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Message from the ETs

StarBeing Galactic Peace Alliance

The Invitation: On the 11 11 2014 at 11:00am

You’re invited: Starseed Lightbearer, you who feel a call in your heart,

Starseed you are being called by the Universe, your Galactic brothers and sisters, Home is calling you to be activated, strengthened in the unified field and to unify. The illusion of separateness is ending, the realms of Light are opening on Earth. And it is for you to take back your power and sovereignty and have your rightful place here on Earth and in the Galaxy.

11 11 It’s Not Over “We've Only Just Begun”

For some Lightbearers the 11 11 11 may have been felt as a disappointment, that perhaps a total change in the world would occur and that the ETs would come and land and even take you away to your real home.

What the divine spirit BlueRay wishes you to know is you are part of a grand shift, a gateway that helped create a higher frequency for natural laws and harmonic Earth technologies and unity to be present in the world along with a strengthening portal to your star family. Your galactic ET family was there on the 11 11 11 collaborating with you in Unity. 

The 11 11 11 portal exists through time and space and is not a onetime gathering; it can be used like a vortex and transmitter of concentrated energy, like your churches and power places of the world.

Remember, this synchronistic code configuration creating energy portals existed before the 11 11 11 and will continue to energetically reconfigure based on the direct collaboration of consciousness at the time and space that are imprinted thereon.

One of these awakening phenomenon portals was created at the end of WWI, that went into effect Paris time at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

These are not coincidences, as you know, when you feel the direct awakening power that stops you for a moment, when you experience the 11 11 collaboration codes of Peace and unity.

From the ETs

For the one that may have thought the ETs would come and land and even take you away to your real home, and/or will come and land at your white house commanding their presence:

We the ETs, other worldly beings, cannot interfere with your free will and matters of the Earth that are not directly inhibiting or threatening disturbance with our energy matrix or in violation of the Creator’s Free Will Laws. Over time, alliances and committees have formed bringing some of us other worldly beings together for common goals and collaborations.

We encourage your sovereignty and unity spirit as we are a part of the Federation and Galactic Alliance Committees that support the positive evolution and resolution of conflict within humanity. We serve as a liaison for conflict resolution when there are disturbances and disruptions from counter beings who do not have the best interest for humanity. Again, we do not inhibit the free will of humans. We can form liaisons and partnerships and communions with humans and humanity in ways of the seen and unseen that become viable and real in your world if and when the parties agree.

There is much that we can do together that can increase higher frequency on the planet and within the matrix field that can benefit all beings and life on Earth. We have speakers and representatives that work closely with humanity, we being the Pleiadian representatives with Sirius and Sirian frequency resonance support, Lemurian bridge councils, and others worldly beings at times.

Why wouldn’t we care, as we can hear your thoughts. We are directly a part of you, humanity, in ways that have not been known freely on the planet. We are here for peace, harmony and the unity of spirit as we are affected by you and your world.

We wish for you to be discerning with your openness and contact with all that is of extraterrestrial, as just in your world you would not go anywhere or talk with anyone without discernment. It is the same in the Galactics and in the Universe; there are places that are not safe at this time and especially with your consciousness. And yet there is much goodness and Light that is a part of you and your world.

We are your Galactic neighbors in a sense and we are asking you what you wish. Yes, we can converge on the 11 11 as that is specifically created holding energy frequency ratio where we can commune in Light.

When:  On the 11:11 2014 at 11:00am, wherever you are in the world, say, “I link up with my Heart and Being to the 11:11 Heart Peace portal.”

Where:  The Heart Matrix Portal (also known as the “Divine Holy Matrix”). 

How to get there:  The key to attaining the “Divine Holy Matrix” is to enter through the Rose Ray of Creation at your Higher Heart, and allow the heart expansion of Divine Love to connect you with the Unified Field. We will align in the Law of One with our Galactic Family, star origins of Divine Power, and as rightful stewards of the Universal Star Alliance of Light, asking for the Pleiadian Peace Portal as our Stargate connection here on Earth.

The origin of the Pleiadian Peace Portal is at the Cathedral Rock Vortex located in Sedona, Arizona, where there is concentrated vortex energy that transmits along Mother Earth’s ley lines and goes out into the world and galaxy/cosmos.

Our intent:

  • For the Starseeds and BlueRays to have a collective voice, that we will serve as stewards of Earth, and exercise our rightful place and vote in the Universal Galactic Alliance Council of Light
  • Reactivate the Light Source Portals from Earth to Source and Star origins
  • Strengthen the Heart Matrix Portal
  • Increase the frequency of the Divine Holy Matrix, the Divine Original Blueprint

It may be known by some of you that the governments and certain institutions have been meeting and working with the extraterrestrial and alien races for some time. Their work with advanced technology and your true origins have been kept secret. The advanced technology is the right of the planet and humanity. You have seen and or heard of zero point and magnetic technologies that work in harmony with the Earth and that are free for all. It is also your right to know of the Divine Holy Matrix, a sacred unity connection power for all that (in 3rd dimension reality) mimics the Internet. You are all connected to it, and in ancient times you used this Divine Sacred Power for establishing and maintaining harmony, Peace and Light.

Starseed, Lightbearer and BlueRay, it is your sovereign right to firstly know who you are. You are not an orphan in the cosmos; you do have a place here on Earth, in the galaxy and the Universe, and you have an extended Galactic ET family that does care and love you.

Many forerunners and angelic humans have a deep sense and knowing that goes beyond this world and what has been taught, that you are from someplace else, the stars and the Angelic Light Realms. You know in the depth of your spirit that you have a mission here on Earth and that it, too, comes from the Stars, a mission to serve the greater whole, the Law of One. As many Starseeds and especially BlueRays feel displaced on the planet, know you do have a place here on Earth.

Know that you were designed and decreed to be an ultra sensitive empath frequency being, to be encoded to awaken to your true star origin, and by your very divine nature you would be the ones to be able to have the special skills and ultra sensitive abilities to realign and activate these sacred alignments here on Earth back to Source. 

11:11 Universal Peace Prayer

I AM THAT I AM, as Divine Source moves through me to stand and to be in UNIVERSAL PEACE.

I have come to Earth to see you—my Brothers, my Sisters, all colors, all creeds, as One Beloved Family of Humanity.

We come from One Source, One Light, standing on One Planet as we breathe together the One Breath of Life.

I reach out my heart and hand to you, my Beloved Family of Humanity. I choose to align, to unite, to be an Instrument of Peace as we call forth our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, every Universal Being of Truth and Light.

Through One Divine Heart and Mind, with the Legions of Love and Light and with all Beings everywhere, we call forth UNIVERSAL PEACE to prevail within us, upon the Earth, within the Heavens, within the Cosmos, Peace without end, NOW!

It is done. And so it is.


keryndawer 11th November 2014 9:54 am

I'm looking forward to being a part of this. Thank you so much Shekina Rose. Blessings to you and All.

Much Love and Light,


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Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Shekina Rose is a Priestess of Light, Divine Messenger and Harmonic Vocalist who sings, tones and chants in the 528Hz Miracle, Love and DNA repair frequencies of the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances.