26th April 2013: Time for Time Out!

Reflections for 26th April 2013

Although this has been a challenging week for many people, the heavens speak today of an opportunity to stand back and take stock. They point to the value of giving ourselves and each other space to process all that has occurred in recent days. To let energies within and around us settle and begin to take shape, revealing to us the changes that have taken place in our lives as a consequence of these intense times.

We are by no means through it and out the other side, of course. In the coming month there are two more eclipses and the Uranus/Pluto square, so that alone tells us there is a way to go in this process of shift and rebirth. However, today we can claim some time and space just to be, to absorb all that has taken place in our lives and to bring ourselves back into our centre again.

At the time of any Full Moon, and even more so when there’s a lunar eclipse (which acts a bit like a super-charged full moon), our energy tends to be very outward flowing and extrovert. As a result it can leave us depleted, and whilst the New Moon a fortnight later will generally remedy this, it’s often wise to take some time out more immediately to rest and recharge, just for a while. Even a minute or two of stopping the frenetic pace of everyday life and gazing out of the window can help!

So at some point today, make sure you take a moment to do just that or something similar, because that’s what the heavens suggest and it sounds like a jolly good idea to me!

Sarah Varcas