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Message for September 2012

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. September looks set to be a month of deep shift and change for a great many of us as the path to Self quickens, and the path of awakening deepens. It seems that layer upon layer of Self is being stripped back as we begin to gain a clearer sense of Truth and a stronger sense of purpose.

Whilst challenging, underlying feelings of strength and clarity are emerging from the mists, for it is the process of facing the Truth within that inspires us to re-connect to All that we Are. In essence, it seems that this is a time of celebrating our gifts, our divinity and our magnificence; not in terms of ego or self-gratification, but in terms of feeling the power of Divine Union and opening up to that love to flow freely within, and without, in all aspects of our lives. Such a step takes courage, for it means facing our fears and facing doubts in order to connect fully to all that we know we can be in life.

As we continue to let go of resistance and open up to our true essence, the need to define the indefinable (that space that exists within each of us but is beyond words) starts to ease, and our faith and belief illuminates the path and instils a sense of peace and inner knowing. Seeking answers is innately human, but we are ready now to step beyond the chattering minds in order to step fully and consciously into the flow of life.

September looks set to be a month of intensification and inspiration as we continue to stir and awaken. Power and strength are emerging from within, and the more consciously we embrace these, the freer we become to live the best lives possible and to express All that we Are with love, passion and joy...

Once again, we need to remember to smile as we walk the path ahead, for smiling warms our hearts and souls, it shifts our energies to a higher frequency, and it reaches out to fellow travellers on the path. Whilst we walk alone, it is so important to know that there are those who understand and care. We all need those moments when we feel the joy of a heart-felt smile reach deeply into our souls when we most need it; so, smile from the heart, the eyes and the soul, and feel the love flowing freely...

The Full Moon is in Aries on the 30th at 03.19 GMT (04.19 BST), the New Moon is in Virgo on the 16th at 02.11 GMT (03.11 BST).The Autumn Equinox is on the 22nd, when the Sun enters Libra.

With love & a huge smile,



As you continue to dance and swirl with the waves of life, something quite strange appears to be happening as you step into September. It seems that the more you surrender to the flow of life, the more in-tune with the flow you are becoming; as a result, you are almost able to pre-empt each shift and movement before it actually happens. This could be foreseeing the future, but it seems subtler than that, for you are intuiting the flow of energy and feeling how it is expanding and contracting, ebbing and flowing. This requires stillness within, as well as a strong belief in your Self, so being in such a position is a powerful sign that you are centred, conscious and awakened!

Alongside this realisation comes the reality of being fully conscious; it is a joy and a blessing, but it also means that you face life with your eyes wide open. There is nowhere to hide and no one to hide behind when it comes to your life, your path and your Self. You stand in Divinity without masks or façades, and this can be acute and intense, for it means facing your core (warts and all) and embracing All that you Are. Yet, you are ready for this, and such readiness to awaken is a sign that you have let go of the need to rush ahead as you are able to see the joy in the present moment. At the same time, you seem content to dance with the waves, for you intuitively know that they will carry you forward to your Truth and to your bliss...


September looks set to be a month of great shift in your life, both within and without. You are finally gaining the strength and the confidence to de-clutter on all levels and let go of everything (and perhaps everyone?) that no longer serves a positive purpose for you. At the same time, you are changing your perspective on those duties and ‘ought’s’ that you cannot let go of (for whatever reason) and the result is a massive lightening of your load in life.

Seeing those ‘ought’s’ with fresh eyes is important, for you start to see them not as burdens, but as choices, and this brings you great strength. You may not feel that you really have a choice in this, for your feelings of responsibility and accountability simply will not allow for any other outcome, but just by accepting that this is still a choice will help you to stand stronger and ride the waves easier. Perspective matters; for it carries power and ultimately shapes the dynamic and the energy of everything.

Alongside this shift, there is a growing sense of Self re-emerging from the depths of your soul as your true essence finds breathing space as you continue to shed so much. Whilst there is inevitably a sense of loss occurring within you as you let go, there is a growing sense of joy emerging as your life becomes simpler, clearer and in sharper focus. You seem ready now to re-connect to your dreams and priorities and to stride forth with courage, passion and belief...


