Aligning the Many Aspects of Yourself

In so many ways the lives you lead have inherent patterns of energy that are fragments of other parts of yourself. As you know, you are so much more than the physical, mental and emotional components that focus most people’s attention much of the time. You are also much more than the spiritual aspects that inspire you and offer alternatives to your 3D reality.

The make up of what is your fullest being is beyond conception, yet even a small glimmer of awareness can take you into greater joy, health and internal alignment. These expansive vibrations are some of the greater aspects of yourself. At the same time your more contracted fields are also important elements of your being. They actually hold your vitality and grounded connection to the earth, so are able to give you increasing ability to manifest what you most want in your life.

It is these, perhaps considered to be, the less attractive aspects of yourself that are calling for compassion and awareness at this time. Your smallest child self and your sometimes rebellious, adolescent self, are still actively participating in your adult life. Often they represent the emotional upheaval you don’t understand and prefer to ignore. Yet these are aspects of your whole self affecting your world. There are many books written and brilliant therapists that can bring relief when you need assistance clearing the reactive aspects of your most contracted and often needy self. Your willingness, however, to bring compassion and understanding to these areas of your life can relieve some of the pain and confusion these parts of yourself can cause.

Give Yourself a Fast from Negative Thoughts about You

Every part of you has a gift, and deserves your unconditional love and respect. When you are willing to include all parts of your being into your fullest self, you can begin to open to the insights and awareness that will help bring the unity so many are seeking. Often your softening the judgments you give to these parts of your self can offer a key. If criticism and judgment actually brought enlightenment into being, many more would be enjoying that state of consciousness. On the other hand, were you to imagine how you want to be treated by others, and think of the love you are seeking to receive, the first place to look would be within. Notice how you reject your feelings, and discount aspects of you that you may deem to be inadequate or “non-spiritual.” Sometimes those who are most diligent on their ascension paths are ruthless when it comes to the traits they consider less desirable in their essential nature. What can offer the swiftest path to more clarity and direction is to honor your feelings and bring greater respect to how you think of yourself.

Those looking for a mate would do well to offer themselves the love and companionship they are seeking. Be the most loving friend you ever had. Give yourself the respect, the gift of listening and the compassion you most want to receive. Offer yourself the fullest light of God’s Divine Love and fill up your being with this sweetness every day. Allow yourself to be nourished by these gifts you and only you, can give. You are capable of loving in a deep and committed way. How much richer your life would be if you were committing to love, support and respect yourself, and to offer compassion and the light of your awareness to all the aspects of yourself that come before you needing love and healing.

There are great changes occurring within everyone’s life as the Earth is accelerating in frequency. When did you think you would need to love yourself most? This energy is working like a centrifuge that spins all that is not in alignment with Divine Love into your conscious awareness. Turning your back on these aspects will only cause them to return to you with greater vigor and more dire consequences until you acknowledge them, and deal with the gifts that are given for you to work with. You can get it with a feather, a hammer or a Mack truck, but know that your soul is asking you to grow and evolve. The process can be more graceful if you engage all the aspects of yourself so they can come into alignment with your higher purpose in life.

The Angel of Compassion Awaits You

Never imagine that you are alone in these darker moments. You are being asked to shine the light of awareness into these interior corners. Whatever quality of consciousness you need in your life has an angel offering that assistance. The Angel of Compassion can bring you an infinite quality of such pure love and caring that you cannot help but soften within. When you can allow yourself to open and receive a greater level of this kind of love, it becomes a catalyst in your life. The barriers that you have erected within your being will crumble and all manner of assistance, seen and unseen, will be there for you.

Your soul knows what you need. Often you have felt a nagging restlessness, or a recurring thought or feeling, indicating your highest self is calling for your attention. It is important to engage all your inner resources with intention and prayer so these more expansive aspects of your self can help all parts of you to come into alignment with your soul’s purpose. Your greatest purpose in life is to come into Unity and Oneness with God and have this connection within every area of your being, without separation.

A Prayerful Suggestion

God, Goddess, All That Is,

I call on my most Divine, Universal Self to receive Love and Wisdom from the Source of all Life and bring these gifts into my being. I ask for help to receive what is being offered to me now, in a deeper way than ever before. I ask to have any barriers and obstacles I may have put into place to protect myself at a different time, be removed in a healthy, graceful way. I ask to open to knowing what all the aspects of myself need in order to be whole, and in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I ask to be shown how much I am loved and cared for every step of the way. I invite a new level of Faith to work in my being so I know I am being guided and protected, as I allow my life to change and evolve on every level with Grace and Ease. I am grateful for the new awareness that is working within me. I know I am walking an empowered path that allows a graceful flow of the Divine Light of Love and Guidance to show me the way in every moment. For these and all my gifts in life, I say Thank You God and may it be so.

Be at peace, Little Lamb, for you have set forth on a path that will change the world as you know it and bring greater harmony into every area your life. Receive the blessings of this time, and know you are loved.


StarEnergy 8th August 2011 1:13 pm

thank you so much for this post!it hit home like a mack truck!lol..

Seren Grace 8th August 2011 2:00 pm

Awesome Grace! Thank you! :smitten:

Steve and Patrica Amarant 8th August 2011 7:07 pm

Sublime and timely sharing, dear Shanta. Received in the exact Spirit it was given. love and blessings,

zorro 8th August 2011 9:02 pm

"Aligning the Many Aspects of Yourself"

Yeah. you said it right there!!!

"I ask to open to knowing what all the aspects of myself need in order to be whole, and in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I ask to be shown how much I am loved and cared for every step of the way"

You rock Shanta...!!!. Go..go...go...! Keep going...!
We are all doing this right now. Right? Yes! This is it.
Love you!


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