Traveling the Path of Enlightenment

Each of you has the potential of enlightenment during this time of Earth's great reconfiguration. You have the opportunity of quantum leaps of consciousness on a single day - even today! Know that your efforts of this lifetime, combined with positive momentum you put in place during other incarnations, are the seeds for your success.

When you have doubts about yourself, remember that you have planted these beneficial seeds. Think of these potent seeds, too, when you get discouraged by what you see in the world. The big picture to pay attention to is the accumulation of positive efforts over time.

They are your efforts, but they are also the efforts of others around you. The other people incarnated now have also undertaken a series of lifetimes to get to this point. Some are more advanced on the path than others, having taken more steps toward awakening. Because of this, you will meet people at different levels of awareness, tolerance, and compassion.

For light workers navigating today's shift energies, one key challenge is interacting with the diverse group of souls on Earth now. You cannot help everyone in the same way. As you speak to people, then, find ways to tailor your communications to match where people are energetically. Be willing to update your approach frequently, allowing for the rapid shifting occurring for people of all walks of life.

Taking Stock of Your Progress

Right now, as so many things around you are changing, take a few moments and recognize your own positive changes of recent times. Consider how you have grown, how you are more loving, and steps you have taken to awaken. These shifts do not need to be dramatic to matter. To recognize them, taking stock of your progress, will help you to keep the world's chaos in perspective. Do not look for promises that your current rocky road will become free of rocks during these pivotal years. It is the nature of incarnating now to witness and be a part of extremes of all types.

Your True Nature is Joy

On some days, you will connect with the pure joy that is your true nature. On other days, you will be more challenged finding that joy because of the rocks in the road. The important thing to remember is that joy is your true nature. When you momentarily cannot find your joy, it doesn't mean that it is lost.

You cannot lose a quality that is at the base of who you really are. When you temporarily cannot access the joy, reach for and apply the transformational tools that are available. As you do this, you will be able to respond to the rocks in the road in a more positive way.

All of the enlightened beings who came before you had to learn how to master the physical plane. Their enlightenment journey was a process of learning how to tame the mind and emotions. The reason that these beings are often referred to as Masters is that they found mastery over the ego. They discovered ways to stop being in reaction mode. They learned how to respond to life from a place of balance, taming the wild horse that previously made them feel out of control.

The Rocks in the Road

The Masters discovered that as long as they were human there would be rocks in the road. When they learned to stop hating the rocks, they could begin loving their overall experience. When they moved out of the fantasy that the rocks would disappear, they could learn to accept them.

The enlightenment you seek is found when you are fortunate enough to be in the human realm. It is in that realm where you are now from which you can attain realization. Do not make being on the Earth in the human realm a bad thing. It is the key to your freedom! Stay with it, and trust that you will attain the jewel of enlightenment. This is your destiny, each one of you!

As you travel your path of enlightenment, each breath you take can move you closer to realization. With each breath, too, you can be instrumental in helping to heal the imbalances that you now see on the Earth. Trust this. Refuse to believe those who tell you that situations are beyond repair, or that something cannot be healed.

Healing Solutions for the Gulf of Mexico

As a Divine Changemaker, you can be among those who choose the higher road of empowerment rather than the lower road of blame. The energy of blame you see now in situations like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is counterproductive. Focus your thoughts and prayers on healing solutions, the world coming together to become whole.

The more sensitive you are, the more that you likely are feeling the sense of devastation in the Gulf of Mexico and other key places around the world right now. It's understandable that you would feel the pain of the animals and other life impacted by these things. Do not allow your sensitivity and caring, however, to create a pessimistic outlook about the planet's future.

Refuse to allow your anger to bleed into your actions. Instead, allow your inner wisdom to remind you that humanity in crisis has a silver lining. A massive waking up is being catalyzed. Trust in this.

In your own life, do your best to avoid thoughts of blame and hopelessness. As soon as you tell yourself that something is hopeless, you close your eyes to a solution. The answer could be a phone call away, or even a thought away as your inner wisdom helps you to shift your view. Be present, then, and refuse to let your doubts be the decider of your reality.

Key Choice Points

During the next few months, humanity will face key choice points. Decisions will need to be made about how people will coexist with each other and with nature. Priorities will need to be reexamined. Outmoded ideas and systems will need to be worked. The new light-filled world you seek cannot be birthed without this reconfiguration.

Decide now to take an active role in the shifting. Your thoughts and actions can be a potent catalyst for the overall changes you seek.

Visualizing a New World

Consider sitting quietly in contemplation to focus your intent on these things. Imagine the kind of people, places, and circumstances that you want to coexist with going forward. Visualize your body - healthy and vital - able to support your movements in the world. Imagine your voice - clear and full - expressing your love and light in the world. Visualize your mind - uncluttered and connected to your heart - able to intuitively guide you to your perfect next steps or conversation or problem-solving session. Imagine that your body, speech, and mind are able to work harmoniously together in support of your enlightenment and your service to others. Ask that blessings come in around you to help facilitate these dreams. Trust that you, as the dreamer of your world, can make these things a reality. Have confidence that we, The Council of 12, and other light beings are right by your side.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


Terry 14th June 2010 8:20 am

Lovely & helpful. If you're listening (reading) please expand on the tools you spoke of. Thank you