2009 - The Great Reconfiguration

In the year 2009, there will be an accelerated momentum of the transformational shifting that has been underway for a very long time. It will be both global and personal. This shifting will eventually lead to a radical reshaping of many worn-out structures and ways of being in your world.

In the future, when you look back on these times, you will understand how 2009 and the several years that follow are a time of reconfiguration. The year 2009 is to be pivotal in this regard, for many pieces in the foundation of the new Earth will be initiated for assembly. This won't be like any foundation you have seen before, for it will have global connections and linkups with every element of society.

On a grand scale, this relates to human society rearranging itself. Humanity has not seen such a rapid rearranging of this magnitude in any earlier timeframe. There is no template for it, for the way it is being carried out is brand new.

With no roadmap to follow and so many uncertain variables, the unfolding of the reconfiguration is quite fluid. Likewise, the challenges being faced are too complex and wide reaching to be resolved with yesterday's methods. This is true for both individuals and society as a whole.

Those at the leading edge of change are now in the process of discovering new more enlightened approaches and ways of viewing the growing list of dilemmas. Where is this movement headed and what will it look like?

Changes Reconfiguring Your World

Institutions based on old paradigm approaches will either fade away or be reconfigured to match the new energies. Outmoded codes of human behavior, elite power bases, and allocation of resources will be challenged and changed by those who carry an awakening consciousness.

Every aspect of life and living as you now know it will be impacted. The changes will reconfigure your outer world. More importantly, they will reshape your inner world and how you experience the human condition. It is happening, and will happen, in phases-each one building upon the last and setting the stage for future ones.

Earth changes will be felt in some of the familiar places, and in some new locations not before touched by erratic weather patterns. Over the coming years, this means that many people who moved to other locations to escape the effects of weather changes will find their new location also beset with unusual climate-related alterations. As increasing numbers of people feel the effects of climate change, new paradigm trailblazers will create new thought forms of compassion, caring, connectedness, and helpfulness.

Solutions for many of the world's imbalances can come from these more enlightened viewpoints, to be seeded during some of humanity's darkest times. The new thought forms will become a part of humanity's mass consciousness, helping to shift long-established views involving fear, competition, and dominance.

The trailblazers of new paradigm thought will fuel a revolution in how life is lived. They will model this new way of being, showing other people and the world the fruits of an awakened life.

As part of that, these pioneers will challenge and change the dream of success. People have learned over many generations to associate success with linear concepts involving climbing ladders, rigid goal setting, and advancing beyond where others are to feel important. This old-fashioned view is based on the illusion of lack and insufficiency. These reference points have kept people enslaved in lifetimes of endlessly seeking more. The greed fostered in such an approach can never be satisfied.

Changing Your Dream of Success

Changing the dream of success will happen first on an individual level, as increasing numbers of people begin to question what it really means to be powerful in the world. The questioning may come after a job loss or other career setback. It may come from the exhaustion or ill health that can accompany climbing to the top.

To be sure, changing the dream of success will require more than simply asking the basic questions that have been asked in recent years by a growing number of unsatisfied people. These questions include things like: "why don't I have what others have?" and "what is holding me back?" and "why has all of my hard work not paid off?"

These questions typically come from a reference point of competition, doubt, insufficiency, and lack of clarity about one's real purpose and spiritual path. This reference point can be hidden from conscious awareness, of course, for it's rooted in subconscious belief systems that impact how people view and respond to life.

People asking these ill-founded questions oftentimes don't have the larger view of why they have incarnated on Earth during these pivotal times. For those who do understand this bigger picture view, there can still be lack of clarity about the truth of their life's progression and what is really in the way of the more fortunate circumstances they desire.

What are some productive questions to ask so that you can understand your path of success? And what is the way to most appropriately ask these questions?

First, keep in mind your state of mind and energy flow when inquiring about your success. Asking such questions when you are tired, hungry, or depressed will not give you the same level of clarity you will have when feeling energetically balanced and in positive spirits.

