Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2019

Message for January 2019

Many of us begin each new year with a whole list of resolutions and goals. We may strive to lose weight, save more money, work harder, work less or a whole host of other things, as we shape and define the course of the year ahead with a ‘to do’ list. Often the items on the list were present on the list the previous year, and the previous year. We rarely stop to ask ourselves why they appear each year or why we haven’t achieved them, we just hope that ‘this will be the year’ when we finally tick the box, believing a ticked box will be the path to happiness and contentment. 

Of course, many of us don’t have resolutions as there is a belief that resolutions are meant to be broken! So, instead of creating a list of ‘black and white’ tick boxes of things to do that we believe will make us happy, we focus on cultivating ways of living well and being happy. This takes away the finer detail and allows plenty of wriggle room. For example, instead of losing weight as a goal, we focus on being healthier which may include some weight loss, but also eating well, and taking care of body, mind and soul in the process.

When we impose resolutions, it’s hard not to feel like a failure when we don’t achieve them. This sets up a belief pattern that can take hold and take over as everything starts to feel out of reach. Perhaps focusing on encouraging self-compassion would be a better goal as this focuses on ways of living well that inspire tenderness and gentleness towards ourselves? Surely we place ourselves under enough pressure in life without giving ourselves a hard time for being human? Self-compassion is a powerful theme for the year ahead and it looks set to be one that will re-define every aspect of our lives for years to come…

January also looks set to be a month for contemplating how to achieve a deeper and richer sense of happiness in life. Happiness in its own right is something that’s so often overlooked as it’s often the belief that happiness will emerge as a result of the eradication of unhappiness. Whilst there is truth in this, it’s important that happiness becomes a goal in itself as it needs to be tenderly grown and developed, allowed and welcomed. Happiness needs to be let through the door even with the presence of unhappiness; life isn’t about removing all of the ‘bad stuff’ to reach a place of happiness, but to find it in each and every moment. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Perhaps self-compassion and the quest for happiness should be merged into one over-arching theme for this year, inspiring each and every one of us to seek out a richer and more fulfilling way of living and being. Life’s short, but it matters, and it’s important for us to realise that we matter too…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful. 

With love,



As you step from one year into another, there is a sense you are beginning to gain a deeper and stronger sense of self; it’s as though you are feeling more connected and interconnected, awake and aware, and, as a result, everything in life is more finely tuned. The focus has been sharpened and tweaked, and the bigger picture of your life now seems clearer and within your reach. The winds of change are gathering momentum in your heart and soul, and you are beginning to contemplate the path you’re walking and the path you’d like to walk ahead. You feel warm and fuzzy within as you begin the process of re-connecting to your passion and creativity. Although you are a driven soul, you often find yourself going along with the currents and the needs/desires of others. However, over recent weeks and months, there’s been a subtle shift in your consciousness and you’re more aware of these patterns in your life and seem keen to break free from these in order to live in a different way.

It’s not that you no longer care about the needs and wishes of others, it’s more that you are now also more aware of your own needs as well. Whilst your intuitive prowess means you will always, to some extent, travel with the currents, you are now sensing your own currents and allowing them to carve out and shape new pathways in your life. In short, your passion is bursting back into life once again and you are dusting off some of those long-held dreams that have been sitting at the back of the shelf inside the cupboard of your soul. You’ve never let them go, but you’ve struggled to bring them out into the light as you’ve never quite found the ‘right time’. Well, January looks set to be the perfect time for you to begin the process of re-discovering your destiny… 


January looks set to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life, more of a New Year’s revolution, than a resolution! There is a fire in your belly that’s been glowing more brightly over recent weeks and months, and whilst you’ve been aware of its presence, you haven’t been exactly sure of its purpose. Of course, there has been a sense of restlessness deep within your heart and soul, and this has led you towards some inner contemplation in connection to your true priorities in life. You are finding new ways to re-shape and re-define your approach to life as you think creatively about how to live the best life possible. Yet, it goes even deeper than this as you have also thought about how to truly love the life you live. The dynamism building within you has passion and determination at its core and this is carving out a new pathway for you to walk, one that brings together the many different aspects of you into one, more cohesive whole.