September marks a change in the currents when it comes to the tides of your life. It seems that a need is now surfacing for you to focus your energies and intent more in order to give shape and form to your dreams. You have been hedging your bets for some time, exploring many different options and pathways, and whilst this has been interesting and intriguing, it has scattered your energies in all directions. The time has come for you to have the passion, faith and belief in your Self, and your abilities, in order to take that next step forward. This takes strength and courage, for you are stepping into unknown terrain, but you seem ready now. Of course, you have no idea what such a leap of faith may bring you in life, for nothing is ever set in stone, but you seem weary of dancing on the spot trying to be everything, all of the time.

‘Less is more’ definitely resonates as your philosophy of the month, for the more you focus on less, the more energy you can inject into the process. Sounds obvious, but you have spent so long trying to live a fragmented life of many pieces, you seem to have forgotten how to simplify and focus. Of course, this brings to the surface the question of whether you are enjoying being fragmented for it means that you can avoid ever truly having to make a decision about what you want from life (ouch!), but this is a time for self-honesty! Intuitively you know that you want more, so what are you waiting for?


Well, the good news is that September looks set to be a month of breakthrough; a time of stepping beyond the confusion, uncertainty and doubt and re-connecting to what you want from your life with more clarity, confidence and vision. So, what is the bad news you may wonder? Does bad news always follow good? Is the good news a way to soften the blow for the bad? Well, why would you expect bad news? Because this has always been the case or simply because it is a kind of tradition of ‘bad follows good’?

Either way, if you expect it, then you are opening up and giving it power, shape and form; your thoughts shape your life, and whilst you can never be in control of everything that happens, by expecting bad news, can you be sure that you are not letting doubt and fear creep in and take over? Whilst you do not seek out challenges, your tendency to hold back in uncertainty can attract imbalance into your life for you create cracks and rifts in your inner essence which resonate doubt, uncertainty and fear.

So, there are lots of questions to ponder, but where are the answers (another question!)? Well, perhaps the time has come for you to stop trying to work out what might go wrong and why; and instead focus on the good news. Embrace your Truth and welcome this time of breakthrough, for part of this involves letting go of the doubt. It is time to celebrate All that you Are; these are amazing times for an amazing soul...


Meow. Meow. Can you hear that little squeak? Meow. Can you hear that sweet, tender cry? This would be tear-jerking and beautiful if it wasn’t for that fact that your lion was the one making this sound! Where is the roar? Where is the fire, the passion? Meow. Hmmm, it seems that you have somehow retreated into ‘kitten mode’ and your magnificent and mighty fine lion looks a little odd sitting in the sunshine, mane glistening, teeth sharpened, claws outstretched, meowing.

What’s happened? Well, it seems that whilst you are well-connected to your Self and what you want from your life, you are feeling disempowered and discombobulated because you cannot work out how to get from ‘a to b’. The distance feels insurmountable and it feels overwhelming, for you simply cannot find a creative resolution. However, maybe you need a change of perspective? Perhaps you need to contemplate how to get from 'a to be' instead? In other words, maybe this is a time of being rather than a time of doing, so instead of tying yourself up in knots trying to find a resolution, step back a little, rest in the sunshine and let the wheels of life turn for a while before taking another look.

Sometimes, when life throws up a brick wall in your face, you need to step back in order to put it into perspective. Whilst your immediate instinct is to find a way over the wall, sometimes you need to rest for a while to allow a clearer solution to emerge. This takes faith and belief, but you are a lion, and you have this by the bucket load! So, take some time in September to re-centre and let your roar find its way home...


As you continue to embrace your role as creator and manifestor in life, it seems that you are reviewing all aspects of your Self in order to ensure that you are working together as one cohesive Whole. You are all too aware that sometimes your heart and your head work at tangents to each other, and you are now realising the need for cohesion in order to create the life of your dreams.

