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Message for January 2014 

Happy New Year! As we step from one year to another, there is a sense of release and renewal as we consciously take a big deep breath of life, leaving the past behind us, the future before us and focus wholeheartedly on the present moment. After year upon year of shift, change and shift, it is only natural to hope that the next year will be different: easier, lighter and gentler somehow. Intuitively we know that shift is a continuous and inevitable part of life, so we know that it is part of our evolution to change with each passing moment; knowing this though doesn’t stop us wanting to reach our destinations and take a well-earned rest. 

There are times when we wonder if the wheels of life will ever stop spinning enabling us to regain our perspective, but we know that the wheels will always be spinning so we have to find another way of establishing equilibrium, otherwise we might be in for a very long wait! 

Often without even realising it, we spend our lives living conditionally; we place goal posts on the ground at varying distances on the path ahead, waiting to reach each one before we can focus on the next goal or dream. We often set unrealistic goals for ourselves, placing ourselves under immense pressure to do more or be more, and this pressure undermines our resolve and self-belief as even a tiny little hiccup along the way can feel like a catastrophic failure. 

As another new year begins, this is a popular time to make ‘resolutions’ for the year ahead, to set goals and plans in order to make ourselves happier, healthier and richer. The New Year feels like a fresh start, so we wipe the slate clean, set new goals and push ahead trying to fix ourselves and achieve that all-important state of happiness that we all seek. Yet, many of our goals place living on the horizon as we decide that ‘once we have done ‘a’, then we can do ‘b’ and all will be wonderful’; this may be true, but why do we have to do anything in order to feel happy or joyful? Why can’t we be joyful now? 

Losing weight, exercising more, changing jobs, finding someone special, making money, buying a new home are all common goals for this time of year; we think that ‘this year will be the year’ and set out to create change and find happiness. Of course, we know that happiness does not come from external fixes, and even though losing weight, exercising, changing jobs etc, might make our lives more enjoyable, we still try to achieve our goals, hoping that they will bring us to an internal state of balance and joy. 

Having goals is an important part of being alive as they keep up motivated, stimulated and engaged in the process of life. Yet, when we use those goals to bring us to a state of inner enrichment and joy, we realise that none of them can actually come close to fixing us or making us happy. So, it seems important to have goals but to engage in them lovingly avoiding the immense pressure and the feelings of failure when we slip up. To err is human, to forgive is divine, so self-forgiveness is important, and necessary otherwise we can end up feeling beleaguered and battered by the ups and downs of life, feeling powerless that we have failed once again to reach that state of peace and happiness that we know we want and need. 

Intuitively though we know that this bliss-state cannot come from external fixes and achieving goals; it can only come from within. When we consciously embrace this fact, we step from chasing dreams and goals to opening up to happiness and joy in the present moment. Although we may still pursue dreams and goals, their focus changes as we start pursuing them for the love of doing so and for the love of ourselves, realising that however hard we try, reaching those goals cannot make us more complete or more vibrant as we are already shining brightly from within. Once we open up to the light within, our inner smile awakens and we let go of the need to live conditionally instead choosing to embrace the moment and to love ourselves exactly as we are. 

From a state of balance and love, the focus for losing weight, changing jobs, making money etc., changes as we accept them, not as cures or fixes for our lives, but as choices that can enhance us or make us healthier or happier as we seek out a new equilibrium. Once we remove the pressure and do something for the love of it and for the love of ourselves, we do not berate ourselves for ‘failure’ or buckle under the pressure, we instead take each day at a time... 

So, perhaps instead of setting a ‘to do’ list for the year ahead, we need to open up to loving ourselves and letting this love lead the way... 

The New Moon is in Capricorn on the 1st at 11.14 GMT, the Full Moon is in Cancer on the 16th at 04.52 GMT and the second New Moon is on the 30th in Aquarius at 21.38 GMT. 

With love, 



Speaking your mind and standing your ground are not usually overly challenging for you as both reflect your courage, strength and all-round feistiness when it comes to living your life. However, although you know your true strength, there is a sense that you have not been your usual feisty Self recently, preferring instead to step back or hedge your bets when it comes to doing the right thing. Such a shift seems out of character for you as it seems so contrary to your nature, but although on the surface you are fiery, strong and determined, this is not a true reflection of the discombobulation occurring within.

