A Garden of Self-Discovery

"Be still for a few moments and set your intention to block out the distractions of the world. Know that you deserve to have contemplation time and moments of inviting spirit into the everyday.

These moments do not take away from your productive time -- they are the lifeblood of your creativity and ability to come up with productive solutions and actions.

Your inner contemplation time is the food of your soul.

Recognizing this, allow your focus to go to your heart and the wisdom it can reveal to you. Give yourself permission to set aside the seriousness of your life and to be in an imaginary world.

Picture an imaginary garden existing in a place beyond where you usually visit. This is a large, carefully cared-for garden with a variety of trees, shrubs, open space, and hundreds of flowers blossoming in a myriad of colors. There are pathways for walking, play areas for sports activities, a dog park, and places to sit and visit with friends. There is so much to take in with your senses -- with birds singing and flying about, the sweet scent of flowers, and people warmly greeting you on the path.

As you gaze upon this landscape, you have abundant reminders of many outer world things you love. These may include specific flowers and scents, walking in a quiet place away from noisy streets, and people seemingly more friendly than usual.

Imagine that as you sit on a bench at one end of this garden, the scene in front of you begins to change. Sunny skies are now cloudy and a sudden thunderstorm develops. Heavy rain begins to fall.

You didn't bring an umbrella, and you wore sandals for the earlier summer-like weather. You dash under a nearby large tree for shelter, but not before your clothing and hair are wilted. Since the temperature is mild, you dry off quickly, but decide to delay leaving the garden until the shower stops.

In the moment of that decision, having let go of the need to control the rain and outside circumstances, you invite spirit to speak to you about a personal challenge that has become almost too much to bear. You ask your nonphysical teachers for clarity and a new inspiration so you can continue facing what seems impossible to face.

At the moment you seek this guidance, a small orb of light appears near the trunk of the tree. It dances around in a pattern, as if to show you it is there, and then travels very close to where you are. You have sensed your guides around you before, and sometimes received specific messages from them. Howerver, this was the very first time you saw evidence of them!

Imagine at this point that you become very still, feeling in awe of what is occurring. There is a joyful feeling in your heart that you cannot explain. As you recognize this, you feel less anxious about your challenge. You sense that spirit has received your call for assistance, and that this help is coming to you now in very subtle ways.

You let go of the specifics of what that help is, how it will manifest, and when.

You are simply grateful for having had this wondrous experience -- so simple, yet so profound. You set your intention to be open to what comes next, and to pay attention to what shows up in your life after this.

As soon as you feel this gratitude and telepathically thank your guide for being there, the orb light disappears as quickly as it came. You know, however, that you are changed. Something profound has happened. A new type of letting go just took place. You have opened a door you did not see before -- a door to knowing spirit more. This is also the door that leads to your self-discovery and enlightenment.

When you leave the garden and come back to your life's regular activities, know that your nonphysical helpers are very close by. They may not show up as orbs in your physical reality, yet their presence is indeed very real. It is simply up to you to invite in their interactions and guidance.

The miracles are only a breath away!"


majicamelman 5th March 2009 11:23 pm

Come walk in the garden


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