New Beginnings in 2021 - 3 Qualities for a Stellar Year

New beginnings are not only possible now - we can create them and we can tap into the quantum field of endless possibilities to do that. Continue reading to grasp our pivotal juncture at the start of 2021 and simple steps you can take now to seed your desired new beginnings and beneficial outcomes. Share this with your friends so our collective new beginnings can intersect and add momentum.


How we begin a new year sets the energy and impacts our life trajectory. Suggest focus on you and specific qualities and actions you want to embody and manifest - and how these can make a difference in your self-evolution and your contributions to creating a more loving world.

The focus on you vs outer world helps you apply laser-like focus on yourself vs envisioning all the things you want to see changed in the world. This approach is the most fruitful now, for it helps you avoid looking at what's "wrong" and helps you identify your strengths and talents and correlate them with action steps for manifesting your best life.

In the big picture, it's your personal energy and your evolution leading up to now that needs to be witnessed, harnessed, and applied going forward. This is how you will make mega changes, innovate in new ways, and bring your light into desired manifested outcomes.

Remember quantum aka limitless. Our conditioning is linear and keeps us stuck in black-and-white thinking - stunting our growth and preventing us from embodying our true nature which is eternal and boundless.

Factor this in as you work with the reflection process below - identifying qualities that can translate into manifesting outcomes in a quantum way in 2021.

Some of these outcomes may have been on your wish list for a very long time, yet not in the higher form you can now manifest. Other outcomes will be so off your radar that you don't even consider them - yet your showing up with openness and a willingness to be your best can bring these wild card outcomes into reality!

3 Qualities for a Stellar Year - Reflection Process

Consider qualities you house that can be instrumental to your manifesting a stellar year for yourself in 2021. To list a quality is to witness it within yourself. You do this even if you haven't perfected the quality. Who is perfect anyway? No one.

Example: patience. No one is patient all of the time. However, most of us discovered we indeed had more patience in 2020, in part due to the pandemic and relentlessly being pushed beyond our comfort zone of patience. Interestingly, from a spiritual perspective, self-evolving into a more patient being does take such types of challenges. Second example: creativity. We've all had to apply more creativity this past year, to get even simple things accomplished, and often to learn new technologies like Zoom so we could remain connected to others. Third example: compassion. This is perhaps the biggest challenge and breakthrough we've all had, developing more self-compassion and beginning to have more compassion for others - including for those who don't think like us. To have even a small gain in compassion is huge, so do witness that and note for yourself how this helped you evolve and become more comfortable living in our diverse and often chaotic world.

In this simple witnessing process below, you will reflect on the 3 qualities noted. Do this even if at first you question whether you embody much of the quality. Allow yourself to be surprised at what you find!

Note: this is designed to do now, as early in the year as possible. For those of you attending our January 9 new year new beginnings global meditation, you will receive energetic support with creating new beginnings that support you on both a soul level and here in this physical world. This reflection process below is your preparation.


Consider one or more examples of situations that pushed you beyond your comfort zone, and how you discovered that you could be patient amidst sometimes unthinkable happenstance. As you reflect on this quality, focus on times such as standing in line at the grocery store when you connected with others in line and perhaps learned something about others or your own tolerance for waiting. Tip: write down your example to help anchor your witnessing. In doing that, your inner wisdom may give you more examples or insights.


Now that you have witnessed your patience - at the same time raising your frequency and becoming calm - shift your focus to creativity. We are innately creative, even if we don't always recognize it! To witness your own creativity, especially at this new beginning juncture, can help you expand your vision of self into a quantum one that is boundless. Life even in simpler times required creativity, and certainly over your series of human lifetimes you've needed to be creative to manifest both basic needs and highest aspirations. As you reflect on this quality, focus on creative approaches you applied in 2020 - coming up with innovative solutions and learning new things. As you witness your creativity, acknowledge how you stepped beyond your usual norms to adjust to changed circumstances.


Now that you have witnessed your creativity - simultaneously increasing your self-awareness and self-acceptance - shift your focus to compassion. Consider one or more examples from 2020 of how you felt and expressed compassion towards either yourself and/or others. To get you started, think of challenging situations across the world that unfolded, and breakthroughs that occurred when abuses of power or racism brought a spotlight on injustices. Most likely you had your own difficult situations, perhaps dire ones personally or with loved ones - and compassion was needed. As you self-reflect and witness your moments of compassion, invite your heart to open so you can anchor the gift compassion brings.