It seems that speaking your mind and standing your ground are all well and good when you know what your Truth is and know what ground you are fighting for, but when the boundaries blur and you lose sight of your Self, you feel as though you have lost your footing as you struggle to re-align and re-centre. Instead of focusing on being you, your focus has shifted towards seeking out firmer ground that will stand you in better stead in the longer term. Such a move seems wise, after all, you need foundations, but your focus seems so intensely focused on your feet that you have lost sight of why you need foundations in the first place! 

January looks set to be a month where you begin to lift up your head to gaze around at the scenery of your life. After taking a sharp inhalation of breath as you realise that you have only lost touch with your strength because your focus has ebbed away, try not to berate yourself, but know that every pathway brings its reward. Although you may struggle to see a reward for getting lost, it seems that this small diversion has opened you up to the bigger picture of your life inspiring you to re-connect to a deeper Truth which somehow feels more life-affirming and enriching. As a result, your energy looks set to lift as you step towards a brand new dawn...


As you sigh and take a deep breath as you step into 2014, it seems unclear if you are sighing because 2013 is over or because 2014 has begun! You seem stuck in a kind of ‘in-between’ stage of uncertainty; not being overly sure if you are coming or going, and not really knowing where you are trying to get to. As a result, you seem a little lost in early January as you try to align your heart and soul with your reality and your life.

You have not ended up quite where you thought you would be, but, when it comes to it, you never were exactly where you thought you were in the first place. Such riddles could tie you up in knots as you try to work out where you were if you weren’t where you thought, but the past is behind you now and what matters most is where you are now. Even though it might be hard to gain a sense of your present moment, it is important to try as this will help you to stop chasing your tail with questions and uncertainty, and instead realise that what matters now is where you are now. 

Once you are able to re-centre yourself and re-gain your equilibrium, you can stop sighing and start breathing calmly and peacefully once again. Re-gaining your equilibrium may take a little courage though as it means turning to face the discomfort of uncertainty and the truth of your reality; not that either are unpleasant, it’s just that you have turned them into the archetypal monster in the wardrobe and expect them to growl, snarl and snap.

Your perceptions matter and the more you can let go of the fear of being you, the more you will realise that the monster in the wardrobe is only there because you put him or her there in the first place; the monster only growls because you expect it to. Let go of pre-conceptions and stop trying to work out if you are coming or going, as you are doing both in the present moment! You are only lost if you choose to be; what happens next is up to you...


January looks set to be a month of revelation and insight for you as you take a closer look at what motivates and inspires you. There is a sense that you have been ticking along lately and although the wheels have continued to turn, the magic and va-va voom has been noticeable by their absence. There have been times when the burden of the humdrum has weighed heavily on your shoulders as you have tried to extricate yourself from it and towards something bigger, brighter and more ‘elevating’ for you.

After a while, this became a source of frustration, as the harder you tried to pull away from the humdrum, the bigger it got and the more it seemed to anchor you in place. Placing this into the past tense is easier for you as it is hard to accept that you have been stuck and that you still are...Even though this is a reflection of your present as well, there is a sense of a breakthrough in January as you stop trying to pull away from the humdrum and realise that you do not have to ‘escape’ in order to be free as you can have va-va voom, magic and sparkles wherever you may be in life. 

Such a shift is significant as it will allow you to shift your focus away from trying to escape and elevate your life to accepting that the only thing you are trying to escape from is yourself and the only elevation that you are trying to achieve is on getting from you to, well, you. In other words, you have been trying to step from where you are to where you wanted to be, thinking that in order to get to where you wanted to be that you had to transform and change. However, this appears not to be the case as you open up to the magic and va-va voom, allowing them to flow freely into your life. The humdrum is not an obstacle to being happy; you are. Let go of the need to fix everything before you can be happy and be happy now; let your radiance illuminate your life from the inside, out...


‘Wax on. Wax off. Wax on...’ You might be relieved to know that the cult-status of The Karate Kid is not really the focus for your month ahead, but it is the willingness to trust in the wisdom of the little things that seems important throughout January. The little things are those actions that are usually repetitive and seemingly without clear connection to your ‘bigger picture’ in life.

Even though you might not be able to see the bigger picture, after all, no one could ever have concluded that waxing a car could turn one into a black-belt in karate (!), there is a sense of you needing to trust the process as you step forward in life. Of course, trusting when there is no clear or over-riding sense of purpose can be hard, but intuitively you know that despite the cloudy confusion, it feels right to carry on. Trust this feeling and listen to your inner wisdom to guide you and, before long, you will open up to the opportunity of turning all of those little things into something bigger, brighter and quite wonderful... 

