Cosmic Pulse Ascension Symptoms for 2010

Intense Cellular Regeneration

You have passed through a cosmic gateway in Earths alignment to the Galactic center. You are in the great Purification. Very powerful energies of cellular regeneration and rejuvenation are taking place at a core level of your Being. This alignment is creating even heighten sensitive and awareness. The comic pulse is awakening you to a greater life force bringing you into sacred union with all life.

This year you will make a choice that will effect your future and direction of your life path. This will be a gift from God and your soul in completely taking back your divine power. You will know which direction to take for your heart and your body will tell you loud and clear!

It is time for you the Light Bearers star seeds to take a stand in your sovereign rights as true Cosmic beings of the universe. You will be called into service of the light as many of you have been waiting. Your ultra sensitive empathic gifts will now be one of your most precious gifts and treasures.

Everything is being reorganize recalibrated, rethought what will remain is your core, your essence your beauty your light, what you came here to be


Cosmic Pulse Ascension Symptoms

Past health issues leaving for good

More than ever you will be called to work together in groups and partnerships 

You will have more support in your work and highest purpose

Powerful emotional releases

Core issue resurfacing

Difficulty breathing alerting you that you need to expand, let go and slow down

Times of not eat much to being very hungry

Needing to eat meat and lots of protein and then needing lots of fruits, vegetables and grains.

Periods where you need to spend larger amounts of time alone. This period is to serve you be in your own energies and vibration

Extra Sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies of TV, computers electricity, thunderstorms and ect

Not being able to speak or think. You re being recalibrated at a higher level this is an adjustment period that will end shortly. As star light beings you are used to communicating through telepathy and kinetically and need times to be in this way for balancing.

Extreme fatigue from purging and raising your frequency

Retrieving lost aspects of your self, your humor, lighter, joyful and playful aspects.

Feeling of a dense energy around you –that is lifting

Heart awakening and focus on higher Love.

Hearing a crack sound that comes from the center of your chest – you are literally expanding your physical heart energy in your body.


Times of increased body heat, similar to hot flashes where you are burning through layers of issues and karma

Expect the unexpected and miracles. Energies will be constantly shifting, recalibrating, and rearranging going one way and then quickly and sometimes suddenly the other until settling occurs

Greater power in consciously directing your intention and energy into the no time dimensions for accelerated healing and manifestation

Receiving new guides

Symbols, images, sacred emblems and geometry that come to you that instantly expand your consciousness connecting you to your ascended selves.



Powerful dreams

Dreams of death and dying

Loved ones that have crossed over and meeting old friends.

Old family issues and dynamics that create powerful emotions of healing and releasing.

Death is the shamanism and alchemy process of new birth signaling to you that you are ready to shift to higher expression of who you are. And that you may do more work in traveling through the dimensions and realms.

This is also signifies that there is greater power in your dream time and in your waking state to dream, create gain insight and direct your highest good.

Esoteric Cosmic Pulse Shift Symptoms

Past life’s are suddenly in your awareness that may lead to discomfort and anxiety in your body.

Strange and unusual thoughts not of your own.

Extreme fatigue from light sessions with your higher guides and star family.

{By now many of you know when these higher light sessions are taking place. You feel so tried you need to rest and lie down for no apparent reason. You may loose track of time and that is when you are being worked on, some of you may even be taken on Light ships. You may see a haze in the room, see sparks of light, feel, hear and sense a greater influx of light.}

Disconnection from your birth family. Many will reconnect to their earth families once some time has past at a healthier and higher level that is in greater alignment with your true self. All Blue Ray’s and many light bearers will go through this at sometime.

Receiving your spiritual name that brings a greater aspect of your divinity and sacred gifts.

Speaking in the language of Light, or hearing sacred melodies, especially after you have visited a sacred site or been in nature. This language of light is a higher language of God and your soul.


What can you can do to help with the shift?

Know that all these usual symptoms and energies are not who you truly are that they are moving through you. Work with your sacred tools and Rhythm and flow of Creator source

Connect with dolphin energy – through pictures and meditations seeing you playing and swimming with them.

