Total Lunar Eclipse June 2011

We have a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th in Sagittarius..The Eclipse will be visible from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Eclipse is timed for around 21.13 BST (20.13 GMT).

This powerful Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse sets the pace for an energetic and highly paced summer. Change is afoot on so many levels it may feel a little overwhelming and confusing, yet if we can find a little quiet time to reflect and contemplate, we can soon re-focus and re-connect to the strength, fire and passion that resides within. Sagittarius is a fire sign, the sign of creativity, expansion and new horizons; so think big and be open to the Universe...

Take the time to reflect and contemplate today, and then get ready for an energised and inspirational summer...



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Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace has a passion to inspire and empower others. She is a life-long intuitive and a modern-day mystic and wayshower; illuminating both the path to Self and the path ahead in order to instil confidence into the hearts and souls of others. Sarah-Jane works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance.


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