Second, you want to invoke your intuitively guided reason and the messages from your heart when asking questions. A whole-brain and spirit-based approach is what will lead you to the greatest understanding of life's questions.

Third, keep in mind Divine timing. Asking the same question over and over, simply because you want to know, is not the most productive approach. It is a universal principle that truths are revealed at the appropriate time, and not a moment sooner. Also, remember that Divine timing is fluid and not linear.

Here is an example. Just because you earlier intuitively sensed that a certain success would come by next year, when that date arrives and the success hasn't materialized, it doesn't mean your information was incorrect. When this happens, it can mean many things.

For one, the thing that was to have happened may have been pushed further into the future because of a host of factors, some of which may have little or nothing to do with you.

For another thing, what you wanted may no longer be in your highest good in the way it was to have been configured. Perhaps it will still manifest, but look differently. Or maybe it will not happen at all, because something much more wonderful is coming your way down the road.

Fourth, remember when asking your questions to follow up any unclear or unsatisfactory answers with additional inquiry. So much of how you will progress this lifetime is in your questions. Skillful means are needed to get the clarity you seek. If, for example, you ask a "yes-no" type of question and the response confuses or disappoints you, ask other types of questions to go deeper. The more beneath the surface you investigate, the closer to the truth you will be.

Fifth, consider these examples of questions to understand your path of success:

1. What about my self-image prevents me from acknowledging the success I already am?
2. What are some of my gifts that are a natural part of my success in this life?
3. What belief systems do I subconsciously hold that block my success?
4. How can I make better use of the Divine timing and other opportunities in my life?
5. Who are the people in my life who have helped mold my ideas of success?
6. Who in my current life is a positive influence on my being successful in the new paradigm world?
7. Who in my current life is a negative influence on that success?
8. What habits could I change to be more successful?
9. What skills could I develop to be more successful?
10. How does my attitude of gratitude impact my forward movement?
11. Who or what in my outside world have I given my power to, blocking my success?
12. What am I not seeing about myself, others or the world that gets in my way?

Birthing of the New

When find yourself questioning your progress, step back for a moment and remind yourself that you are on Earth at this time to birth a revolution on both personal and global levels in how life is lived.

Success is but one of countless concepts and structures up for a radical overhaul. As you and others like you personally address and reconfigure these things, you help to create a ripple effect of transformation in your outer world.

When you have moments of doubting, know that much is shifting. That's what these times are about.

Progress in 2008

Despite appearances to the contrary, a brand new paradigm of enlightened consciousness is in the process of being born! Much progress has been made, including in 2008 when the playing out of opposites amplified in every corner of the planet.

Oppositional thinking, power mongering, and lies of many stripes showed up in political campaigns, country power plays, and international global warming talks.

On a personal scale, increased stress levels took many people to the edge, fueling ego-based responses to a host of situations. Sometimes even those usually able to respond to life sanely and kindly became reactionary.

With the volume of stress and uncertainty turned up significantly, people from all walks of life increasingly found they had a lower boiling point than before.

To be sure, hot buttons for many were the economy, personal finances, and the "what if" fears generated with each exposure to the news.

Some of the changes being made now-considered separately and measured against utopian goals-may seem minor or insufficient. However, when you look at the big picture and the overall reconfiguration process, each of these seemingly miniscule shifts is quite potent and vital to the big picture of where humanity is headed.

Consciousness is changing, not due to legislation or other forceful means, but within the hearts of people on every continent.

Checklist for Personal Transformation in 2009

In 2009, consider the following checklist for personal transformation, using it as a guide to stay on track, in the moment with life, and connected with your heart.

1. Set your intention at the start of each day to utilize any obstacles as opportunities for growth. Learning the most from each obstacle will help you to avoid the need of repeating painful situations and toxic relationship patterns.

2. Remember that you are really a spiritual being living in a physical form. Connect with that knowing and allow it to fuel your next thoughts, words and actions.

3. Decide you will approach your world of physicality as a sacred home. When you consider your body and your planet as sacred containers for life, it is easier to be patient and loving.