Exercise, walking, movement, dance, yoga that is gently flowing rhythm and motion. Many star beings and Blue rays go through a stagnant period where they do not like to exercise but wish to be still wished and meditate more. It is vital to health and being in the body for some gently flowing movement.

Connect with the sky, ocean or large bodes of water for expansion, better breathing and letting go. If you do not have this near by listening to an ocean or water CD can have the same effects.

Drinking the Sacred Living Waters of life. Change your water to the Sacred Live waters of life will give you greater hydration for the cells of your body and create instant higher frequency water.

Take your glass of water with both hands saying: Father, Mother, God Holy spirit empower and restore these waters to the Sacred Living Waters of Life to the Highest frequency for my embodiment now. Feeling in your body, anchored to the heart of Gaia, ask for the Cosmic Pulse, and feel the Cosmic pulse through your body and to your heart and out to your hands to the water pulsing into the water.

Creating your sacred haven and altar where you live, where you can always go to increase your divine power and stabilize your energy fields through the shifting times.

Be Expressive with in yourself and to yourself and for yourself.

Using flower essences and bring flowers that you are intuitively guided into your home next to the area where you spend most of your time.

Wear colors and bringing these into your home that your intuition is drawning you to. Colors are the frequencies spectrum of the light.

Make art! Being creative with help you to stay in the Rhythms and flow of Creator source. Creative is the Creator energy.

Write and journal

Sing, tone and listen to flowing music. Certain music has healing frequencies that have been created at a higher level to assist you in healing, transmuting energies and staying in the flow.

Take a break from your routine, this allow for the energy to come in. There will be times where you will not be able to work as long as used too or do exactly what you did before. Listen to your own body rhythms and intuition you will get more accomplished in the long run.

Creating your sacred haven and altar where you live, where you can always go to increase your divine power and stabilize your energy fields through the shifting times.

Connecting with earth energies will be vital to your ascension and balance. Touch the earth everyday and allow your connection to strengthen.

Checking in everyday how does this feel in your body to being in the divine flow of Creator. Even though you may have a schedule and work check in for the highest priority, allow yourself to do your life in new and inventive ways.

Remember the old rules do not apply anymore, Now more than ever it is time to put yourself in Divine Alignment allowing the cosmic pulse to flow through you. It is time that you let go of all you have learned from the systems of earth that no longer serve your true essence and beauty. All of God and Creation are reaching out to you in Light and Love. We are here in great force serving and empowering you. we are one! 13

This great divine power is within and all around you, awaiting your return to take back your power, your sovereign right as true Cosmic being of the universe. You the ultra sensitive empathy Star Seed and light Bearer may be feeling these Galactic shifts though out your whole being

The cosmic energies will be constantly shifting, recalibrating, and rearranging going one way and then quickly and sometimes suddenly the other until settling occurs. In ways you may not of expected and yet always in perfect divine order. The way through grace and ease is to free yourself of restrictions, lingering thought forms and density and step fully into the divine Flow no matter how it looks to the outside world. It is time that the greater trust of your true self and divine nature take the lead.


juany 22nd February 2010 9:03 am

Good morning.
Thank you so very much for all this sought after information.
I also wonder if the following may be symptoms of Ascension: Itchy hands, specially on the palms.
Hot hands, hands feel like they have been "burned". As if the hands were placed under hot water for a while. Hands look red and raw. Skin on hands feels extremely dry and stretchy. Peeling , just on the palms and fingertips.
Also, I recently went to see a magnificnet horse show. I love animals and grew up with horses. I had to see the show three times because I always leave with a feeling of "non-closure" and I do not know what is it that I need to give closure to. I cannot stop crying since I saw the show. I have this need to go back and back. But basically I am so sad and depressed just because I cannot stay with this show forever. I know this sounds ridiculous but I need to shake off this post show sadness and crying. If anybody knows, please feel free to tell me. Thank you so much.

