4th September 2013: Approaching the Virgo New Moon

Productive Confusion

As we approach tomorrow’s New Moon we may find ourselves wavering a bit, unsure whether we’re heading in the right direction or just kidding ourselves, along with everyone else. There’s some confusion in the air, but it can be productive confusion rather than the distracting kind! Productive confusion is the type that gradually resolves into a pattern if we just allow all the pieces to fall into place in their own time. The distracting kind prevents us from this same allowing by occupying our mind and heart with anxiety and foreboding.

Of course, it is often our reaction that dictates just which type of confusion we’re dealing with. If we add to confusion a layer of fear or an untimely demand for clarity it will inevitably distract us from the path and cause us to falter even more. If, however, we top it with a layer of faith and infuse it with wisdom, we will know that all things come together in their own time including our own inner clarity and orientation. Just as nature cannot be hurried, neither can we when it comes to the growth and development of our own soul.

So today may require patience with confusion and a soft embrace of its nebulous presence rather than an iron grip around its neck to get it to behave. It’s ok to be confused. It means we’ve stepped beyond where the mind can go into the realm of Truth which cannot be spoken or understood, only encountered and experienced.

There is no sense to be made in this realm, only the moment to be lived and our minds are characteristically uncomfortable with that fact! This place lacks order and rational shape. Old coping mechanisms and knowledge gathered do nothing for us here. This is neither the domain of the past nor the future. It is a place out of time in which all answers dwell if we will but rest there long enough to spot them.

Sadly, in our world, not knowing is seen as a weakness. Everyone must have an answer, an opinion. We all seek certainties on which we can hang our identity. But today is not a day for identity. Today is a day for dissolution. A time for rigid positions to dissolve and concrete plans to crumble. And all of that is okay, because where we find ourselves when these things happen is a truer and more authentic place than any positions, idea or opinion could ever be.

So today, even if we think we know for sure it may be worth remembering that we probably don’t, and that releasing the certainty can take us into realms alive with wisdom and grace. Confusion, uncertainty, not having a clue…. these are all steps on the path of spirit. Without them we would never be able to release ourselves from the grip of the egoic mind which tells us exactly how things should be from one moment to the next and then congratulates itself for having done so! Today is a day to not know, about you or me, anything or anyone. Just be open to what is and see where that leads.

Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Sarah Varcas


sj williams 4th September 2013 4:34 am

thank you sarah, this is just how i have been feeling, so i am going to have a relaxing day, and go with the flow! lots of love :smitten: :smitten:

keryndawer 4th September 2013 5:11 am

Sarah--I am writing you at my mother' hospital bedside. I just "found" you a week ago but in that brief time I've lost my two anchors in life: my husband through divorce and my mother from a serious staircase fall (she survived but is in very bad shape). Your words have and continue to sustain me through what at times feels unendurable. I learn so much from you every day. Thank you for blessing me with your wisdom. Your words have provided the guidance I have needed each and every day. I am forever changed by you. With Loving Gratitude , Keryn

queens4freedom 4th September 2013 8:52 am


shapeshifter 4th September 2013 9:06 am

Thanks Sarah,

"Uncertainty is the necessary companion of all explorers".

Skyhawke8 4th September 2013 10:51 am

Beautiful ... Thank you Sarah! Just beautiful ... ;D

"Life is not a mystery to be solved ....
But lived ..."

Here's to living (and for the inner journey of also "being") the mystery and embracing the unknown!
So nice to be in this with all of you here in Spirit Library!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sandra Smyre 4th September 2013 12:52 pm

Wow is right! Just rest in the not knowing--works for me, since I don't seem to know anyway. Sending love to you Keryn. Just keep on keeping on, a miracle is just around the corner. Happy New Moon to all :smitten: and lots of love too :smitten:

kay 4th September 2013 7:53 pm

Thank you, Sarah. Love to all of you.

keryndawer 5th September 2013 7:43 pm

Thank you so much Sandra and all...I do feel a miracle coming and since discovering spiritlibrary I no longer feel alone. Thank you all.


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