January also looks set to keep the focus within as you continue to use the power of your inner smile to guide you forward in life. Although you may be busy with the ‘little things’, there is a sense of a growing realisation within you that being happy is, after all, the most important thing in life. You have tried reaching for success and glory, only to realise that neither bring a lasting smile to your life, and you have tried seeking out other distractions to bring you completeness and discovered that all paths lead back home.

Home in this case is the space within that beams brightly with a radiant smile, illuminating your world from the inside, out. Home is where your heart is and your smile just wants the opportunity to be free. Smiling in life might seem like a simplistic goal to have and your mind might struggle not to seek out things to do and people to see to achieve happiness, but intuitively you know that smiling is the right goal for you now as you trust in your own ability to lead the way...


As you continue to open up to greener pastures in your life, there is a sense that you are not truly sure if you actually want to explore the green grass or if you are just considering it because you feel like you should consider it; understanding the difference matters because one perspective suggests a free-spirited free choice whereas the other suggests something far heavier and full of duty.

It might be hard to admit to yourself that you are only doing what you are doing because you feel you should be doing it as you are a passionate, creative and fluid soul, and it seems contrary to your nature to be doing anything other than flowing free. Of course, you know that it is contrary to your nature, but you need to ask yourself why: why are you going against the flow? The greener pastures of life feel anything but heavy and full of duty so it is likely to be hard for you to make sense of why you are feeling the way you are. 

Yet, dig a little deeper and you will realise that you are feeling hemmed in and obligated because you once made a decision to do what you are now doing and, with you being you, it is so hard to ‘renege’ or change your mind. It seems that the greener pastures now before you are ones you sought out a while ago and you are no longer the same person that you were back then; as a result, you no longer feel bursting with enthusiasm at the idea of exploring something that no longer ‘floats your boat’.

This situation, is, by and large, of your own making as you find it hard to change course once you have committed to something or someone, and yet, you are human and you are evolving, and so it make sense that your dreams change at the same time. Why not allow your dreams to evolve with you and open up to exploring new territory as you seem ready now to turn and face the discomfort of admitting to yourself that you are not where you truly want to be. Such a step feels liberating and once you have made it, you are then ready to explore new possibilities and pastures...


As you continue to step from feeling ‘out of sorts’ towards living in a more cohesive and unified way, there is a sense that you are beginning to see your Self and your life from a new perspective as you contemplate the different facets of you and realise that you are far more than the sum of your parts. You are a complex and multi-layered soul, and how you see yourself matters because this is what ultimately shapes and defines your life and your path.

When you feel aligned with your Self and connected to the magnificence of being you and being a part of the universal whole, you feel centred and vibrant. However, when you feel disconnected, isolated and fragmented, it is hard for you to gain any sense of Self and, as a result, you become lost in things to do, people to see and places to go, as you spin from spot to spot trying to do what’s right without really knowing what ‘right’ actually is.

January looks set to be a month of oscillation between centred stillness and spinning as you reach a time of breakthrough when it comes to working out what’s next in your life. You have been standing on something of a precipice for some time now and it is hard for you to admit to yourself that life is not as you truly want it because such an admission would mean opening up to the possibility of upending the apple cart of your life.

Now, you are a philosophical soul, and you know that change is an inevitable part of life, but when it comes to being the catalyst for such change, you are not so sure! Of course, upending the apple cart is not a guaranteed part of opening up to shift because you might change your mind and fight the process; at the same time, you might find that underneath all the carefully placed apples are new fruits and delicacies waiting to be enjoyed. Try not to pre-empt the outcome, fearing what may or may not happen, instead keep your focus on the present moment and stay connected to your feelings to lead the way. You are a vibrant, beautiful and interconnected soul; let this be your guiding light now...


As your creativity and consciousness continue to expand and blossom, it seems that a new wave of insight and revelation is coursing through your veins as you contemplate all that you were, all that you are and all that you want to be. Yet, everything appears to have shifted and changed, and nothing is quite as you remember it: dreams have changed in energy and vibration, memories of how you see your Self, your past, present and future have distilled and clarified, and you now seem more awake and alive than ever before. As a result of this shift you may seem a little taken aback at seeing your Truth in the cold light of day as those rose-tinted specs that you so love to wear have fallen away revealing Truth in its full techi-coloured glory.