FutureNow 22nd February 2010 9:40 am

Hi Juany,
perhaps get really quiet and meditate on it with deep breaths. Do not think about it anymore and ask and know you will get guidance when you need to and not before :). My feeling is that you have a future involving horses, you have a deep joy and connection with these animals. If you search on-line for animal "totems,spirit,meaning symbol" etc... you may find the that will explain a deep meaning and connection you have with these magnificent beings.
enjoy the journey

juany 22nd February 2010 12:11 pm

Thank you so very much for taking the time to care. This is much appreciated. When I was a kid, there was no greater joy than to go horse riding with my friends and cousins. I lived for that minute when I saw the horses and I knew I could go and ride.I remember two very distinct feelings: joy and protection. Then I grew up, life changed and now, I found this show which it has brought everything back. The joy and the feeling of protection which I currently do not have. I believe you are correct in terms of life changes. About three years ago I became my Mom's Caregiver. I do feel very limited in terms of not being able to do much with my life due to this situation. My Mom is a very difficult patient and I do feel that I have no control whatsoever. It has taken a tremendous emotional and financial toll in my life but I am her only child. She does not deserve not to be taken care of by her only family member left. I never thought of the horses back in my life and myself feeling powerless. I should be so very blessed if horses are in my future. Namaste. Thank you. Love and Light

lrm 22nd February 2010 2:10 pm

suggest seeing an acupuncturist/oriental medicine practitioner. regardless of whether or not hte symptoms are 'ascension related',the body is energy in motion,and imbalances addressed at one stage can keep the body from developing additional imbalances.

all organ systems run through the entire body. Excess heat is usually the cause of skin conditions,often combined with damp conditions.

recommend seeing someone to address your particular situation. good luck to you either way-

lrm 22nd February 2010 2:14 pm

Also,horse animal totem (there are many different descriptions online to be found,here is one)
The Horse

The horse symbolizes freedom and the power that comes with being free. They pulled the wagon trains across the prairies opening up new frontiers to be explored. Horses helped turn the Lakota and other Native tribes into the powerful mounted warriors and nomads that they became, although taming the horse wasn't easy, as their spirit for freedom was a fire that burned within them.

Those with this medicine can be fiercely independent and have little tolerance for anything or anyone that limits their free expression. This characteristic can create challenges in relationships of all kinds, especially co-dependent ones. Those with this totem are teachers to their partners, friends and family showing them how to stand solid within themselves. Individuals who choose to be involved with a horse person do so because the need for self empowerment is strong. They seek the horse and the power it holds rather than the horse seeking them.

Because horse medicine people hold the en

Corrina 22nd February 2010 2:24 pm

Thank you so much for this post. I can relate to these symptoms very much! It's a relief to know that they are just moving through me and are not me. I've been feeling a little crazy. One question: what is the significance of the numbers that you put in the post? I see number patterns a lot and do understand some of them. Lately, a new set of numbers are upon me but I don't get their meaning yet. 33 and 333 are constantly showing up for me, and then recently, 31 (related to your 13?), as well as 228. The 111's were showing up for me all the time right before the 9/9/09. This is how I got alerted to the new energy coming in after 9/9. I understand that 3 patterns are related to the ascended masters. But 31 and 228 are unclear to me. Any insights?

Mermaid Deb 22nd February 2010 3:48 pm

Dear Corrina,
31 means The ascended masters ask you to look past all earthly illusions and see the Divine perfection within you, other people and your current situation. As you see Divine perfection in your mind, it manifests externally in your relationships, career, health and other life areas.
228 means Trust that new opportunities are answers to your prayers. Walk through the doors that are opening for you and accept offers of help.
These are quoted out of a book called "Angel Numbers 101" by Doreen Virtue. Hay House is the publisher.
Mermaid Deb :smitten:

FutureNow 22nd February 2010 4:26 pm

See you already knew why ;) :)
now imagine th possibility no matter what is going on NOW---
i love connecting! Thank you

mifasolasi 22nd February 2010 5:57 pm

It is a so correct and very realistic message!! :thumbs: I experience all these symptoms you mentioned dear Shekina..
But the most impressive moment of reading was the report about the "cruck sound " from the chest .. actually concerning me is not a sound but a pain like something trying to be broken , to be open , to be free.. It was impressive indeed because I had the feeling before start reading.. Hot body/hands flashes, fatigue, spending time alone, feeling confused with people, need for rest and sleep, restart of old broken/released karmic relationships/friendships on a new basis, today i had a strong desire( for a first time in my life) to listen sounds/voices from wales and dolfins and i spent a lot of time listening this kind of sounds and relative music... :) and so many many more symptoms of the above reported..
So Thank you so much.. You make feel better now because i was wondering after all these i experience, "What's next?".. :roll:
Thank You again Shekina :)
Be Blessed :angel:
Love :smitten:

