The Eclipse Doorway - Your Opportunity to Step Forward

There is an interesting and potentially very fruitful doorway to step through in these moments. Have you considered what this means for you as we near the 8/21 eclipse?  As you're contemplating this, know that there is something rare about this eclipse cycle, offering you quantum shifting and breakthroughs not possible earlier this year. Continue reading to better understand the significance and practical applications of this time.

The 8/21 Solar Eclipse

With the 8/7 lunar eclipse as a prelude set-up, we're headed towards the 8/21 solar eclipse - an unusual event creating an open doorway to jump through. This second eclipse is significant for a number of reasons, including its path over the destabilized US.

As I mention in my "2017 Predictions," the 8/21 total solar eclipse is THE celestial event of 2017 and all eyes will be on America as societal change there is both illuminated and given a cosmic nudge.

It's not your ordinary time, in America or anywhere else right now. While I don't see this eclipse heralding the end of the world, as some doomsday websites claim, it is definitely a big wake-up call for humanity.

In recent weeks, we've seen an increase in fiery unbridled public exchanges between key superpowers governed by leaders with a war-mongering stance. Due to the energy of the 8/21 eclipse, we could see an escalation of this war of words.

Prayers for Peace

For all of us interested in peace, this is the time for increased prayers for a peaceful world, and holding a loving space for leaders to come to their senses. As part of that, it's important to hold a vision of a loving world. Do this especially on those days when hate seems to be winning. Continually come back to the love in your mind and in your heart.

Remember that this love is what we are here to personally embody and experience. Love is the timeless energy that arises out of chaos and darkness - it is the only thing that lasts or sustains life. This love is you, me, and all others on this planet - yes, even those who have temporarily forgotten.

Opening to Shine

Don't let the craziness of this world sidetrack your focus during this eclipse doorway. Use this time wisely, taking moments of self-reflection and inviting a big-picture view of your own life and potentials. Invite a knowing of the expanded picture spirit has of your larger destiny.

Consider that something very significant could be on the horizon now - an opening or change so amazing that you haven't even thought of it. Whatever it is, you can begin connecting with the potentials at this doorway. These potentials can help you shine your light in expanded ways.

Tips for Divine Changemakers

As a divine changemaker, you are learning to be in a flow with life, sensing divine timing and striving to be present to open doorways of opportunity. Many such doorways are becoming available this month. Intend that you "see" them and take the appropriate action.

Being present enough to take action on these doorways is no easy task in these moments when the world's crazy dance is taking center stage. Just because the world is unsettled, however, it doesn't mean you have to be. Breathe in peace, breathe out stress.

Shift your focus to your rich inner being. Give yourself permission to dream about your life and how it could be more joyful. Consider what you would create, add, or remove. As you do this contemplation, you will gather insights for the life shift possible at the 8/21 doorway.

Navigating the Energy Roller Coaster

It can feel a bit like a roller coaster with the two eclipses and Mercury retrograde starting Saturday. All the energies combined will turn up the volume on societal change. It's essential to stay present, focused, and in your heart to ride the August waves with ease and grace.

With each wave, it's normal to sometimes feel tense - after all, you don't know what's coming next.

Sitting in that middle place - between the before and the after - is typically uncomfortable. You can find yourself there when in a mega life transition. Other catalysts include energy cycles like now when we've just had a lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse follows. As you sit in this in-between place, do what you can to relax and let go of preconceived notions about how life should be. The universe may have some wonderful surprises for you!

Energies now are bringing many things to the surface. For sensitives, it can be challenging. Apply an extra dose of self-love.

As the level of nonsensical postulations rise in society, avoid going along with the pack. Find peace by getting your own answers, accessing the higher view. If you find you have sleepless nights about the unknowns or what you see on the news - take a moment and remind yourself that it's not worth losing sleep over "what ifs."    

Good News about Mercury Retrograde

While mercury retrograde can cause a wrinkle or two in your plans the next three weeks, there are some bonuses I'll outline here!

In terms of your progress the rest of this year, the mercury retrograde could be your ideal period for inner work, self-reflection, and updating your life plan. Use it wisely by taking moments to consider big and small improvements you could make - including brand-new things you never did before.

Of course, you will want to factor in the usual precautions involving time distortions and projects. What may seem like a few minutes can morph into hours. Also, flight schedules can change on your way to the airport.

These annoyances aside, the review and rewind energy of Mercury retrograde can help you with a necessary life reboot you might not otherwise instigate. You may be pleasantly surprised at the result!

While the retrograde isn't the best time to launch a new project, there's plenty you can do to add a new sparkle to your life with what's already under way!

Example: a book project seemingly stalled can get new life when you use this time - and the eclipse window - to get fired up in a new way about the plot or message. So, don't hold back - the sky's the limit.



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