September looks set to be a month of breakthrough for you as you step back from some storylines and patterns that have been shaping your life; you have taken a look deep within in order to see Truth and this has helped you to understand some of the powerful dynamics that shape your world. This is a powerful and profound experience, and not one to take lightly, for you are taking back the control and re-shaping your life from the inside, out. This takes courage and strength, and it involves facing fear and pain, but you seem ready now to step beyond all of this towards a more conscious way of living and being.

‘Becoming the flow’ continues to be a powerful theme, for the more consciously you do this, the more in-tune with your Self and your path you become. This is a special time of awakening, release and new beginnings for you, and, as you continue to let go of resistance and embrace your true essence, there is a growing sense of joy emerging in your life. This is your time to re-structure and re-shape your thoughts, your dreams and your sense of Self, for this is your time to be magnificent...


September looks set to be a month of realignment for you as you continue to connect with your inner light and allow your true essence to radiate. Once again, the phrase ‘be a lighthouse’ steps onto centre stage, for it seems that the more you connect with your Truth and your Self, the more you naturally radiate light; at the same time, by being your true Self, the easier it is for you to dance with the waves of light and become a part of the flow. Whilst you may be seeking out answers and guidance as to the best way forward, in a way, the harder you seek, the further away from Truth you become. It seems that the answers lie within, and once you have allowed your Self to become realigned (which involves letting go of all that no longer serves, as well as opening up to your true magnificence – easy-peasy!), then the answers will appear.

Of course, with you being you, you want the answers before you realign so that you can contemplate them and make a conscious choice! However, the answers cannot always come first, for sometimes you have to have faith and trust, and step towards what intuitively feels right. It simply isn’t possible to have a guaranteed outcome, for life doesn’t work that way, and whilst being optimistically cautious is often a wise move, holding back waiting for guarantees will make for a long wait, for nothing is guaranteed, not even what you have now. So, go within and let your true Self radiate brightly, for such a step will naturally lead you forward if you have the faith to follow. This is your time to shine and to embrace All that you Are...


As you continue to re-ignite the flames and the passion within, your va-va voom is naturally recharging with fizz and exuberance. It seems that you have finally stepped beyond the hum-drum, pedestrian-ness of life and have realised that you are once again in the driving seat when it comes to re-connecting to your true goals and priorities. Whilst there can be no denying a feeling of responsibility all around you at the current time, this doesn’t have to be a burden or a heavy load; in fact, if you see it this way, then it is likely to become heavy, but if you see it as a conscious choice, then you shift the energy and it becomes lighter and easier to manage.

So, as September progresses, there is a sense that your fizz and sparkle resurfaces to both inspire and empower you to walk through life in a different way. As you become more conscious and more aware, you carry responsibility differently and open up to new opportunities that come knocking. In many ways, your whole life is undergoing shift and change now as you are allowing your effervescent essence to lead the way. You are moving away from where you once were and are stepping confidently forward to where you know you want to be; such a step takes courage, but you seem ready. Listen to your intuition, for it is your inner world that will show you the way now; it is in your inner world where your power, inspiration and gifts reside. These are liberating times, and whilst it is important not to get completely lost in the fizz and sparkle, it is also important to feel the va-va voom returning and to celebrate this consciously in your life.


As the energy and focus of your life continues to change, you are beginning to re-connect to what you truly want from your life as opposed to what you feel you ought to want in life. You are beginning to see a clearer path ahead, one that is less cluttered with ‘stuff’ and things to do, and one that is lighter and somehow more joyful. Over recent months, you have been ‘collecting’ things to do simply because you have been too busy and distracted to step back and re-centre. It is easy for things to accumulate once they get a foot hold, for stuff attracts more stuff! The result has seen you trying to juggle an increasing number of batons, and whilst you seem to be managing, with all of your focus directed towards keeping the batons in the air, you have lost sight of why you are juggling in the first place!