You are a vibrant and compassionate soul, and living the life you were born to live, as well as loving the life you live, look set to take centre stage now. You have hovered back stage for a long time, trying to be a support and a rock to others, and encouraging others to embrace their hearts’ desire, but it’s your turn now as you start to gain a clearer focus as to your true priorities and goals. This isn’t a process to rush, but one to take slowly and steady, after all, this is a pivotal moment for you to re-define the very core of your existence. Even though the energy rising up within you is fiery and passionate, don’t try to run before you can walk, instead try to embrace the heat and become one with it, allowing your phenomenal intuition to lead the way…   


Creating some breathing space looks set to take centre stage throughout January as you step back a little in order to take stock of the life you’re living, the life you’ve lived and the life you’d like to live. You’ve been caught up in the wheels of life for some time, keeping on keeping on, and getting through each day the best you can. There’s a sense that you’ve lost sight of the magic and sparkle in your heart and soul, as you’ve become so focused on the humdrum everyday pedestrian-ness. You have been ticking along, but you seem to have reached a stage where ticking along isn’t enough for you anymore. Your heart and soul yearn for a richer, more enriched way of living and being, and you want more in your life than things to do, people to see and places to go. There is a lethargy deep within you that has grown over time, and this force has started to overshadow the joy, keeping you stuck on the great big hamster wheel of life and not feeling like the vibrant, passionate, creative soul that you know yourself to be.

In short, you want to live more consciously, and you are ready to take an honest look into the window of your soul in order to recognise what needs to change. You are an awakened and enlightened being, and you want to have the freedom to explore the nooks and crannies of life in order to feel more interconnected to the universal whole. You have realised that life doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be wonderful, and you have accepted the idea that happiness is a force that needs to be nurtured and developed. You have reached a poignant turning point, one where you are ready to step beyond the daily grind in order to live the life you were born to live…


As one year ends, another one begins, and there is a sense of passionate determination rising up from deep within you stirring up your beliefs, ideals and dreams. Whilst you may already have some new year’s resolutions, in many ways, you have moved beyond these to focusing on creating a state of being: a way of living your life in a more enriching way. You are beginning to let go of some long-held beliefs which shaped and defined your life for many years as they no longer seem to fit into your way of being. Of course, they have helped to determine the course of your life, so it’s important to honour them as they drift out of view. At the same time, the more you ‘shed’, the lighter you will feel, and it would be only natural to want to fill the space created with something new, however try not to rush into this, as the space is good for you as it will allow you some time to breathe more consciously.

Resting in the space between here and there will give you some much needed perspective and enable you to re-connect to the bigger picture of your life, as well as allowing some space for you to re-centre and re-balance. Space is a good thing for you as it takes you away from the distractions of daily life and into the here and now. Facing each moment consciously is important as it’s your way of assessing your true priorities: let the inessential drift away and rest in the stillness, and the really important stuff will float into view. Space has a habit of reflecting the depths of your soul back to you which can be uncomfortable at times as the truth isn’t always palatable. Yet, it’s your willingness to face this that will enable you to set yourself free from those outdated beliefs. So, take a deep breath and let the space take care of itself… 


There are times when you sit and ponder the greener grass on the other side of the fence; you wonder if it truly is greener or if it’s just a trick of the light. As you watch the lush blades of grass dancing in the sunlight on the other side of the hill, it’s easy to start wondering if things are better ‘over there’. It’s not that your ‘over here’ is actually that bad, but you’ve been feeling restless for quite some time now and you can’t quite work out what’s amiss. You’re not afraid of change and your innate honesty allows you to acknowledge imbalances with an open heart and mind. Yet, no matter how hard you’ve looked, you’ve struggled to gain a clearer picture of why ‘over there’ still feels more appealing than ‘over here’, and this frustrates you as you don’t like hovering in uncertainty. This uncertainty has created unrest deep within your heart and soul as you want to be sure that you’re exactly where you need to be in order to flourish and thrive.

So, maybe focusing on the grass beneath your feet and the grass ‘over there’ is no longer helpful as it’s not the grass that determines how much you flourish, it’s that warm fuzzy feeling within you that’s a sign of contentment? In other words, happiness doesn’t come from where you are, it comes from how you’re feeling. There is a risk that if you continue to focus on the gap between where you are and where you feel you need to be, that you will lose sight of both the horizon, as well as the present moment. Take some time in January to gaze at your feet in order to realise that the soil beneath you is fertile, the sun is already shining in your soul, and you really do have everything you need in order to thrive…


January looks set to start the ball rolling when it comes to re-focusing and re-connecting to everything that’s truly important in your life. You spend a great deal of your time trying to be the person you think you ought to be or the person you feel others want you to be, and this has left you in a state of slight bewilderment when it comes to re-affirming who you really are. So, when you are asked: ‘what do you truly want?’, it can be hard for you to know as you’re unsure exactly where you end, and others begin. It’s as though your edges have become blurred and fuzzy, and you can’t quite work out how to reclaim and redefine the essence of you. However, don’t try to overthink this, as this is all about feeling and allowing your intuition to lead the way. Being everything to everyone can be a wonderful thing as it’s a sign of your generosity, but it can also be a sign of not wanting to acknowledge your true essence as acknowledging it wholeheartedly would mean having to make some changes.

