21st June 2020: Solar Eclipse on the Gemini/Cancer Cusp

Silent Wisdom 

This is the second of three eclipses in this eclipse season, which also features lunar eclipses on 5th June 2020 and 5th July 2020.

All dates are UT

When we have a solar eclipse sandwiched between two lunar eclipses like this one, we often see a process of emotional upheaval and purging triggered by the first lunar eclipse, followed by a time of radical action and significant events at the solar eclipse, followed by a period of emotional repatterning and transformation at the second lunar eclipse (in Capricorn, on 5th July 2020). This month’s solar eclipse is of even greater significance as it heralds the beginning of a new Black Moon cycle which you can read more about here.

Reflection and Creativity

Because a solar eclipse always occurs at a new moon, it augurs a period of intense creativity which benefits from deep reflection around the time of the actual eclipse. This stillness allows the needs of the moment to make themselves felt and enables us to respond with greater sensitivity and wisdom. Whilst we may feel compelled to act at the time of a solar eclipse, action taken under such compulsion often falls short of our desired outcome if we don’t first turn within to discern the appropriateness of our response. This is especially true of this solar eclipse, which challenges us to anchor a new quality of perception that connects the emotional self to the higher mind and the thinking self to the intuitive heart. In essence, this solar eclipse primes us to think and feel with a greater degree of consciousness and apply our thoughts and feelings to the conscious act of creating the world we desire. The seed thoughts and feelings planted at this eclipse will grow strong and vibrant if watered with incisive wisdom, fierce compassion and a robust commitment to birth a new world from the on-going demise of the old one.

Unpredictable Wisdom

Eclipses are often associated with unpredictable and unexpected events, especially solar ones. If we find ourselves facing such an occurrence how we respond is of the utmost importance. We need to remain as conscious as we can and not get sucked into old patterns of identification with suffering, with victim consciousness or with the drama of trauma and chaos. As far as is possible we need to hold our centre, stand firm and allow whatever occurs to penetrate to our deepest core. As we do this, the wisdom of these times can arise within us, free of external dictates and the imposition of a narrative shaped by those voices that shout the loudest.

We may not, however, want to hear this wisdom right away! It may challenge too many cherished truths and blow apart too much of what feels like ‘me’. But hear it we must. For, if nothing else, these times call for the unyielding courage to see life through eyes that refuse to turn away no matter how challenging the truths perceived. If you do nothing else, at least make a note of insights at this time for they will surely form an intrinsic part of your life from here on in, despite any struggle to embrace them. (This article about solar eclipses may be of help if you find yourself in a stressful situation at this time).

The Power of Returning Home

This eclipse illuminates the isolation we impose upon ourselves and each other when we carve out of concrete a self we feel obliged to defend. The human family can no longer live divided within itself without perpetuating ever more profound psyche and soul damage. We have a choice in times of intensity: to protect and defend or open and embrace. Neither is ultimately right or wrong, but we must be able to shift between the two, knowing when to stand firm and when to concede, when to retreat and when to advance. Compromise is important, as is stubborn resistance. Everything has its place. Refusal to acknowledge the knot of wise apprehension in our stomach or the sterile unhappiness of a life out of balance, deadens our senses and separates us from the unified field in which we each occupy our own unique space. As does allowing others to dictate what our feelings should be. In the darkness of this eclipse we are safe to let it all go, to be no-one and yet everything, sure in the knowledge we can make ourselves anew at any moment and nothing can steal the essence of who we truly are.

To return home to oneself in this way is an act of great power in an age when so much distracts us from doing so. The seductive stimulation of everyday life keeps us from ourselves, saturating our minds with a deluge of thoughts and judgements, worries, memories, ‘if onlys’ and ‘what ifs’. This eclipse reminds us that wisdom is found in the unified heart which honours its own integrity, resonating with all life through time and space, not in a heart fractured by the sterility of a disconnected life. Gentle but defiant, it strengthens those who refuse to be beaten by challenge or melted by sorrow; those who embrace it all, giving sanctuary to every experience, thought and feeling that clamours to speak.

Silence Calling

Occurring while Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and Jupiter and Pluto prepare to form their second conjunction on 30th June, this eclipse honours the wise effort required to traverse challenging times, and the awakening heart from which flow sovereign truths that draw afresh the map of our inner and outer terrain. Silence calls us now, not to shut out the world but to understand it anew. Little is as we are led to believe and much is yet to be revealed. But as we journey through the portal of this eclipse our inner-knowing is refined and honed towards ever more liberating truths.

Sarah Varcas


Debra A 17th June 2020 12:06 pm

Thank you Sarah for this most powerful and wisdom filled clarion call for truth. What an exciting and critical time for us to be doing this inner "work". As always, I've resonated with your words for years. Thank you!


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