YOU, Angelic Star Traveler, the Waiting is Over “Secret Mission Revealed”

The time line waiting encodement for the star being has ended. A new cycle has begun. You, angelic star being, time traveler, way shower, frequency holder, Light Bearer, may have felt that you have been waiting long on planet Earth. You may say, why have I been waiting and what have I been waiting for?

First and foremost, we wish to say we love you and you are brave and courageous light stewards. It is not a coincidence that you are here and this information has found you. We, your angelic star family, God and Creation, did not leave or forget you. It has all been in divine timing - a much grander scale of the heavens and Universe.

It is not by chance that many of you are empathic, ultra-sensitive, telepathic, intuitive and psychic, and have clear knowing and feeling. These attributes have kept you on course of your true soul’s purpose, enlightening the codes of humanity. Most of you have had a quiet inner knowing of a sacred light mission - a feeling you were connected to a grander scheme of creation and on a secret mission of the divine. And at some point you would be given your true assignment.

In essence, you have not been waiting but rather carrying within the sacred space of the return to your core essence, where you would be met by the galactic alignment that would trigger an activation of your true origins.

We wish to express:

The waiting is over; a new cycle has already begun. This new cycle allows for enhanced alignment with the cosmos and source creation. It is time to put you in universal divine alignment with creation.

There will not be a big bang in 2012 that catapults you into a completely new world.

Each year leading up to 2012 will be significant, having great power of specific energies for you to utilize. This is very important information in order to have a smooth transition as it will be more difficult to go against the current energy waves of creation as they become stronger and stronger. This is what you are seeing taking place in your world - resistance to the light of God. However, these systems can no longer energetically uphold. This is when the greatest choice for mankind to take a higher path of light can emerge with new systems that are in harmony with nature.

Information will now come more to you as energetic resonance. This is a great divine power for the empathic, ultra-sensitive, telepathic, intuitive and deeply feeling being; you can finally use your innate gifts.

You, who are on the path of Light, are moving away from the information age as “the seekers” to become claircognizant and use energetic resonance. For 1000s of years there has been a surge to ascertain and gather information for your mental minds and books. This is how great deception has ruled your world. Now you are able to move from your head to your heart and from the heart into your full beingness. You will be able to see, feel and know the light frequency, or God, emanating from books, words, information, and systems, instantly.

This is why the Bible, sacred books and texts have been held in great reverence. They were outer means that held sacred information. The living word of God may now live in your heart and being that is connected to Oneness. This will continue to develop and flourish as instant multidimensional full body recognition.

You origins are not from Earth; you are from the stars, the light and angelic realms, and evolved planetary systems. This is where you have developed your innate gifts of higher light sensory. You are part of an intergalactic team of light that is part of a universal team of light. You will begin to connect more and use this as a sacred tool of divinity.

We know you by the light frequency vibration you emit. The greater the light frequency, the greater divine power you have. Most of you have been clearing the genetic codes so you may use your body vehicles as a beacon of higher light for Gaia and all life. To anchor a higher divine light frequency fulfills a deep heart longing from your soul imprint.

Lower vibrations sometimes seek the light, as many of the Light Bearers and Blue Ray have experienced this at one time. They seek your light for they are not able to seek the greater light and you are the closest manifestation of God Light they can reach. We know many of you send them to the light; this is honored and sacred work known as “cause”. This can take a toll on the Light Bearer’s energetic fields and this cause is shifting so you can be more of who you are. You will not be leaving these energies or souls adrift. You will have a frequency resonance cause that will create a higher alignment for these souls.

Many of you have completed earthly soul contracts, freeing you up to embody your true essence and true path.

Inner conflict for the ultra-sensitive Light Bearer arises when one is still working in the old energetic and not being in the body and in the present consciousness. It is as if you have received a new light hardware upgrade and it does not play on your old system. Many of you have worked very diligently to get where you are. We suggest that you honor and experience this new way, for this new way is not new - it is merely more energetically in alignment with your true sacred nature and who you came here to be.

The rate in which you manifest and experience life is shifting and accelerating. The way in which your life changed and transformed has been in accordance with your vibratory frequency to the current dimensional time continuum in alignment with Source Creation. 2012 brings you closer to this divine cosmic alignment. There can be instant recognition, full body and multidimensional, that can take place more easily. You are not the seekers anymore for you have graduated, you have come to know the I Am, the Presence of Being.


If there is information in this transmission that you do not understand yet with which you feel a connection, we suggest you not go out of your bodies, but that you bring the information to you through bio-energetic resonance. This stance comes from a greater sense of divine power.

Be in your body, breathe, get used to knowing when you are present and when you are not. You can say, “I will receive this information in perfect divine timing; I will know truth as my body and being will give me full direct experience to resonance, completely in divine alignment with who I am, right here, right now, in this moment. 100% unconditional light and love are my true guides and way showers, now and always. Tap your thymus (mid point on chest, a few inches below collar bone), as you breathe deeply, stating ‘I Am, and so it is!’”

The reason we have come to you is you are ready to experience what we have to share and you are able to use your sacred inner skills of empathic higher awareness, transformers of the Light, in becoming your grander selves and holiest on a Mission of the Divine.

We are so excited that we can barely hold back our enthusiasm of Love for you, as you and we are finally able to experience more of whom you truly are and why you came here to planet earth.



hvankomen 16th February 2010 10:59 am

Thank you so much for your beautiful messages! This is by far the most accurate description of me. I also see violet around me constantly with my third eye, actually daily.

Much love, light and peace!


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