Whilst you can manage change better than most, in many ways, you are comfortable where you are at the moment as the status quo is on an even keel and things are ticking along, yet, despite this, you cannot ignore the restlessness within you; the sense that you are not allowing yourself to acknowledge what you truly want.  You want to sparkle, fizz and buzz at the joys of life, and your creativity needs room to grow and expand, so it can be hard to find a way through this, after all, you don’t want to upset the apple cart, but you can’t deny your soul its true needs. Finding a solution may feel out of reach, but close your eyes and take a deep breath, as the solution isn’t about doing, it’s about being. It’s about being you…


Over recent weeks and months (even years), you have spent a great deal of time doing, pushing and chasing, trying to get from one day to the next, keeping on keeping on. There has been a definite air of ‘grind’ to your daily life, and this has felt deeply unsatisfactory to you on so many levels. Yet, you’ve worked so hard to keep the wheels rolling, and to get from where you were to where you are today. Whilst you may not be exactly where you thought you’d be, when you pause and step back, you can see just how far you’ve come. Of course, with you being such a ferocious self-critic, it can be hard for you to acknowledge your progress, but you are beginning to realise the need to ease off the pressure you place on your own shoulders as the hunched look really doesn’t suit you.

January looks set to be a month for you to re-connect to your deeper values as you shift your focus back towards conscious living and towards finding ways to explore new terrain in life. Whilst there will always be things to do, people to see and places to go, you are beginning to find room to pull back the curtains of your soul in order to let your inner light shine more brightly. Your passion and creativity are seeking new outlets, and your courage and determination are inspiring you to dust off some of those long-held dreams and to find new ways to bring them into being. You no longer seem trapped in the daily grind, but your consciousness is rising once again, allowing you to see possibility where you once saw brick walls. At the same time, new dreams are forming, and you seem ready to launch a brand-new chapter in your life. These are exciting times and the more you learn to love, honour and cherish yourself (rather than judging yourself), the more you will thrive…


As you take a step beyond the boundaries of your life, you are beginning to explore new ways of living and being. In many ways, this should be your mantra, as you are a passionate and courageous soul, and you have always been adventurous when it comes to discovering new terrain; you have never been one to deny your dreams the room to breathe and grow. In your heart, you know yourself to be this way, but over time, there has been increasingly less room for you to even look beyond the boundaries of your life as you have been so busy trying to keep on keeping on. Life has been undeniably challenging at times and you have found ways to thrive even during some long, dark nights. Of course, over time, it’s grown harder to explore new terrain as your focus has shifted onto daily management rather than on the adventurous, free-spirited side of your nature. Yet, you have never let this go as you often contemplate your hopes and dreams, thinking about what sets your soul on fire and what doesn’t. In fact, you probably know more about what you don’t want than you do about what you do want!

Yes, life is a learning curve, and it’s the road blocks and dead ends that enable you to grow and evolve, yet, it’s also important to develop a stronger sense of what you do want as well as this can help to shape and define the path ahead. Meandering can mean you make some amazing and unexpected discoveries, but without a sense of purpose, it can be hard for you to gain momentum when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. January looks set to be a month for you to step beyond your boundaries and to re-focus on the passion within in order to walk towards pastures new…


For a long time now, you have contemplated living a life that allows you to embrace your dreams and fulfil your hopes. Your vision of being is rich and vibrant, full of passion, sparkle and a sprinkling of magic. Yet, when it boils down to it, there is a big question mark hanging over you when it comes to knowing what you truly want in life. Of course, you have an idea as to what you want, as you have spent so long thinking about it, but your mind is scattered in different directions as there are so many things that bring you joy, and it’s hard for you to focus yourself in any particular direction. So, you often find yourself at a crossroads, wanting to follow every path, but finding your feet won’t allow this. As a result, you can end up lodged on the spot, as your feet are trying to go in several different directions at the same time. Logically you know this isn’t possible, but it doesn’t stop you trying!