4. Make every effort to become sane about the past. This includes a letting go of how life used to be-whether you like it now or not-so you can be in the moment and more accepting of how things are. It also means becoming aware of the limiting belief systems you brought with you from your past. These beliefs, hidden out of your view in your subconscious, stem from your family's lineage going back numerous generations. They also come from your past lives and ideas you have taken on from the mass consciousness. Focus your energy on clearing these limiting belief systems from your DNA so that you can more quickly move into new paradigm consciousness. Also, keep in mind that as long as you define yourself by your past, you cannot fully embody your light in this life.

5. Do your best to become wise about the present. Set your intention to become more truthful with yourself about what's happening, when it happens, and with your need to learn more about topics you thought you had mastered. The ego can play tricks on you at any stage of awakening, putting you into illusion. No one is exempt. It's helpful, therefore, to remain humble. Be willing to cover what seems like "old ground," learning on a deeper level than before.

Refuse to go into judgment with yourself or others when things aren't to your liking. You may have a different timetable than others for learning specific things, or for developing positive qualities. Trust, though, that when you express kindness and compassion with others who are unable to value these qualities, your efforts are not lost. Your kindheartedness uplifts you as a being, while planting very useful seeds within others. Let go of how and when these seeds germinate, allowing the universal laws of cause and effect to run their course.

Decide that you will be loving to yourself and others, even when the world tells you to be harsh and critical. Remember that those types of messages from your world, or outer conditioning, are connected to the old paradigm views you are in the process of revamping.

Set your intention to become more awake to your limiting thoughts so that you can accelerate your shifting into the new vibrational energies. The more conscious you can become of what's negatively impacting your present, the more power you will have to alter your future.

Tell yourself daily that you are creating your future by how you respond to life today.

6. Strive to be open-minded about the future. Do not allow gloom-and-doom thinking or fantasy to color how you approach the future. The path to finding inner peace involves connecting with balance and truth. You will not find truth in the gloom-and-doom approach. You will not discover truth when in fantasy. You find it when traveling the middle path, connected with your heart and intuitively guided reason.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Note from Selacia

"This is The Council of 12's annual predictions message for the new year. In their message about 2009, they give us a big-picture view of what is ahead. This relates to us on a personal level as well as our global experience. They speak about the many changes coming up, while also helping us to make sense of what has occurred during 2008. They give us specifics of how we can change our own dream of success to match the new paradigm world. And they give us a checklist for personal transformation in 2009. I suggest using these ideas as a guide, not only in understanding and navigating the energies of this last part of 2008, but as a refresher when 2009 begins. Time certainly seems to be whizzing by this past year, and before we know it, we will be welcoming in a brand new year! It can be helpful, therefore, to print out this message and refer to it in January when you are contemplating how to begin 2009 with the most potency, balance, and connection with your path of Light. I welcome your feedback and suggestions for other related topics The Council can address in future messages."



Lolo 29th September 2008 11:19 am

Dear Selacia,
Wonderful information, suggestions and reminders. Thank you.

wbur 30th September 2008 5:53 am

these wise words make "the copy on the frig. list" and my day timer
clear, concise and gentle, thank you Selacia and your friends..

Terry 3rd January 2009 10:05 am

Yes! Viva la Revolution! Thank you so much.

joshua291185 3rd January 2009 10:51 am

want to change the world?

lets redefine certain concepts that have been hardwired into peoples brains. lets dig up the foundations and start again.

what is success?

what is happiness?

what is life?

you decide. what is educated, or an education? you decide. lets take back the vocabulary or create our own and let people choose which one they prefer. people dont prefer the lives theyve been given. they just feel that there is no other way. lets show them there is.

nenzi 4th January 2009 12:55 pm

Thank You! This will be part of my daily reading.

Starchild 16th July 2009 6:12 am

I have knowledge, but im stil not spiritual awakened how do i restore the connection with my higher being? Or does it aproach itself in time?