21st November 2013: Preparing for 2014

The Performance of Our Lives

Today we have the presence of a Kite in the heavens above us. Formed from a Grand Trine in Water, sensitivities and emotions may abound and we may find ourselves wondering quite what’s hit us! But formed of Chiron, Mercury and the Moon we can rest assured that there’s a healing message in there if we can find it. Grand Trines can be tough to deal with.

They create a closed circuit of energy from which it is hard to extricate oneself, and in water this energy is emotional and highly sensitive. Everything hurts, everything penetrates, we may feel we have no barrier or boundary between ourselves and the outside world. That said, if the emotion is pleasant and peaceful, we may just find hours gone by in a private reverie of our own to which no one else will ever be invited! Either way, the experience of a Grand Trine is a private one and not conducive to connecting with others.

Which is where Pluto comes in, turning the Grand Trine into a Kite and offering a way off the treadmill of emotion if we choose to take it. In its opposition to the Moon in her own sign of Cancer, Pluto reminds us that freedom often lies where we least expect it: in that moment of no escape when we feel we can’t take anymore, or a time of despair when all hope seems lost.

When the darkness is so complete we can finally see that chink of light we couldn’t spot before and thus the escape begins. At the present time we are undergoing huge amounts of purging on all levels. Black Moon Lilith – the part of us so deeply connected to the integral wisdom of the universe that we can do nothing but honour it whatever the cost – is currently crossing the Black Sun, the portal through which we meet either our demise through wilful human ignorance or our salvation through unmitigated renewal and regeneration.

This meeting of two cosmic esoteric powers is best not overlooked or minimised, for it comes as a warning that the forces at play with us mean business and our chance to turn things around on a personal, collective and global scale is being energised and concentrated like never before.

Which brings us back to today’s Kite, for it stands as something of a way-marker, pointing to those aspects of our psyche and spirit which need attention and adjustment. The extent to which we resist its message will become the extent to which we continue to struggle as we shift into the most potent phase of the Uranus/Pluto square which activates the Black Sun next year.

These final few weeks of 2013 are akin to being back stage before the biggest performance of our lives. The audience are gathering, the critics in their seats, the bigwigs are in attendance and we know it’s make or break. We feel a heady mixture of anxiety, excitement, fear, potential and possibility. We are so grateful for the opportunity and yet wonder if we’re up to the task.

Today the heavens reveal to us something of that task and encourage us to take note of where we are feeling the pressure, because it’s there to which we will need to turn soon, to face the forces of the cosmos which know what’s needed and will take no more excuses to put off the inevitable.

2014 is a crunch time for us, a watershed choice-point during which we can access our own intrinsic divine power like never before. But accessing it comes with responsibility, because it’s not power to use for personal gain but for collective, planetary healing. Today the heavens show us what we need to heal within ourselves in order to embrace that responsibility wholeheartedly next year, when the curtains go up and we are in the performance of our lives, giving it all we’ve got for this beautiful planet of ours and the breath-taking cosmos in which we live.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas


Peter fox 22nd November 2013 5:15 am

Wonderful,wonderful message Sarah, and so beautifully expressed. Let's
all get ready to put on a show we will be really proud of!!

Sandra Smyre 22nd November 2013 8:48 am

:smitten: WOW, dear Sarah! " At present time we are undergoing huge amounts of purging on all levels". Had a very hard conversation with my son last night and things were said that had needed to be said for years--lots of anger and hurt feelings, but the purging feels delicious to me this a,m. Finally the truth is out in the open, be what it may! I do feel like I'm backstage awaiting the biggest performance of my life. My guidance keeps saying 2014 is it, so here we go---finally. Thank you for your continued love and support :smitten:

moonshadows sun 22nd November 2013 11:26 am

Thanks, I needed to read this on a visceral level....I must remind self the curtains go up in the Chinese new year of 2014 time line, and my current dress rehearsals are not wasted....

moonshadows sun 22nd November 2013 11:29 am

Congrats Sandra on "purging" with your son! I, too, am in need of purging with my son and his soon-to-be-wife (yikes), but I don't know if I can. At any rate, congrats, i know it took courage for you to do so. Go You!

Mik 22nd November 2013 1:40 pm

Thank you Sarah,,great wisdom and so helpful to the aware..
Did you say have porridge of was that purge with cour-igde.
Much Love

keryndawer 24th November 2013 3:55 pm

The harrowing, unrelenting, life-changing events of the past year and a half have transformed me so dramatically I feel I'm a completely new person who can now handle anything life brings me. Although I do feel some "performance anxiety" as we approach 2014, I trust and believe the benevolent spirits and forces of the Universe (including you Sarah!) have provided me with what I will need to help myself, guide others and assist the Earth through our unprecedented changing times.

Thank you Sarah and all Spirit Guides, Teachers and friends of SpiritLibrary. You've all helped me so much!