Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2011

Message for October 2011

Welcome back. October looks set to be a month of continued inner shifts and outer movement. There is a sense that we can finally start to lift our heads over the parapet in order to regain our perspectives on life. So, huge sighs of relief!

In some ways, this is a time of consolidation and reckoning; a time to take stock and to prepare for the long months ahead. This sounds a little ominous, but there is such a strong feeling of break through now which makes this time feel quite exciting and liberating.

With Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Ceres all still retrograde, it seems clear that the roller coaster of inner work will continue for the foreseeable future. We may groan at this realisation, but will there be a time when we are not experiencing constant ebbs, shifts and inner transformation? It seems unlikely, for we are humans, and we are evolving. To evolve and grow, we need to experience change. Of course, we are all striving to reach that point of enlightenment where we have evolved beyond the current place of understanding, but we are unlikely to still be in human form at that point!

 As October progresses, it seems that we can expect to connect with our true Selves more and more. This is a time to embrace the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ (Keats) and to connect to the riches within. It is time to tend our inner landscapes, to love ourselves and to find peace and joy in our lives...

The Full Moon is in Aries on the 12th at 03.05 BST (02.05 GMT) and the New Moon is in Scorpio on the 26th at 20.55 BST (19.55 GMT). (Clocks go back one hour on the 30th in the UK, marking the end of British Summer Time. We plunge once again into the darkness of winter, but this is a time for rest and reflection in order to burst into life once again at the coming of the Sun).

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Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2011


October begins on a positive and forward thinking note as you begin to gain more of a sense of control in your life. You have finally realised that you do not have to wait for life to come to you; you can go and find your life! In other words, you can sit and watch the world go by if you choose, but it might be optimistic to expect opportunities and goals to simply drop in your lap. Now is the time to make some important decisions about what you truly want from life and to take the first steps towards achieving these goals. There can be no denying that you are enthusiastic and keen to make progress, but that little bit of doubt within you that questions if this is the right time, the right place or the right dream, now needs to be pacified in order to allow you to focus on the business of moving your life forward.

This is a month to focus all of that energy of yours into a clear direction or focus. If you are unsure what that focus should be, try to go within and re-connect to your core. Deep down you know exactly what you want from life, but you hate to think that you are missing out on anything and so ‘collect’ dreams and things to do to! No one likes to miss out, but try not to think about what you may miss out on, think instead about what YOU truly want, and keep that goal in mind now. This is such an important time of your life, and you need to truly know yourself now...


October looks set to be something of a new dawn and a new day for you. There is a sense that you are turning onto a new page in your life, and as this new chapter begins, you have been given the pen or quill to take the lead and to write your own script! For many individuals this would be an exciting and life enhancing opportunity to grab destiny and to transform their lives, but you seem a little less enthusiastic about things. The reason for this is that you have spent some time now doubting your Self and your gifts and this has left you unfocused and unclear about what you actually want from life.

What do you want from life? What are your goals? What are your dreams? These are questions that you now need to start exploring once again. It seems that you have become out of touch with these key questions as you have lost touch with your sense of Self. Doubt is erosive and corrosive, and this has been at the root of all of this. However, as you have begun to realise, there really is no need to doubt yourself any more. Those little hiccups that you have faced in life are not insurmountable; in fact they simply make you stronger. Therefore, now is the time to reclaim your Self and to re-assert your strength and personal power. You are an amazing Being, and now is the time to believe this and to step forward with courage, strength, self-belief and pride...


The theme of truly embracing your gifts and talents continues throughout October as you start to take more control of your destiny and begin to take responsibility for all of your choices and actions. Let’s make one things clear, you are not irresponsible, you just seem disengaged from the process of being responsible and ‘owning’ your decisions. You seem disconnected from ‘feeling’ your way ahead and have become stuck in your head. In some ways, you seem content to drift through life just dealing with things, as and when they happen, and the fact that this can leave you feeling disempowered and disenchanted seems to have been an acceptable part of the process. Until now.

You are a bright, intelligent, talented and gifted soul, and your life force energy is full of passion, zest and zeal. It seems so unlike you to allow yourself to become so disengaged, yet here you find yourself. The likely reason for these feelings seems to stem from you feeling a little lost and unsure of exactly what you want from life. You seem to be lacking the self-belief and confidence to assert your talents and to follow your dreams. Yet, deep down you know that you have what it takes to succeed. So, now is the time to face those fears head on, to boot the monster out of the wardrobe (in the nicest possible way!) and to re-affirm your sense of Self. This is your life, and it is time to take back the controls...


October looks set to be a month of positive forward movement and change for you. This change has been bubbling around underneath the surface of your life for some time now, but the recipe hasn’t been completed or perfected, so you have simply left it to stew. Some may say fester, as you have left things quite a while, but you have just been waiting for the right time.

