June 2013: Astro-Energy Overview

June 2013: Water, Water Everywhere…
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Throughout the month of June we’re blessed by the presence of Grand Trines in Water signifying emotional sensitivity, a further awakening of intuitive faculties and an opportunity to draw upon our innate creativity in the pursuit of a more balanced and harmonious life. These are markedly different energies to those we encountered throughout the month of May, and they may well come as something of a relief to those who encountered challenges galore back then. This month we have the opportunity to turn within, connect with our divine essence and uncover aspects of ourselves and our existence that have remained hidden from us until now.

However, it would be misleading to imply that the entire month will be akin to a holiday! There is, as ever, work to be done and action to be taken, but the emphasis this month is on action that demonstrates our level of faith, or perhaps it would be better to say action born of faith. We may be called upon to do things which, on the face of it, seem nonsensical, risky or unwise by ‘common sense’ standards. But the common sense of the new world is not the same as that of the old one we’re gradually leaving behind. These days common sense takes on an entirely different hue in the face of heightened perception, deeper intuition and a more steady and enduring connection to the Divine within. This is the common sense of knowing that life presents all the sign-posts and information that we need, and ultimately only we can know the right thing for ourselves to do, no matter the judgements placed upon our choices by others.

Between 1st and 10th June the Sun in Gemini, Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Scorpio join forces to remind us that healing begins with us, not ‘out there’ in someone else’s life. As many people become more and more sensitive to the subtle energy fields within which we live, it can be tempting to focus on what we pick up from the people around us. As we become more aligned with the underlying collective energy field out of which we all blossom into physical existence, we can easily misuse the information it provides us. Not out of malice or even with any specific intent, but merely from lack of experience or misunderstanding. Just because we pick something up about someone else, become aware of their unspoken feelings and emotions or sense an unmet need within them, it doesn’t mean we have to respond to it, make it right in some way or correct their perceived imbalance. Indeed, what we see in another is often a reflection of the very issue within ourselves that we need to address, and in doing so we thereby bring that same healing to the whole world. What we do within ourselves we do within the collective too. We cannot heal ourselves and it not benefit others, just as we cannot hurt ourselves and not hurt others by those very same actions.

Experience of this collective energy field forms a key part of this month. Boundaries are dissolving and separation from the Source of all that is, whatever we perceive that to mean, will become increasingly uncomfortable. We may well feel an inexorable draw into something altogether more radiant and whole than we have ever experienced previously. And whilst this is, essentially, a positive and life-affirming experience, it may become the cause of some disruption in our everyday lives. When Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on 7th (GMT) followed by a New Moon in Gemini on 8th, we have an opportunity to turn within and listen to the messages that come to us from there. Those feelings, sensations, thoughts, or just plain old ‘knowing’ which tells us what we need to be aware of at any given moment. In doing this we can request guidance on how to manage these new levels of awareness in our daily lives. We can ask for clarity about when to share what we perceive and when to remain silent; when to act upon our intuition and when to merely acknowledge its messages for action at another time. Like learning a new language, we need to know how all these different bits come together to form a cohesive whole. And to do that we must go within to truly understand the value of the information we can now access, encoded within the energetic field all around us.

On 16th June, Chiron follows Neptune’s lead and also stations retrograde in Pisces, beginning a five month period during which we can dissolve more barriers to our own healing. This path of awakening that we all walk now often requires a great deal from us, sometimes more than we believe we have to give. But whenever we find ourselves doubting our ability to play our part and respond as we know we must, we are merely encountering another aspect of ourselves that needs healing, because in truth we have everything we need and will never be pushed beyond where we cannot go. In fact, there is no beyond. We are everything and everything is us. Fear of snapping under the strains of life arises from a belief that we are small, limited, vulnerable beings, when in fact we are divine energy in human form, working itself out, refining itself, purifying itself until it can express itself fully through these forms of you and I.

From 13th to 20th June, Mars, Uranus and Pluto turn their attentions towards us. If you know anything about astrology you will know this is a potent combination of powerful energy which could express itself in two basic ways: through aggressive force or awakened freedom. This is where the main ‘work’ of this month arises, because there is a risk that the former may take precedence over the latter if we allow it. Note those last words – if we allow it – and of course, we don’t have to! But we’ll need to stay awake to avoid falling into the trap of reactivity and anger. Remember the backdrop this month: those creative Grand Trines in Water connecting us into something far greater than just ‘little old me and my dramas’. They’re our safety net and drawing upon their energy and wisdom can surely get us through any challenges during this time.

And of course, as always, this apparent trap is not set by the cosmos to catch us out but to wake us up. Another cosmic alarm bell reminding us we can’t risk complacency on this path of conscious evolution, because complacency is how old habits return and reassert their grip upon us. It’s how the past invades our present and further colours our future. Complacency is what allows us to swallow whole the stories of limitation and lack which keep us in a state of fear and powerlessness.  So if we find ourselves seduced by old thoughts and habits now, we’d best resolve not to allow them the time of day. Far better to find a creative outlet for our feelings, express them in ways we may not have tried before, and then let them go. We don’t have to gnaw away at something like a dog with a bone until we get it all working our way. We can, now more than ever, choose to let go and walk away, or take a different path around a burgeoning conflict instead of straight through the middle of it. There are as many new ways to manage life’s challenges as there are people on the planet and this month is a time to find the new ones in us, putting them into practice with all our spiritual might!