Corrina 22nd February 2010 6:12 pm

Thank you, thank you. This is a big a-ha for me! It's very much in alignment with what I've been working through. I truly appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

Much love,
Corrina :smitten:

Shekina Rose 22nd February 2010 6:15 pm

Blessings Corrina,
I have been getting the number Sequences for over 13 years.
There will be upcoming transmissions with information on them soon.

This is what the high counsels of LIght have revealed to me and have been working with for over 13 years.

When i bring in a Blue Ray Transmissions the nunmber sequences always come. As these numbers get your attention and put you in direction of your highter knowing.

"13" number sequences a very magical number for coming into the new earth along with 33 and 333.
"13" is the Goddess, the sacred divine feminine awakening with in you , estoric hidden information being revealed that you are ready for. I could go on and on with the 13 and the Goddess and will in upcoming channels.

"33" is the sacred heart awakening and ascended master
"333" working with the teams of ascended master energies and essence and cellurar activation of light.

feel in your heart you have the answers within.

love, light AhnaGodes
Shekina Rose

Lolo 22nd February 2010 7:44 pm

Regarding the heat in the hands: I was watching Psychic Kids one night on TV and a "sensitive empath" was having a problem with his hands and they cracked. He was "tuning" into his Mom who was ill and taking on her pain as his own,
which was causing the problems. The man helping this kid suggested that he set boundaries with his Mom, because it is hard to absorb a lot of other people's energies/pain when you are sensitive to it, and he did this. The child's hands healed and he was able to sleep at night.
This really resonated with me, since my hands crack too, and not just from being dry.
Perhaps this might be one solution, to set boundaries and get your time to renew yourself, but like suggested, go check it out. It could also be nerves, eczema or more.
Blessings to us all.

skylet 23rd February 2010 8:41 am

I'm beginning my journey and have so many questions. I thought I was an Indigo Adult until I posted yesterday and introduced myself to the forum. Another member posted a link and I learned about Blue Ray and light workers. So much of this resonates with me. How do I know what I am?

FutureNow 23rd February 2010 3:52 pm

Just know you are --the mind loves to label each other--the truth is we are all one, and we are just going through our awakening at different times. see God in you and all of life this is what you are--one with life
hope this resonates and if you would like some book recommendations please e-mail me

skylet 23rd February 2010 10:15 pm

Thank you J:)

juany 25th February 2010 12:23 pm

Thank you so much. So very much. I appreciate it. Love and Light. Namaste

ilyzium 27th May 2010 12:30 pm

I found your artictle absolutely fasctinating so thanks for that. :) I also wanted to mention that I think I might be experiencing ascension symptoms myself? Ok, well yes I've been having the incredibly vivid dreams, violent dreams where someone has killed me, dreams in other planets, also having psychic dreams of things that will happen in the future. The most bizarre dream I had when I was held hostage by the govt because they wanted to reprogram my thoughts, as they said I was very "anti authoritarian" which I am. I've also started seeing inter dimensional portals recently and have even taken photos of those as proof. Also a feeling to hibernate, and a disassociation from most of my friends, no patience for drama queens as I find I'm too "in tune" to their negative energy and they just bring down my frequency, the news, etc. I also feel that I want to leave my career and find my passion since I haven't found it yet...:( Ooh also heart palpitations at night and frequently waking up around 3:00am. Well, that's it.
Almost forgot to mention but everytime I meditate I keep seeing the same symbol there.

cillut 19th September 2010 2:05 am

I too had the same symptom :hot red palms. Once there was a psychic told me that I can become a healer because of my hands. I can feel energy or some kind of magnet between my palms but I don't know what to do about it. When I help massage people, my palms will soon get red and hot after a while. My job is medical lab technician. now i feel like the energy between my palms are weak. How can I learn to use this energy?


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