Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer.Inspired by her many years study of ancient forms of healing, as well as energy transference received from her master teachers, Shanta's gift is the transmission of divine inspiration into everyday life. She is also the author of The Gabriel Messages. A book of inspired communication from Archangel Gabriel, it ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives provides practical suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.

Shanta’s work with the Archangels was both unexpected and spontaneous when she received a surprise visit from Archangel Michael in 1988. This huge winged being blessed her healing work with Light and opened the way for communication from Archangel Gabriel in 1990. She has received messages from Archangel Gabriel since that time.

Shanta offers a monthly newsletter, “Archangel Gabriel’s Messages to the World.” Sign up for her newsletter and see frequent messages on her blog,

Shanta continues her work through private sessions that include Angelic Life Path Readings as well as hands-on Angelic Light Therapy work. She also leads an inspiring and experiential seven-month Archangel Study Program. Shanta assists the anchoring of that energy into the being through original meditation CDs, flower essences and in-depth study. Shanta is available for TV and radio interviews, and to lead workshops that bridge Heaven and Earth through bodywork and Communion with Angels. For more information, visit the seminars and private sessions section of her website,

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