Solstice 21st December 2012: The End-Date of the Mayan Calendar Arrives….

This long-awaited week begins with an interesting emphasis upon duality and paradox. The heavens encourage us now more than ever, to embrace the apparent contradictions and differences in ourselves, our lives and our world, and recognise their inherent connections no matter how much it may test and challenge us to do so. As we approach the Solstice on 21st – the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron remind us that this time of change and transformation belongs to all of us and to everything, no matter who, what, where we are, or what we’re doing. As special and precious as these times are, they are also the great leveller amongst us, touching each of us with their power, bringing about conditions and opportunities for growth like never before.

This is not, the heavens remind us now, a time for the ‘chosen few’, but for the masses, and as such it needs to be welcomed in a way that remembers our fellow humans who can so easily slip from our consciousness: those in our own streets and towns with no homes; those living in war torn countries fearing for their lives every day; those waking up hungry and going to bed just as hungry after another failed harvest in a country torn apart by conflict and corruption. For those of us blessed enough to have food in our bellies and a safe roof over our heads at night, this time can be one of spiritual contemplation and personal transformation. For those without these basic requisites, 21st December is yet another day of struggle, like so many that have gone before, and it’s vital that they’re not forgotten in the midst of the anticipation of changes in our own lives.

These may not be popular contemplations at a time of celebration and hope, but unless that hope embraces everyone, every living creature and every possibility for a positive, productive and peaceful future, it will fall short of what could be possible at this powerful time. From 18thDecember Venus, Jupiter and Chiron remind us that the true key to enduring change lies in the ability to recognise connections between all things, to live consciously with the connectivity that joins me to you and to every other living creature on this planet, to the land, the sky, the waters…..Until we can see the ‘me’ in the ‘you’, the ‘we’ in the ‘them’, we continue to be forever divided, not only between ourselves, but also within ourselves. It is just such divisions that the heavens urge us now to release, leaving them behind in order for the burgeoning new world to be one in which we know, without a shadow of doubt, that you and I are One.

At the time of the Solstice (11:11 a.m., 21st December 2012), there will be much focus around the world. Thousands upon thousands of people have been preparing for this moment, many for a very long time indeed! I remember at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, how twenty-five years seemed like forever and it was almost impossible to imagine how life would be by then. But those twenty-five years seem to have flown by and now here we stand, on the brink of the new. Whether or not you intend to attend an event to mark this time, or you’ll be sat at your desk at work, curled up in bed or getting the kids ready for school, the more of us that can just send up a thought or a prayer at this moment, create an intention or take a vow before the universe as witness, the more powerful the energy of this moment can be and the deeper it can penetrate the collective psyche of this planet.

The heavenly alignments at this moment speak of celebration and hope, amidst ambivalence and even some anxiety. But this is to be expected, of course. There are those who fear calamity at this time, and those who mock the whole notion of collective transformation and change. This is not a moment at which we’re all on the same page, singing from the same song sheet. It’s a moment like any other, where there are numerous possible experiences and perceptions, depending on where our consciousness resides.

The heavens do not speak of global calamity at this time, nor do they speak of global enlightenment. Instead, they point to a time of collective intention, during which wherever we focus our thoughts, emotions, desires, fears and anticipations will be where we reap their harvests in years to come. It is we who make this moment what it is and we who make the new world what it is to become.

The Mayans and other ancients knew that. They foresaw our power and alerted us to the need for conscious awareness in order for that power to be used for the highest good. At the time of the Solstice, Mars and the North Node remind us that we still have more to learn about how the world unfolds from here. The work is not all done. But the healing and renewal available to us now will provide much fuel for the continuing journey ahead.

So just as the ancients reach forward to us through time and space, to embrace us with their wisdom and encouragement, so too can we reach out to others to share the hope and promise of this time, not in a way that elevates ourselves and leaves others feeling ‘corrected’ in their views, but in such a way as to enable hearts to open wider and minds to expand without the need for underlying dogma and creed. It doesn’t matter what we believe is or isn’t taking place right now. What matters is the quality of our consciousness and the depth of our willingness to add our drop to the ocean of positive intention that has gathered for this moment.

What matters almost above all else, is how well we can recognise ourselves in the face of the stranger or of our enemy, in the song of a bird or the cry of the slaughter-house, in the bare Winter trees or the blazing Summer sun. And what matters then is how we allow that recognition to change us as we journey onward into the New World and the New Year.As the Solstice passes and the weekend is upon us, Mercury gives us an opportunity to bask in the inspiration of the moment for a while, enjoying the uplift in an atmosphere of celebration. The Birth 2012 movement will be celebrating the birth of the New Era of humanity, and for many of those who celebrate Christmas, seasonal anticipation will be in the air. Savour every moment now, for as this week comes to a close we’re truly stepping out into a new order of existence. One to which we now hold the reins, each one of us, as co-creators of the New!

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 7th June 2013 7:24 pm

Sarah, I'm wondering how I missed your older messages. LOL. I wish I had paid more attention. I truly savor reading your messages because they truly feel to come from a vantage point of love, non-judgement, peace & very much a sense of 'we're all in this together.' I find it so very refreshing and comforting. Sometimes you can read comments or messages and understand someone that may have an agenda by making the posts or comments they do (which is neither enlightened or loving). I have never felt that with you. I am so very thankful and grateful for your honesty in presenting your truth. Much love to you!!! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 8th June 2013 4:22 am

Sarah, I'm wondering how I missed your older messages. LOL. I wish I had paid more attention

They've only just been put on here Betsy. So you didn't miss them, they just weren't there! Mariu very kindly made up an archive of all the articles on my web site when I joined Spirit Library the other week. :)

Thank you for your comments Betsy. I really appreciate them and that you've read back through all my work like this. That's dedication for you lol!! :)