Or have you? Sometimes taking a step on a new path is terrifying; it takes courage, self-belief and strength, and it involves change and some uncertainty. You know all of this, and whilst you know that it is time to take that step, you cannot help but feel that you are not strong enough to do it. This has led to an inertia in your life that has become harder and harder to break. Almost like stepping in quick sand that starts to set like concrete...

This inertia has now become the proverbial elephant in the room, and you are quite unsure how to deal with it! You have tried the ostrich technique and found that burying your head in the sand doesn’t make the problem go away, so what next? Ignoring it no longer seems an option. However, some good news! For it seems that October looks set to inspire you to stand up tall, to be proud and to inject some fresh energy and enthusiasm into your life. This in turn looks set to empower you enough to finally take that step forward...


There is a fire in your belly as you step into October. This fire is your creativity and zest for life, and both seem to be on full steam ahead at the moment! There is a sense that you have been pondering some hefty decisions and choices recently, and it has been hard for you to know exactly how to move forward. This injection of fire looks set to inspire and motivate you into action. The time for thinking and procrastinating is over! At the same time, it seems that you are feeling more like your strong, reliable Self once again giving you the confidence to grab opportunities with both hands. The dithering and cogitation over recent weeks feels like a thing of the past as you reclaim your life once again!

Those little synchronicities keep on happening around you, and this seems to be your way of knowing that you are on the right track; for the more confident and self-assured you feel, the more synchronicities occur. You could see this as luck, chance or the power of your intent. Whatever theory you may have for this matters not, for what truly matters is the deep and amazing transformation that you are undergoing on all levels in your life. Welcome this and welcome opportunity, question it too much and you could begin to undermine your progress. Embrace this incredible opportunity to transform your life from the inside, out. So, re-tune your roar, comb that beautiful mane, and glisten in the sunlight!


Life looks set to continue at a steady, comfortable and easy pace throughout October. You are making good progress when it comes to your goals, and you are generally quite spritely and content. However, deeper within you is a slight sense of restlessness and discontentment; a feeling that you have been trying to ignore, but the more you ignore it the louder it becomes. It is now a stage whisper, and it is asking you where the magic has gone in your life.

You are relatively happy and quite content, but that zest and enthusiasm, and that magic and sparkle seem obvious by their absence. In some ways it seems that you have been so focused with keeping on keeping on that you have lost sight of where you are heading, and you have lost sight of the passion, creativity and energy of your plans.

You are well known for being a details person; for seeing the trees far easier than the wood, but at the same time, you are a visionary and a deeply creative soul. The visionary within you is that part of you that always has a clear view of the full perspective of your life and ensures that you stay focused, motivated and creative. It also injects that passion and energy. It is time now to take a step back, to review your life and to re-connect to your creativity and passion. It is there, chomping at the bit to join in, you just have to open the stable door within and let it out...


October looks set to be a month of decisions, empowerment and more decisions. Libra is often mocked for being hopelessly indecisive, yet you know the truth of this. You simply use those scales of yours to weigh up the pros and cons in life. This can make you a little more hesitant than most, and it can also mean that very often you do not have a preference as neither option outshines the other. As October progresses, your scales look set to move into full swing as you are reaching a crossroads in your life; a time of change, a time of endings and a time of new beginnings.

As you fully connect to the power of your mind and intent, you begin to realise that you are in the driving seat, and you have the chance to re-shape your destiny. You now have a clear view of the choices ahead. Whilst all options have corners and bends obscuring the view, making it hard to know for sure which path to take, you cannot sit idling at the junction anymore. It is time to decide, left, right, backwards, straight ahead (upwards even!).

Before the cosmic horn starts to beep you for cogitation, the time has come for you to trust your intuition and to make a choice. Okay, so all options may have pluses and minuses; that’s life. All options may carry risk and uncertainty, but you know this already! To stand still now is a waste of an amazing opportunity to re-shape your life and your destiny. You cannot travel all paths together; so go within, take a breath, and decide...


The theme of personal empowerment continues in October as you embark on a new chapter in your life. This chapter seems connected to you exploring a brand new horizon and experiencing the freshness of new grass under your feet.  This could be a physical move or re-location, but more likely is a re-injection of drive that will encourage you to focus on a long held dream or goal. There is a strong sense that the ‘new grass’ is a fresh energy that inspires you to think creatively about your path ahead.  Once you have tapped into this energy, it looks set to permeate all aspects of your life helping you to feel like you have a blank page to start afresh. So, one could say that this is all about perception, but it goes deeper than that...

