Past Lives and Relationships

Within you from past lives are the seeds of your current and future relationships. If this sounds like a stretch of the imagination, consider the following.

From the time you were in your mother’s womb, you were being conditioned by the world – learning how to relate to your circumstances, to other people, and even to yourself. Woven between much of this conditioning were seeds from your ancient past.

These seeds, holding potentials of what you could and would become, came with you. They were part of a package of energy encoded in your very DNA. Some are quite beneficial, such as those helping you to be patient with others. Some seeds can hold you back – like those causing you to distrust others without justification.

Seeds from Your Past Lives

Where did these seeds come from? They originated from your past – including your own past lives, ancestral material from your family lineage, and even from the vast evolving mass consciousness of humanity. That last category is really huge, and must be considered part of your past, present, and future potentials.

Everyone you meet also carries seeds of potentials impacting relationships. This doesn’t automatically mean that each person in your life is from a past life. However, given the immense interconnections people experience during a series of lifetimes, it’s actually quite common to reincarnate with many of the same people.

Aunt Mary today could have been your sister Elizabeth in the 1800s. Your current boss Steve could have been your father John in the 1600s – your neighbor Sylvia today being your mother Rebecca that same life.

Likewise, your significant other this life could have been your romantic partner or family member in several other key lifetimes. Your cat could have been with you in another life, too! These examples are all part of the dance of reincarnation, you being energetically drawn to certain people and situations.

Importance of Past Life Seeds in 2014

If you are already familiar with this concept – perhaps having had numerous tangible déjà vu experiences – why is this more important now in 2014?

First, this is a Horse Year with lots of fire energy. This means increased momentum and an accelerated wake-up call timetable. To translate this on a personal level, it means that you will likely feel an intense drive to clean up unfinished past business so you can have good relationships. Intuitively, you know that how you relate to others will be instrumental in your overall success.

When you understand that your past is more than just this life, and that the person you are interacting with quite likely was in some key past lives, you have an enhanced perception of the bigger picture. This can make it easier to pinpoint issues, including DNA patterns that need to be resolved before you can have loving relationships. The more loving you become in 2014, the higher your frequency – this helps you manifest success on numerous levels.

Second, a fire year like 2014 can bring you countless opportunities you didn’t have access to before. You will benefit most from the open doors of opportunity when you can hold and broadcast a loving energy – within you, to loved ones, to colleagues, and to strangers. You never know where the next opportunity may come from! Relationships are the catalyst to your forward momentum.

If you could energetically track opportunities, you would notice that many times they originate with a person far removed from your personal circles. Something that person does or says catalyzes an idea or an action in someone else. There is then a cascading effect, beneficial openings seemingly arriving at your door in a direct way. At first, they may not even look like opportunities.

Example:  you may be offered a job training program that on the surface seems interesting, but it may not speak to your heart. Perhaps you have your sights set on a whole new line of work, and it’s difficult for you to get inspired by anything at your job. If you check in with your heart, though, you may sense that there is a bigger purpose to accepting the training. At the training or perhaps because of taking the training, you could meet a helpful person you had a close bond with in another life. This person, without even knowing why, could be energetically drawn to assist you now.

Third, this year will be understood in hindsight as one of great changes across the world and within people. It’s like the dial on the “change meter” moved to “high” – or at least the highest experienced in a half century. As a divine changemaker, your role is to be at the forefront of this accelerated phase of change.

No matter what other jobs you have, or what you do with your time, your most important activity is to master loving relationships. This begins with you – as you develop increasing self-confidence, empowerment, and self-love. Those qualities are developed as you uncover and clear past life patterns involving love and relationships.

You then have access to the most powerful antidote in existence – love. You then apply the love antidote in your life, to each and every relationship. Do not underestimate your power to change your personal circumstances and the world. Trust that spirit right by your side – bringing you the people and situations needed to create an amazing life.


Peter fox 18th February 2014 6:11 am

Great posting, Selacia- thank you!

COBALT 18th February 2014 11:23 am

I appreciate this message very much. Thank you! :smitten:

bluedragoness 18th February 2014 11:40 am

Yes I have found out years ago how much my past life aspects have shaped so many of my feelings, fears and attitudes in this lifetime and my relationship to others. Situations I could not explain years ago and fears all come from past lives.

I see so many lightworkers struggling and polarized in their consciousness and I see those patterns come from their past lives they are not being able to face and tap in for some reason.

As many start remembering their past lives without a desire to tap into the wonderful but instead to tap into the realness of all of their lifetimes they will understand so much about our current reality as a whole.

Thank you for this message

bettina 19th February 2014 6:51 am

Oh...I so resonate with this message! Thank you Selacia as it is delivered in perfect timing...

I will be sharing this with one of those 'past relationships' I have known for a long time and validated feelings of healing and making things right with him and so many others. There is a momentum I feel happening we me regarding my job...and as my frequency raises the tethers of the old are loosened, dissolved and an opportunity for a different job is on the way...
Many Blessings, everyone! :)

Candy Mitchell 24th February 2014 12:29 am

I am very much into my past lives. I know who one of them was for certain, as she has visited and told me so. I feel that she has incorporated with me recently, to help guide me, so that I can spread awareness. She was the daughter of the chief of the Powhatan Federation which incorporated almost 40,000 Natives. She eventually became chief, which is called Weroance, for chief and queen which is what white man called her, did not exist in my ancestors tongue. Her name was Nicketti Powhatan, which was a name she adopted, just as her cousin Pocahotas adopted her name. I too have adopted a name, as I chose to adopt the name Nicketti Powhatan. I chose to use my legal name as the user name here. In FB pages and groups I created I use Nicketti. I had a dream where Nicketti was there and I grabbed a rib (DNA) bone and stabbed her with it, like to jump-start her heart, and so a little pink fairy came out and became part of me. I have been so in tune to my past, right before this dream and ever since. There is more, but just suffice it to say, that I enjoyed your paper. Thank you Selacia. :)