The Art of Being Human

Being human is an art. It is a captivating work of art on canvas. The canvas comes to life and we become lost in the magnificence of the colors, images and sensations. We are the brush that continues to stroke itself against the canvas, expressing every next thought, emotions and feelings. With every stroke and with every creation we are fooled into a sense of permanence. The scent of the paint confirms the life that is being breathed into the art.

Our turmoil’s, deficiencies, longing, joy, pain, hurt, desires, wants, loss, abundance is carefully crafted by our beliefs. Every next stroke of the brush will bring to life those haunting beliefs. We thirst in every moment for the next sensation that rises from the imagination. Imagination is most often restricted by the limitations of our beliefs and of our regulated definition of self. This is what is reflected on the canvas. This is the life that is being painted.

The images we paint of life are the evidence of the patterns created in the quantum field. Yet we have an endless longing for home where we are whole once again but the truth is that we are always home which means that we are always whole. However what we experience is the illusion of not being whole. We experience the illusion of fragmentation and so we capture only fragments on a canvas.

This is the beauty of being human. The fragments captured reflect the bountifulness of possibilities in the human experience. No regrets…for that which is captured, that which is experienced reflects the journey and not the destination. The journey is the jewel; for in the journey is the philosopher’s stone; true Alchemy. It is why you are in a body.

You are the artist; the creator. You have sculpted and painted a body. You have painted your history, your genealogy, your timeline on earth, your journey. You are always at your destination. In every moment… you have arrived. You are always arriving yet you have never really left. It is the magic of fluctuating waves of energy that provides the fluid motion described by science. It gives us the concept of time. In the quantum world it is said that particles are in more than one place at once. Yet they seem to be one in the same, never really traveling any distance; as concluded by the Aspect team of scientists.

This means that we are also everywhere yet nowhere. What we experience is our everywhereness in fragments. Perhaps our formulas, mathematics and physics might only be relevant to this programed version of reality. We have painted ourselves into a concept of reality. We paint over old versions of reality which seem to bleed through the canvas blending with newer images and colors. We never really wipe the canvas clean and so the residue is comparative to old beliefs and perceptions that continue to influence the life we paint or that which is imagined.

Although we fear not being able to un-paint our lives we also fear change. This becomes a setup as we sabotage change through a series of illusions. What we define as real is simply a series of illusions. Our focus and our emotions then present us with the concept of time whereby stabilizing each new illusion in the field around us. It is how we create patterns in the quantum field; patterns which represent every experience we encounter both physically and emotionally.

We have poured power into all that we experience as life, most often causing us to labor with the illusion. How do you convince yourself that it isn’t real when you are plagued by the illusion of consequences and right and wrong choices? In the collective there is a deeply programmed design of what reality is and how it functions. This was necessary as it ensured that our response and our experiences would be relevant to a particular reality design. Because of this we are challenged in being able to step outside of the collectively held version of reality. Within this construct the expansion of one’s consciousness is contingent on the general programming and the rules of this 1.0 version of reality.

Our government, religious systems, spiritual and business structure, monetary structure and educational structures are like software programs designed to run this version of reality according to the timeline set for a timed evolution of humans. This design is collectively supported due to the low frequency in consciousness or awareness of the collective involved in the experience. It is to be understood that this is not something to be angry about or to seek escape from. Instead when we awaken to this awareness we graduate to a new level of understanding; an understanding that this is really about the ultimate human experiences.

There would be no point to being here if you weren’t going to become submerged in the experience for however short that period of time may be. Experiences are experiments. It has allowed us all to process the emotions and feelings of what it is to be human in every way. We each contribute individually and collectively to the data gathered from the human experiment. However one has the opportunity to transcend that level or version of the game. How we make this transition or this crossover is yet another aspect of the game. For this is where we become vulnerable to new age concepts that can simply reroute us back to the same limiting game and you are none the wiser.

Concepts about the law of attraction, money, love and finding your purpose are just some of the frequencies that loops the game. This results in one never really transcending the game because the game keeps you looking for something out there. You are always being told that there are deadlines to be met for human evolution. “Hurry so you don’t miss the ascension” , it just goes on and on. The game never sleeps. Game designing is an art and when you the artist are ready…the way beyond the 1.0 version of the game will show itself to you.

As a matter of fact it’s never hidden only ignored due to the many distractions and bells and whistles of the 1.0 version of the game. Are you willing to do what it takes to free yourself from the loop? Freeing oneself is perhaps the most challenging experience of all for the illusion is relentless, your mind is relentless. But despite the challenge of journey through the illusion it is the path that will lead us beyond this beautifully limiting version of the game. Is it your time to make this leap? Perhaps it is and if it isn’t remember that you are never running out of time, for everything about reality is all made up! You are the ultimate keeper of time!


Peter fox 24th September 2013 6:15 am

Brilliant,Sonia- thank you so much!

Marvil 24th September 2013 4:54 pm

Thank You Sonia, it is an experiment i totally agree. Nobody actually know how deep
"the rabbithole" really goes but people are social beings and they need something for life to make sense.
Scariest thing is when you don't know anymore who you are i guess. At least i felt it for a tiny moment.
People gather and "believe" in something and "the future" comes carrying ascension and enlightenment...
"Let's do some practices and think that we are now spiritual" Nobody even suspects that this is just another trap. I laugh at
mainly at myself because i started also with angels and stuff. Maybe it's good for get going... Now instead be an angel if you
can't be just You. "Go inside and be there"- you are smart and powerful, but i understand- feathers are shiny and
truth is in numbers. I don't want to belong to any group anymore. This "we" is the biggest illusion of all. Be who you are
and don't let anybody to define you! At least for a moment try to look at "the game" without filters if you're able. It's funny and
scary because for a microsecond you might feel totally alone, but then...

shapeshifter 24th September 2013 5:49 pm

Trying to think your way out is what keeps you within the mental construct of the game.

You have to feel your way through and thereby dis-charge the energy patterns which confine you.

victor 25th September 2013 3:13 pm

Simply fantastic reading Sonia. Putting the puzzle into an clear understandable constructed piece.Thanks.
It does not matter how much one knows, one craves to know from another facet of the spectrum.
Dont forget to mention it starts with you in the game and ends with GOD.All God. It was never you.
Blessings to you.


bluefeatheryone 25th September 2013 10:45 pm

Brilliant, Sonia! Thank you so very much! :smitten:


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