As you begin to re-charge and re-focus, you look set to re-ignite that spark within you that is your courage and strength. Once alight, it seems that there will be no stopping you! You have been restless for quite some time, and part of the reason for this has been that you have been disengaged and disconnected due to the routine and familiarity of your life. It is time to realise that you have a choice; you can make life interesting, or you can leave it as it is. It seems though, that unless you re-engage with that energy and drive, you are likely to continue to feel restless and a little bored with life. Change may upset the apple cart, but now is the time to grab life with both hands and to use your many gifts and talents to grow a new orchard...


Stars and twinkling has been a recurrent theme over the past few months. It seems that by re-connecting to your dreams and to your true gifts, you are beginning to twinkle brightly. That star within you (and it is a truly beautiful star!) is illuminating your aura and your life, and you are feeling so alive!

You seem happy and content with life, and not only are you blossoming, but you are also starting to see the fruits of your labours. You have kept your focus despite the odds, and you have kept going even when times have been challenging. Your saviours in life are your passion and enthusiasm, as well as your vision and your creativity. You never give up on your dreams; you just ‘know’ that they will come to pass.

This knowing and intent comes in extremely handy in October as you look set to step onto a new stage. This feels exciting and life affirming, and whilst a little scary, there is so much exhilaration and excitement in the air. It feels like this is the time you have been waiting for; that opportunity, that dream is now within your grasp. Only you can truly know what makes you sparkle, and only you can know what you seek above all else in life, but keep the faith and keep the belief, and you look set to shake that twinkle of yours in style! This really is a magical time, a time where dreams can come true...


Believing in your Self, honouring your Self and truly knowing your Self all take your focus in October. It seems that the time has come for you to reconnect with your hopes, dreams and aspirations, and to reshape your life in a way that allows these dreams the space to burst into life. Whilst you may not be open to anything ‘bursting’ forward (!), it seems that your reluctance to embrace this powerful life affirming energy that has been stirring is beginning to create some restlessness within...

It seems that you want to embrace change, but you are hesitant at taking that step into the unknown for fear of what the unknown may hold. Well, it is called the unknown for a reason! If you sit and wait for it to become known, then it will no longer be the unknown, and you may have a very long wait! Sometimes, you have to listen to your intuition and allow your instincts to guide you forward. Only you can know if you are ready to take a step closer towards your dreams, but they seem ready to come to life now. So, you need to make a choice: stay put or burst forth!

Of course, life is rarely as simple as this, and choices are always full of shades of grey. However, try to look beyond this and try to stay focused on your intuition, and you will see a clear path ahead. Remain focused, and you will know exactly what to do....


October looks set to be a time of inner focus for you, as you continue to move towards that place of inner knowing and stillness, you seem to be growing increasingly centred and more balanced about your life and path ahead. The constant tick-tock of thoughts in your head is more of a white noise now rather than a grand prix roaring round and around, and this is enabling you to re-connect to your inner landscape far more. It is nice in this space, once you have tended the flowers and hacked back the weeds you have found a tranquil place to contemplate your life.

It is from the inner stillness that your inner voice (your soul) can be heard. Your thoughts have been so loud recently that your voice has been drowned in the blaze of sound. Yet, your voice needs to be heard, for it is this voice that is here to guide you and inspire you. Your creativity, your innovation, your free spirit and your inspiration all come from this inner place of tranquillity making it deeply important for you.

Quite why you have neglected it recently seems a mystery, but the time has come to love it once again. When you allow your thoughts to take over, you seem to lose yourself and your path, but when you remain centred, you are strong, focused, empowered and amazing!  Logically, it seems obvious that by tending your inner landscape, your life flows more freely and positively, yet quietening down your head is far easier said than done! Or is it? Perhaps all that is needed is a change of perspective...


Something deeply inspirational is stirring within you; you have been aware of the rumblings within for quite some time (and quickly realised it wasn’t down to your dinner!). It is almost too hard to put into words, but it is akin to you taking a deep breath of pure fresh clean air; air never breathed in before, air that is new and invigorating. This feels exciting and transformational, and it feels quite wonderful in your lungs as you can feel it giving your whole body, mind and soul a new zest for life.

October feels like a time where you reclaim your sense of Self, where you re-birth your creativity and intuition. Both have always been present of course, but they so often get buried under all of those others things that happen in life. Yet now they are not only breaking through the clutter, but they are breaking up the clutter as well, enabling you to have a clear vision of your true priorities in life. Things that once seemed important will begin to fade as you re-focus on what brings you joy. The more you connect with this new energy in your life, the clearer your vision will become allowing you to make some important choices and decisions about your path ahead.

It seems that this is a time to think about your own needs, and to honour your Self and your dreams. This re-birth doesn’t happen often, but it is a golden opportunity to re-shape your life and your future, and to embrace life fully, joyfully and with an open and a bliss filled heart...


whitepine21 6th October 2011 11:26 am

Thank you for my monthly astro forecast, it gives me great relief to know I am doing what is right for me a this time :)


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