It’s not that you have been kidding yourself how great life was, is or will be, but your tendency to see the positives has edged out the rest, leaving you with a kind of distorted picture of how things really are. Everyone does this to some extent but few ever realise they are doing it; so see this as an amazing opportunity to take a closer look at your Self, your life and your path in order to take a step from living under a rose-tinted hue to creating a life that truly is rose-tinted. In other words, you don’t have to seek out the positives and create an image of your reality that feels comfortable; you can instead opt to re-shape and re-define your life so it actually is comfortable, wonderful and amazing. 

January offers you a rare opportunity to see the ‘bigger picture’ in order to face your Truth, embrace your essence and open up to feeling the breeze of lifeforce on your face, inspiring you to run through the hills capturing the true energy and vibrancy of all that life has to offer you.

Opportunities such as these come and go, and you have a choice: embrace them wholeheartedly and step into the unknown, or try to ignore them and keep on keeping on. Intuitively you know what to do but life doesn’t always work out that way; however, don’t give yourself a hard time, be gentle with yourself and love yourself no matter what because you are amazing; always have been, always will be...


January looks set to be a month where you begin to yawn and stretch your arms and legs almost as though you have awoken after a long nap. In those few moments of shift between being asleep and feeling awake, your perspective on the world alters as you are not quite back in conscious ‘thinking and doing mode’ but not fully beyond the unconscious ‘expansive, illuminated being mode’.

Obviously it is hard to capture these moments as they are, by their very nature, in-between states, but there is a sense that the more aware you are of these moments, the more you can tap into their energy and vibration. You might wonder why you would want to tap into these ‘in-between’ states as they are neither here nor there, yet, this is the point, as they act as a kind of reference point that maps out a pathway between where you are (thinking and doing mode) to where you want to be (illuminated being mode). When you are asleep, the boundaries and storylines fall away leaving you free to be your true and vibrant Self, when you awake, you return to reality as the things to do, people to see and places to go take over occupying your time and energy. 

You have become stuck in a rut; in a routine that seems devoid of the magic and sparkle of your dreams and of your effervescent fizz and zest for life. The routine humdrum has kept you ‘asleep’ because it was easier rather than feeling the pain of the disconnection from living a richer or more fulfilling life. Yet, despite your best efforts, you have never truly been able to quieten that inner voice that has been pushing you to awaken, stretch and take a deep breath of life, because you have never actually wanted to quieten the voice!

No one ever said that being you was easy but you intuitively know that you have been ticking along in life as it felt easier and somehow less abrasive. Although you step into the dream mode every day, it has always been just out of reach, until now. As your worlds collide, it seems that you have a choice: awaken and embrace a new dynamic in life or remain sleepy and keep the dreams as dreams...


The art of being you looks set to take centre stage in January as you begin to regain your perspective when it comes to your life, your path and your sense of Self. You have spent a long time juggling different ideas, thoughts and plans, trying to keep your options open and trying to keep on keeping on as best as you can. There were times when you became bogged down in distractions and stuff, where finding your true priorities became arduous and tenuous, and there were moments when you felt disconnected from your usual vibrant and creative fizz.

There were also times when little nuggets of wisdom would rise up, bringing you a clearer sense of Self and a way forward, but these would ebb away again as new distractions nudged them out of the way zapping your attention and energy. In a way, you have felt lost at sea, intuitively knowing what you wanted, but finding it hard to clarify as stuff kept getting in the way. As a result, you seem a little dazed, like a rabbit in the headlights, and this is not a state of being that suits you well. January looks set to bring you some welcome relief as you pause for a while, not in dazed confusion, but in quiet contemplation as you consider why your life feels so out of sorts. 

At the same time, as you go deeper within you will realise that the key to regaining your equilibrium comes from stepping beyond the distractions, clutter and stuff and opening up to what lies beneath: those aspects of you that you know truly matter. This is why the art of being you is so important as this ultimately shapes and defines your life; the more you master the art of being you, loving yourself for it in the process, the less those distractions will matter and the more freedom you will have to focus on what’s truly important in your life.

Of course, you are you; always have been, always will be, but being you is not the same dynamic as this suggests an evolution away from keeping on keeping on to living in a more conscious state where you are free to let your Truth rise up to the surface allowing you to be you, only you and nothing but you...


As you continue to wrestle with the concept of ‘letting go’, January looks set to be a month of release and liberation as you unshackle your Self from some of the many ‘ought’s’, ‘must’s’ and ‘should’s’ in your life and open up to living a more unfettered and untangled life. Of course, life inevitably involves tangles and complex dynamics as you are a part of the ecosystem that makes up the whole; everything interacts and nothing acts in isolation.