Come the Full Moon in Capricorn on 23rd June we have an opportunity to ground what we have learnt so far this month and apply it to the practicalities of our lives. It can be tempting to put spiritual truths into a box that we only bring out when we’ve got the time and presence of mind to do so. Otherwise they sit there in the dark while we stumble through our daily life dragged along by the egoic mind and its constant demands for recognition and placation. This Full Moon reminds us that truths are truths for all time and everywhere. It reminds us that everything is spiritual when we bring authentic presence to it. In fact it reminds us that everything is spiritual, Full Stop! There is no ‘other than spiritual’ in the world. The question is, can we see the spirit in all of life, or do we miss it in the bits we judge too mundane for its presence? Contemplating these questions at the time of this Full Moon can reveal to us exactly where we overlook the presence of the Divine, and it gives us an opportunity to change that old habit and bring even more of ourselves back to life with an infusion of awakened awareness.

The final week of June sees Mercury turning retrograde in Cancer on 26th, introducing a three week period during which we have the opportunity to discover exactly where and with whom our true soul family lies. Much of what we have learned and encountered throughout this month will feed into this process, and as June reaches its end we may well be questioning some old alliances that have really had their day. There may be sadness involved, and if so we must honour it as a final acknowledgement of past blessings and happiness gone by. But then we must let go to enable new blessings and future happiness to take their place in our lives and hearts.

Happy June Everyone!

Sarah Varcas


Eric D. Greene 3rd June 2013 6:43 am

Wow, sounds like an emotional month ahead. Thank you!

Sarah Varcas 3rd June 2013 9:18 am

Hello everyone :) A small correction which obviously went on my web site after this article was taken from it: Chiron turns retrograde on 16th June not the 12th. It was one of those typos that you don't notice until you're re-reading it several days later LOL. :roll: sorry about that! Sarah x

Sarah Varcas 3rd June 2013 9:20 am

Hello Eric :) It certainly has the potential to be a very creative one, and judging by that amazing picture in your signature line, you'll be in your element! :thumbs:

betsy. 3rd June 2013 11:55 am

Sarah, thank you for this healing message. Sounds to me that I need to be particularly conscious this month to bring my spirituality into my daily life, to stay out of reactivity & anger. I also felt like I will shed more tears this month than even last month, which seems unbelievable to me LOL; but it feels to me that my releases will come through tears and a creative outlet. Thank you for the heads up! Much love to you!!! :smitten:

Meetles 3rd June 2013 4:19 pm

Dear Sara,

Thank you for what you are sharing. I love it, and resonate deeply with it. I know little of the science of astrology but have felt it most helpful in the last year. Your little face is so sweet, beaming I guess and always welcome with a new post!

Your perspective is of tremendous worth. Espavo- L

shapeshifter 3rd June 2013 4:28 pm

Sarah, I appreciate the way that you manage to translate the energy waves into a language that the rest of us can understand.
Your articles are always juicy, they quench my thirst for information of cosmic proportions.

I am allowing your words to be absorbed in an osmotic fashion so that I don't have to try and interpret it all through my mind which you know is happily on vacation somewhere else.

It all comes down to feelings anyway so that's where most of my attention is focused these days.

I love your energy and value your presence here.

Mik 3rd June 2013 10:32 pm

Thanks Sarah,,awesome awareness,,,so many good things coming our way,,,and of course we do the healing for ourselves,,through our hearts..
and the pool party continues,,bought some water wings for the occasion,,you know the big white kind,,,haha,,we should invite some dolphins and whales,,,i think the pool is big enough for all,,some walrus's and penguins,and a few sharks(hey why not),,you know its one of those quantum pools,,,the size is always perfect,,,no matter,,who shows up. I can see myself floating around with a cool drink in my hand,,just enjoying the Partay,haha,,Dont forget your birthday suit,,haha i mean your bathing suit,,,

Sarah Varcas 4th June 2013 3:39 am

Hello Betsy :) Yes, there may well be more tears with all that water energy around, but often I find that the tears we shed when this energy prevails are deeply cleansing. Each tear is a concentrated drop of healing! So if they come let them flow, and enjoy the month ahead with all its creativity and inspiration. Love to you xx

Sarah Varcas 4th June 2013 3:42 am

Hello Meetles. I'm so glad to know you resonate with what I write. As for my little face, well... :) Your comment made me smile. Thank you :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 4th June 2013 3:44 am

Hello Shapeshifter :) Yes, osmosis, that's a good approach, especially with all this watery energy around these days! Thank you for your encouraging words. I appreciate them very much indeed. xx

Sarah Varcas 4th June 2013 3:47 am

Hello Mik, your post made me LOL quite literally! :2funny Thank you. I especially like that even the sharks are invited. Just let me get my rubber ring (you know, one of those with a sea-horse's head on the front) and I'll be right there.. xx

Meetles 4th June 2013 10:32 pm

Awww Miss Sarah,

So very sorry I mis-spelled your name, a very dear friend is nicknamed Saraneaustra so I spell it sans h. Habit but I am sorry for that. I liked what shapeshifter wrote about "a language we can all understand" it feels like it is simply the icing of your energy on the material and in this moment a collection of your view/lens/greater knowing and personal human journey combined with the mastery of your craft. POV is utterly compelling, it is the reason I read anything, to see through different eyes and when it resonates to my heart, beneath my own lenses, beyond my conscious knowing, all the ways it differs and has similar elements, all the better.

Thanks again for all you are and all you share.

Have a beautiful soft evening. L

Sarah Varcas 5th June 2013 3:33 am

Hello Meetles, No need to apologise about the misspelling. I get that a lot! It's not a problem :)


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