There are few who can even begin to understand the vastness of your consciousness, but your gifts can also trip you up as you can get lost in the vision and remain stuck at that crossroads indefinitely. January looks set to be a month for you to take some time to re-focus on what you truly want and to step beyond the detail in order to establish the essence of what you want to achieve. In other words, rather than having a long ‘to do’ list of goals, start creating a state of being that you want to work towards (happiness is perhaps a good place to start). This isn’t about letting go of your dreams, it’s a way to help you to step beyond the inertia at the crossroads and focus on the bigger picture once again. Let the details take care of themselves for a while...


January looks set to be a month of renewed clarity and vision for you when it comes to re-shaping and re-defining your life from the inside, out. You have spent a long time keeping on keeping on, working hard and doing your best to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be. Your determination has seen you through some tough times, but it has also left little room for your creative, innovative and passionate spark to flourish and grow. Whilst this hasn’t left you, your spark is much diminished these days, and it’s more of a glowing ember than a burning fire. In many ways, this suits you, as it means you can move through life at a gentle pace with your head down, focusing on keeping on keeping on. Yet, your inner fires are strong, and whilst it’s easy to forget this when you are consumed with things to do, people to see and places to go, the flames warm your soul, reminding you of their presence and their need for fuel.

You already know what fuel they need as it’s your creativity and passion that are your lifeforce. So, when you give these more room in your life, your fire burns brighter, and you begin to feel more connected and in balance. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean your life is then ‘fixed’ and ‘perfect’, however, intuitively you know that keeping on keeping on leaves you feeling flat and without direction. It’s hard to find the best solution as how can you find the room to be creative and innovative when you are so focused on keeping on keeping on? Yet, intuitively you already know the answer as it comes shifting your perspective and realising that there’s always room for your inner fires as they are a part of you. It’s a matter of breathing into them and allowing them to lead the way…


You have long been open to the concepts of re-invention and re-birth as you have seen yourself evolve, grow and change with each passing day. Over the years, you have gained deep insight into your true essence as you have been open to living wholeheartedly and consciously. It has taken you a while to fully embrace wholehearted living as it’s meant facing your fears and acknowledging your quirks and idiosyncrasies (we all have those!). As a result, you have walked down some long, dark pathways in your heart and soul, unearthing pain and finding new ways to heal yourself from the inside, out. Over time, you have realised that it is the world within you that truly matters, as this has shaped and defined the paths you’ve walked and the life you lived. Your courage has been breath-taking at times as you have faced adversity and still found wisdom and room for growth.

You have acknowledged the inevitability of the shifting currents and found new ways to surf. In other words, you no longer fight the flow of change, but you have learned how to ride with it. This doesn’t mean you always love having change in your life, but you have found strength through acceptance. You haven’t given up, but you have evolved with it rather than remaining frozen in resistance. So, you are now much wiser, stronger and more connected than ever before, and this has liberated your spirit! Of course, a liberated free-spirit needs plenty of wiggle room to breathe and move, so January looks set to be a month for you to find some new ways of living your life in order to give yourself more freedom and space to live truly wholeheartedly. This may, in itself, create more change, but you seem ready now to explore some new terrain in your life and let your spirit soar...


As you continue to contemplate your life, your path and your sense of self, it seems you have reached a point of realisation that the vision you once had of your life is quite different to the reality you are living. In many ways, this is inevitable, as you’ve changed and evolved beyond recognition, but there is a part of you that feels bewildered and confuddled as to why things have turned out so differently. You may spend time looking back to try to understand where you deviated from your vision, and whilst this may help you to make sense of your life, there is also a risk that this could confuse you even further, as the answers are unlikely to be obvious. Your life has shifted as a result of a gazillion different changes, decisions and actions, and many may seem insignificant, but when added together they have created the life you are living. It would be easy to see why you may want to understand this more clearly, but this keeps your focus on the past rather than on the present moment, and it’s important for you to focus on the present moment in order to find an anchor point from which to re-balance and re-gain some perspective.

As you stand in the here and now, there is a sense you are not quite sure if you are ready to wholeheartedly embrace another new year and new chapter in your life as there is a level of fatigue deep within that feels world-weary with the weight of the challenges you’ve been carrying. Yet, the tides are turning, and this weight is starting to shift as you begin to reclaim some much needed ‘you time’ and start to let go of trying to carry so much for so many. It’s time for you to acknowledge your own worth, to honour yourself more and to love yourself with carefree abandon. You matter…



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