Rose Ray Mother Mary Visitations Activating the Sacred Order of the Mother

The heart of the Mother of Creation is appearing on the planet through the Rose Ray and being anchored through Mother Mary and Shekinah. It is through the sacred heart of Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit of Shekinah that the Rose Ray along with the Blue Ray is assisting in restoring the God essence to fully manifest into form for humanity. This enables the Mother of the World's heart to return to transform human suffering, resurrecting the Christ body and the Divine Original Blueprint.

Rose Ray

The Rose Ray carries the Divine love of Creation through the Mother’s Heart and acts as protection from lower, dark energies, while raising vibrational frequency. It works at a deep cellular level of healing of Divine love that will amplify all of your spiritual gifts and sacred work. It will transmute lingering damaged genetics, attuning you to the Christ template. 44.

Mother Mary Orders Clans

The sacred seals of the Mother Mary Orders are being activated within you that it is now safe and time for the Christed female to re-emerge; all women and men who are ready to carry the frequency of the Holy Grail Codes are to awaken. The grail codes within the Rose Ray from the Order of Mary impart an alchemical process of divine ancient power and love. They awaken the angelic DNA Codes of cellular regeneration and transcendence through the Holy Spirit Shekinah via the rays of creation.

Mother of Creation is calling you through:

Mother Mary Order and the Rose Ray

Sisters of the Sacred Rose

Shekinah Order

Holy Lineage of the Mother

Order of Mary Magdalene

Many of you carry the Creator codes from the offices of Christ that became the disciples of the Mary clans. In the Creator Codes are the angelic DNA that manifested as the ancient Lemurians, Atlanteans and Egyptians, dolphins, whales, mermaids, fairies and more of the sacred lineages. These holy strands of Divine DNA are awakening now to create a synergy of Source Creation power to provide all that your energy fields and crystalline bodies need to be a Christed ascended being to carry the new Earth. This holy ascension mastery activation of the sacred seals can only be awakened and accessed through the sacred heart or higher heart and through a purification process of your body and being. Many of you have been going through this transcendence and transmutation process for some time and these are the final pieces to your ascension.

The Rose Ray anointing dispensation through the Blue Ray provides this process for you to awaken to the Creator Codes. This is not the only dispensation, for there are other ways and systems that are awakening your Christed self. The Language of Light through the Mother’s Frequency is a prophecy that would take place at the end of the cycle of time that would bring the new man of light. It is also the angelic language of the angels that creates healing miracles and transcendence for the embodiment of your Divine original blueprint. The Rose Ray anointing and the Language of Light are a powerful synergy when used together and open the gateways to the higher heavens to prepare the body and being for the new Earth. 22

The Rose Ray and Mother Mary’s sacred heart are manifesting in real life in physical form so you will know that you have stepped into the new Earth and it is time for this reawakening. This is happening by visitations by the Mother Mary, sacred divine feminine, and seeing the Rose Ray of Creation physically on Earth.

How to Experience the Rose Ray

Go to your higher heart and call on the "Rose Ray Mother Mary Shekinah Dispensation” for she knows you and will come into your life with blessings. The Mother’s heart lives within you and wishes to be reawakened, for as you accept her divine love and essence, you anchor this healing to the world. You become the emissary of her divine love, raising the frequency of the planet that activates the sacred codes of life.

Mother Mary Rose Ray Visitations

The Mother Mary Visitations occurred on Christmas Eve 2011 to anchor the Rose Ray of the Sacred Heart through the Holy Spirit of Shekinah. This is bringing the Mother of the World's heart to transform the sadness of human suffering that awakens the essence of God in human form the Angelic Human DNA and Christ embodiment.

It was unexpected as I sat down with a friend as we intended on meditating to the Christ Consciousness on Christmas Eve. We both started bawling together as Mother Mary came and we were not able to speak for two hours as she bathed us in the most incredible Rose Ray and Holy Spirit Light. As we both came to and looked at each other, we thought only a half hour had gone by. We then blurted out simultaneously, “Mother Mary!”

Since the Mother Mary visitations, others who have experienced her divine Love of the Rose Ray have had miraculous physical, spiritual and emotional healings. To spread her divine love, the Rose Ray Miracle Water was placed at the Mother Mary Altar, Cathedral Rock vortex in Sedona, AZ, to purify the Earth and heart of humanity. On one of the visits to the Mother Mary Altar, she asked for pictures to be taken as they would be transmissions and testaments of the Rose Ray Heart. Below are just some of the many amazing photos that were taken.

The Lady of Guadalupe

Mesoamerica, the New World, 1521: The capital city of the Aztec empire falls under the Spanish forces. Less than 20 years later, 9 million of the inhabitants of the land, who professed for centuries a polytheistic and human sacrificing religion, are converted to Christianity. What happened to precipitate such an upward conversion?

December 9, 1531: Juan Diego hears music and a woman's voice calling to him. At the crest of the hill he sees a radiantly beautiful woman, who reveals that she is Our Lady, the Mother of God. She instructs Juan Diego to go to the local bishop and tell him that a temple should be built in her honor at the base of the hill.

Juan Diego proceeds directly to Tlatelolco and the palace of Bishop Juan de Zumárraga, a Franciscan friar. The bishop receives him, but is reluctant to believe Juan Diego's story. A discouraged Juan Diego returns to Tepeyac Hill, and admits his failure to Our Lady. She directs him to again go to the bishop, and repeat her request.

December 10, 1531 (Sunday): Juan Diego returns to the bishop's palace. The bishop questions him for a long time, and finishes by telling Juan Diego that he needs a sign to believe that Our Lady sent him. On his return to Tepeyac Hill, Juan Diego tells her of the bishop's demand. She promises to fulfill it the next day when Juan Diego visits her again.

When Juan Diego arrives before the skeptical Bishop Zumárraga, he opens his tilma and the roses fall to the floor. However, Juan Diego has more than roses as a sign, for a portrait of Our Lady appears on the coarse fabric of the tilma. The bishop and his whole household are filled with amazement. The Bishop and people fulfill Juan Diego's request, and build a temple dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The roses are a miracle as these flowers did not grow in that region or climate nor could roses grow in one day.

Fast forward to 2011-2012: It is my belief that Mother Mary apparitions and visitations are representative of the Divine Mother of creation returning to us, this time in the form of Rose Ray energy rather than roses. We are ready. For such a long time, this energy was withdrawn from Gaia/Earth in order to protect Itself for the right time to return. As we on Earth become more and more Heart-centered, this Rose Ray of Creation is being made evident. The Rose Ray Violet Flame is a great cleanser and transmuter at the core level, restoring us individually therefore collectively into the limitless perfection and limitless abundance of God. --- Shekina Rose 44


johneblums 10th March 2012 10:35 am

The P-Y-RAM-ID RA-YS OF MAR-Y. Apart from GOD-DESS being the Christ Logos, the word christ also originates from the Greek word KRIOS for RAM in MARY and PY-RAM-ID.
Also the word C-H-R-I-ST(C-H-R-Y-ST) is formed from the words CROWN-HEART-ROOT-IESOD YESOD.
The God-dess who is also my guide also uses the Greek Goddess name of R-HEA (VESTA) R-EGAL HEA-RTH), which form part of the word MA-RHEA (=MARY).She is also known as as EM-UNA-H or simply as "VER-GEN-ES-IS from one of many Mother Mar-yes incanations as ISIS (ESIS)= AUSET (AST) as well as by the names AST-REA, LOVE STAR and G-AM-M-ER (God-Mother)GER-M-AIN.


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