The Light of Transmutation

You, Warriors of the Light, have been diligently working for years to ground Divine energy on the planet. You have continually respected and prayed for the earth and all its creatures, but now you have found yourselves in a holding pattern. As visionaries, you see the new direction very clearly and feel the impending changes, but you find yourselves face to face with your own karma. As the old patterns of thought, feelings and behavior invade the new world you are trying to create in your lives, frustration may be rampant. This karma seems to cut through your work, depleting energy and holding back all you are seeking to accomplish.

When you consider all the old patterns that you see clearly and want to change in your life, it may weigh like a stone around your neck affecting every waking moment. Transmuting this karma becomes of paramount importance in a person’s evolution, and creates a way through to new life. As Beams of Divine Light bombard the old energetic patterns, this energy breaks loose and frees energy so it can be channeled in the direction of new growth. Without focus, it can also become a vehicle of destruction. It takes faith, strength and a great power of focus, along with your intention to be a vehicle for planetary good, in order to transmute this energy.

Sensing the power of forces that work to divide and separate and being aware of the mass energy of fear, the pressure to bring more Divine Light to the earth has become a cause for focused attention.  The distraction of the karmic patterns as they are stirred by the increased energy is something the Angels have been aware of as well. It has become the time for an intervention of amazing proportions.

Divine Intervention

Throughout history, Archangel Gabriel has been the Messenger of God who intervened when the timing was perfect for a planetary shift. He was there for the parting of the Red Sea, the enlightened instructions to Mohammad, and the revelation to Mary of the birth of Jesus. We are facing such a time. The transmutation of karma is one of the links to the massive awakening available that will bring about a world of Peace and Light. There are many who have dedicated their lives to this powerful awakening. They have felt the calling and have worked diligently for many years. Their personal lives have sometimes been thrown into chaos, and struggle has become the norm. Throughout this time, they have not lost their faith and have continued to rededicate their lives to the presence of the Divine made manifest on earth. These are worthy goals, and many souls from all walks of life have kept their beliefs strong and their prayers high. The time for mass change is now.

Obviously there are certain cosmic laws of cause and affect, along with times when interference would hold back the individual soul.  There are also times when the karma can be lifted for the good of the great planetary being. Divine intervention is available at this time.

An Invitation from the Angels

Those who have committed their lives to uplifting the planet, and bringing more light into the world are being invited to step into a vortex of power created by the Angelic Dimensions. This Light-filled matrix is dedicated to planetary awakening. Within this matrix the release of old patterns of energy is safe and graceful. Hold yourself in alignment with the Truth that a group of dedicated souls can impact the earth with Light. Together you can anchor the Peace, the Harmony, the Divine Love, and the Respect for all of Nature that lies at the center of this Matrix of Light. Within this powerful center, there is a transmutation of the energy that no longer serves you or the planetary good.

Light can change matter in an instant. Light can transmute all stuck patterns within a human being in the same way. Step into this Vortex of Light, dear ones, and open to the release of all that has held back the manifestation of your powerful intentions for the planet. Clear yourself of doubt and know that dedication of your work and your lives for the good of the Earth’s evolution will bring you into alignment with the energies working toward this empowerment.

Imagine yourself surrounded by Light with the millions of souls who are committed to planetary awakening. Know that the power created by this group intention can create the energy necessary to bless each person with freedom from the old ways. Imagine the power that is released with this energy, see it lifted and transmuted with the golden light of the Divine. Send it out to all those places on the Earth that need help at this time. Pray for the highest good of the planet and for all beings. Do not get lost in the details of how it will happen or what it will look like. Together with all the Lightworkers, Planetary Healers and the Angelic Dimensions, dedicate yourself to the highest qualities of consciousness:  Oneness with Light, Harmony within all beings, Divine Grace, Wellbeing for all creatures who dwell on the earth, and Peace within the hearts of all beings. This mass dedication to the Light will transmute your karma and not only assist your evolution, but allow a more graceful evolution of the Earth as well. Know that the Light of Divine Grace brings Creative Solutions and Benevolent Outcomes.

The dedication of the millions of Lightworkers to bring about planetary awakening is the key that frees and transmutes the old karmic patterns into more Light. Do not be discouraged by any appearance that is contrary to this belief in yourself and the Angelic energy working through you. All of Heaven awaits as mankind teeters on the brink of annihilation or evolution. Those who were called to this time can make this change happen. You know in your hearts it is possible. The power of the Angelic Dimensions is at work to create this change on Earth and within your being. This is the mass awakening time you have been waiting for. Bless ALL BEINGS with God’s Light without discrimination, and know this evolution is possible NOW.

The power of Archangel Michael brings courage and protection, Archangel Raphael is bringing Divine Love and Healing, and Archangel Gabriel has been an intervening presence for centuries in order to manifest Creative Solutions. Now is the time to transmute the fear and karmic patterns so all beings can live in the harmony for which the Earth was created. Open to receive these blessings, and know it is your time to Receive Light, Give Light and Be Light.

And so it is.
Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

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DonH SA 19th April 2010 1:09 pm

Shanta, The Honorable Gabriel opened me to the alter world; him then appearing in purple. Via reading your channeled message from Hon Gabriel, I was opened once again, urging me to boldly enter the transmutation vortex, which I found for me to be a tunnel of light (white, blue and gold rim), It…from Gabriel…penetrating me with golden, all changing beams of golden yellow, like at the beginning of my experience of alter contact and anchoring.
For this deep grounded message I thank you, Gabriel, angels and all who are involved, and I look forward to my total transmutation and more such messages.
Be happy in purple.
Don H (SA)


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