The Council of 12's Holiday

During this holiday season, your world's web of connections is more visible than ever. Images of people far away, living in a culture that's foreign to you, appear on your TV news broadcasts. You see video footage showing the latest in the wave of terrorism. You learn about newly-elected U.S. leaders with their plans to act quickly to calm widespread nervousness. You are reminded of the dire world financial situation that impacts countries and people far and wide. You may also tune into internet broadcasts for alternative views, seeing interviews with respected public figures who are reaching beyond the gloom-and-doom to present innovative solutions for positive change.

The holidays are often a period of celebration, family gatherings, and a time out from the usual routine. For those living in winter climates during this time of year, this season is also a natural time for inner reflection and taking stock of one's path. It is a time, too, of pulling back one's energies from the outer world, in order to regenerate and prepare for what's coming next.

Regardless of how you are used to celebrating the holidays, there is something quite different happening this year. A crucial momentum has been built for positive changes in human circumstance. This momentum is no longer limited to one group of people or one country -- it has spread across the planet.

What are some of the signs of this momentum? One is that more people are feeling that their actions can make a difference. This is fueling greater participation in society, where there was apathy before. Another sign is that people are getting in touch with their anger and frustration about being disempowered -- and seeking to take their power back. Increasingly, people are wanting to go forward, and to bury the hatchets of hate and prejudice. These weapons are being seen for what they are -- imprisonment and suffering. Still another sign is that people are learning to question what they are fed by the media and other authority figures. Citizens are demanding that their political leaders address the real issues of the day, and that they institute changes that help the everyday person. A long silence of complacency is being broken.

To be living right now -- with all of this going on -- means that even if you tried to approach a time like the holidays in the usual way, you would find yourself feeling somehow different. Some of that feeling comes from the chaos and uncertainty, yet another part of it comes from the catalyzing winds of change that tell you anything is possible.

Consider that last point as you contemplate this season and conclusion of the year. Get into the habit of regularly visualizing yourself living the kind of life that feeds your soul. Focus on how you want to express your Light and how you want to be of service. Imagine yourself living a life of abundance on all levels -- with sufficient resources, numerous people you can serve, full expression of your intuitive gifts, a deep bond with spirit, and surrounded by those who love and support you.

Your world indeed is in the process of a great reconfiguration. Make a decision each day that you will work with the process of evolutionary change involved with this. Let go of your tendency to fight the unfamiliar. Realize that you are an integral part of all solutions you seek, Know that spirit walks right beside you, and that you are loved beyond measure.