a tipping point when it comes to change; it seems that you need to make a decision between staying put or moving forward. Of course, change happens whether you want it to or not, but the change around you is not akin to the re-shaping of mountains with the winds of time, it feels more like some carefully placed dynamite ready to catapult you into a brand new way of living and being. In other words, the change that you are wrestling with at the moment is not subtle, but it is big in both shape and form! At the end of the day though, only you can decide whether to shake up your life and step towards something new, but making a decision does seem important now. Standing on the periphery is both disempowering and disheartening, and it distracts you from living your life fully and consciously. Stay or go; change or not, the decision is yours, just remember that the true power lies in making the decision...


As you continue to re-centre and re-align, January looks set to be a month where you open up to exploring a new pathway in life. You have worked hard at re-uniting the many different facets of your Self into a more unified and cohesive Whole, and this has enabled you to move from treading water to riding the waves; such a shift is magnificent and incredible, and not to be taken lightly. It seems that you have moved from keeping on keeping on, to gliding with the thermals and soaring gleefully as the freedom within has risen up and captivated you to embrace a brand new way of living and being; this feels both inspirational and empowering in shape and form. You have risen above the routine and pedestrian-ness of life, and you have found your own unique way of channelling your power, focus, strength and intent towards creating and living the best life possible.

Despite the obvious exuberance and buzz, you are not taking anything for granted, for you have learnt so much recently, and whilst you know that the power of your intent will lead the way, you are not resting on your laurels either. As a result, there is a somewhat intense feeling of drive and push in January as you reclaim your sense of Self and declare your intent for your path ahead. Whilst you are not oblivious to the changing world around you, you know that it is your vision that matters now, for it is your vision that keeps you focused on living the best life possible, and it is your vision that inspires you to ride the waves with passion, confidence and belief. Although you are under no illusion that the future is unknowable, this now seems to inspire you more than it worries you, and this shift is significant for it shows that you are living consciously and vibrantly in the present moment...


As you step into January, an overwhelming sense of strength and vision embraces you as you pause for a while to re-centre and re-focus. You have been on something of a roller coaster ride of epic proportions recently, and although you have channelled the adrenalin rush into keeping on keeping on, you have become rather tired of clinging onto the safety bar with every ounce of your being. You are a wise soul, and you have trusted the process of the ups and downs, but you have also felt a bit confused when it comes to knowing what to do next: should you cling on and wait for the ride to stop or do you apply the brakes and get off? This dilemma has been a constant source of frustration for you, for however hard you try, you just cannot seem to find ‘the answer’.

However, January sees a welcome shift in the roller coaster dynamics as you suddenly find some quiet time in which to rest and re-focus. This is likely to feel quite strange, for you are so used to clinging onto the safety bar, and twisting and turning with the ride, that the stillness may feel a little empty and still. Yet, finding comfort from this stillness is the point of this exercise, so give your Self some time to adjust in order to make the most of this time to step beyond the chaos and feel a sense of Wholeness rising up from within. Intuitively you know that resisting or fighting the roller coaster of life doesn’t serve you well, for change and shift happens whether you want it to or not. Therefore by leaning more willingly into the change, you become One with the flow and you move from being rattled about to having the freedom to enjoy the process. So, rather than clinging on and feeling like you are being dragged along by the ride, perhaps the time has come to sit back and enjoy the ride instead...



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