September brings you an opportunity to step back a little in order to set the batons down in order to give you some much needed breathing space to ponder both your life and path ahead. Do you truly want to keep on juggling or are you ready for a simpler and clearer life? Of course, with you being you, you thrive on freedom, adventure, variety and juggling, but there comes a time when even you know that you are pushing your limits. Expanding your boundaries is good, but not when it depletes and drains you. So, it seems clear that you need to make some big decisions over the coming weeks as you reshape your true priorities. Master juggler or liberated adventurer? The choice is yours...


Reclaiming your power continues to be a profound and strong theme for you throughout September, for it seems that you have stepped onto the pathway to Self and now you have started, it is hard to step off again. Yet, why would you want to step off? Have things become uncomfortable or unclear, or are you having doubts that the path to Self is the right path for you?! Whilst there is always a way to backtrack or re-route, at the crux of it all is your true motivation, and it seems that it is this motivation that is central in you reclaiming your power.

Your power is your Truth; it is your essence and way of Being. It is you, and only you. There is a sense that you are not exactly sure what reclaiming your power may involve for it may upset the apple cart of your life, and you are not really sure that you are ready to go out looking for some new apples just yet! However, is maintaining the status quo truly bringing you all that you need? If it is, then problem solved, but if it isn’t, then you need to look deeper within to find out what’s holding you back from being your true Self.

This certainly seems to be a time for going within and re-connecting to your Self in order to re-connect to what you truly want from life. This is a time for self-honesty, for if you cannot be honest with your Self about what you want, then how can the Universe help you to manifest it? Be clear, be strong and most importantly, be your true, powerful and amazing Self...


September looks set to be a month of inner union and clarity, for it seems that your heart and head are coming together to bring you a renewed sense of vision and purpose in your life. This is wonderful news for you, as so often your head and heart dance around each other resisting the pressure that the other applies. This has led to confusion and fragmentation at different times of your life, for you have been unable to gain a true sense of Self. Your head is strong, but your heart is too, and with such powerful forces pulling in seemingly opposite directions, it has been hard for you to work out whether you are coming, going or stuck somewhere in-between.

Yet, are your head and heart truly at odds with one another? Does your head really want something so different to what your heart wants? Surely, as a part of you, both your head and your heart want what’s best for you? Sometimes it is all too easy to get lost and simply accept the role that these play, for it seems that your head and heart have been at odds for so long that you simply expect this to always be the case. However, if you take some time this month to go within, you will soon realise that your head and heart are now not only working together, but they share a collective vision of Wholeness, happiness, abundance and bliss. This therefore seems to be a good time for you to step beyond the belief of inner resistance and instead start to feel the inner union, for once you feel this, it looks set to transform your life from the inside, out...


As you continue to merge mind, body and soul, it seems that you are beginning to gain a clearer sense of Self. Your power is rising up within inspiring and empowering you to think in terms of how to live the best life possible; not that you haven’t wanted this before, but you have been quite pre-occupied trying to be everything to everyone and you have lost sight of what matters most to you. September looks set to be a liberating, albeit busy, month, for there is a sense of shift, change and transformation on many different levels of your Being. Whilst these are exciting times, they are also uncertain times as well, for change is always unknowable. However, before you start to feel fear or anxiety, just remember that every moment of life is ultimately uncertain and unknowable, even those moments when you stick with the ‘safe’ and the familiar. The reason for this is that nothing in life is certain and nothing is set in stone.

So, instead of fearing the unknown, try to open up to it and tap into your immense power within to guide you forward. You are at a crossroads in life, and choices made now will change the shape of things to come (no pressure then!). Yet, rather than shrink back in uncertainty, this is your chance to stand strong and to focus on what you truly want from life. Of course there are others to take into account as well as responsibilities to honour, but how often do you truly get to think about what YOU want? Honour your Self, touch your Soul and let this be your guide now, for once you have embraced your Truth, then everything else shifts in perspective and starts to make perfect sense...


spring 3rd September 2012 5:32 am

Wow Sarah!...your posts are always so amazingly spot on for me ....Gemini - thank you for the clarity and honesty of your posts. Love, spring.


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