Ascension Amnesia Shift Symptoms

Transforming to a Higher Frequency Divine Human

Suddenly, you can't remember what you have known for a long time—a person’s name, what you did yesterday, last week, and especially conflicts and disharmonic situations—periods of forgetfulness not caused by neurological conditions and so-called age-associated memory impairments. This Ascension Amnesia is a big letting-go to the imprint energy patterns that have kept the human in lower trance and locked-in to repeated patterns and karma.

Shifting from one dimension vibrational frequency to another, jumping timelines, can also contribute to temporary forgetfulness. It’s a readjustment back to the space where you are at and all does not perfectly match in the present space and timeline you are back in. You may physically feel the jump from where you transitioned dimensional tracks and then back again to where you are now, and can feel a little odd at times, a little out of sorts, till you readjust to the Presence and know how to be more in-tune with creating your reality.

As you are raising in frequency and hitting the higher band wave vibrations, you are dislodging the implants of the brain that do not serve the higher being. This is also liberating the emotional body. By not imprinting yourself with the emotions that could cause an energy tag, you are learning to let go, freeing the emotional body from imprinting and tagging the thinking consciousness.

Harmonic human concordance is present in Presence. You are reading the codes and signals of the world, Nature and Universe around you and not allowing them to imprint you with any negativity or steer you into a lower energy pattern. You’re allowing the world to be as it is, not judging it, allowing its berth. As you attune to a higher tone of divine synchronicity, the harmonic concordance of the Universe allows you to remain in the world of form but now serving your higher path whereon, wherein and whereby newly minted meetings with soul family and new opportunities are being presented. 111

Your awareness is shifting to recognize the Divine Power of Presence, right here, right now, where your cells are responding to divine intelligence of a higher order. As a Universal Galactic human drawing from star knowledge, ancient and interplanetary roots for healing humanity’s history and herstory lie within each of us, our microbiomes, upgrading man from homo sapiens to homo luminous. [Unite firstly from within.]

Homo Luminous and Gaia, now in divine step with the Cosmos, consciously and organically evolving, breath-by-breath, heartbeat-to-heartbeat, in harmonic concordance, synergistically, all-together now!


VAARRR 2nd April 2021 11:35 am

I call this Quantum reset of consciousness
the last one took place on March 31.2021..... :)
for synchronization proposal, of all mankind

Laura2222 2nd April 2021 8:29 pm

Thank you for this confirmation. I’ve been having major moments of thinking something and then it disappears. I keep hearing it’s shifting timelines and releasing deep karma.

Also keep hearing people are forgetting about me. Those that I’ve left behind on lower timelines.


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