It can therefore be hard for you to find ways to create more space in your life as the burden of all that you should/ought/must do in life is a big burden to carry and you find it so hard to feel as though you are letting anyone down. No one wants to be the one who says ‘No!’, but there are times when you have to think about the equilibrium of your life and seek out balance.

Are you really letting others down or is your reluctance to invoke change more about fearing that by letting go you then you will be truly free to follow your dreams, walk your talk and be yourself leaving you with nothing to hide behind? Only you can answer this question, but it seems an important one to ponder now as you are the master of your own destiny and the key to personal evolution comes from Truth and living authentically. 

Therefore how you answer this question is a choice as you can either place the accountability in the hands of ‘well, these things have to be done’ staying in the land of distractions and ought’s, or you can think about what authentic living actually means to you and open up to the energy of being untangled and having the freedom to be you; this is not the same as walking away without a care in the world, as there will always be things to do, it is about honouring your Self and being accountable for every single choice that you make. Sounds like a big deal? Well, it is a big deal, but this is a wonderful opportunity to re-set the balance in your life in order to embrace freedom and to enjoy the exhilaration of letting go of those storylines and ought’s that keep you from being you...


January looks set to be a month of inspired creativity as you begin to see the wood for the trees when it comes to knowing what you truly want from your life. You have spent a long time turning the wheel and keeping on, trying to keep your options as open as possible in order to catch the waves as and when they come.

This seems wise in many ways but it also suggests a way of hedging your bets in case something better comes along; although this is a part of being human, it does diminish the energy of your intent as it becomes nigh on impossible to focus on what you truly want when one eye is always on the lookout for something else!

Of course, this is part of being a possibilities person as you cannot sit in one place with one goal and be content with that for the rest of your life as you are an ever-growing, ever-evolving soul, and things change on a regular basis. However, there is a sense that you have become slightly over-focused on the shifting sands on your life which has been preventing you from connecting to the layer of Truth within that usually leads the way. 

Hedging your bets is a kind of ‘hesitant’ strategy as it covers most outcomes and situations; however it does keep you away from sitting down and actually focusing on what you truly want as you are so busy on trying to line up possibilities instead. January brings you an opportunity to re-establish equilibrium in your life as you realise just how hedging your bets has kept you away from that one thing that you hold so dear; this ‘thing’ is clarity of purpose and you seem ready now to stop hedging your bets in order to re-stake your claim on what truly matters to you.

This shift is not to be underestimated as it involves letting go of a great deal of clutter and distraction that has filled your life for a long time; even though you intuitively know it’s no longer right for you, you have become attached to it all the same, so be gentle with yourself and release it with love. At the same time, feel the expansion opening up your lungs as you take a big deep breath of life and live...


January looks set to continue the theme of interconnectedness as you grow more aware of your role in the magnificent panorama that represents life. You are a wise and intuitive soul, and you know that it is only when you become truly connected that you feel vibrant, alive and fully awake.

Although you are a complex soul, your needs are simple and without complication: clarity, purpose and meaning. Each of these invokes feelings within you that can bring you closer to where you want to be in life; you are not one for chasing dreams or fighting the currents (although you do have your moments!) as intuitively you know that neither will bring you home.

Home in this instance is connecting to that warm glow within, to that smile that lights up your world from the inside, out. Seeking out that inner smile might seem like an insignificant purpose, but without your inner light burning brightly, you lose touch with so much as you step away from being you and become lost in the swirl of the currents of life, losing sight of your Self in the process. 

Seeking out clarity, purpose and vision looks set to take centre stage over the days and weeks ahead as you begin to make some important decisions about what you truly want from your life and how you want to feel. What you want may sound simple enough to work out but with your tendency to oscillate with the currents, it seems that your ‘destination of choice’ constantly shifts and changes.

Knowing how you want to feel is, perhaps, an easier focus for an intuitive soul like you, however, how can you put a label on a feeling that exists without an action associated with it? In other words, how can you strive to feel something that represents a state of being rather than an act of doing as, by its very nature, it happens not because of what you do but because of how you feel? Well, you feel it simply by opening up and feeling it!

Try not to get caught up in trying to understand the dynamics of this shift in your life, instead try to open up and let your intuition lead the way as the more you can focus on your inner smile and on feeling truly joyful in life, the more you can open up to being joyful and living joyfully...



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