The Money Game in The Matrix

The money game continues to be the tool of measurement by which many determine their own value and worth as well as those of others. There are master players who are few and far between while the majority of the world struggles to figure out how to stay in the game if only as a pawn. Although master players such as those who reign at the helm of power through governing systems on the planet; they may appear on the opposite end of lack but it does not mean that they have bypassed the illusion of the monetary matrix. They are simply playing from another level of the monetary game.

Have you ever visited Las Vegas or Atlantic City or any casino for that matter? What is not realized is that we have been playing the game of life in the biggest casino of them all. This currency aspect of reality is a stratum of the matrix in which everyone conforms to the illusion of money. We are told that money makes the world go round. This is true when interpreted as the force of energy, power or current. Money is ultimately an extension of our own thought projections and life force. It is our thoughts and our life force that is converted into this form of current (currency) whether viewed from the perspective of physical labor or from a projection of the mind or through strategic planning. Either way this current (life force) streams from you!

How is reality a vast casino? Or one might say a cosmic casino. The world of commerce looks you in the eye and reminds you that without the required monetary increments you won’t be able to maintain the essentials for human survival which are food, clothes and shelter. Ones selection of food, clothes and shelter is however sliced into a number of possibilities each one determined by a specific monetary class. In the game ones quality of life is subject to your ability to strategize in life’s casino or at least so we are lead to believe. In order to begin to be more strategic in your game perhaps it is necessary to examine the casino and gambling elements of the game.

Everything that we create outside of us such as the casinos for gambling is always a replication of a more obscure aspect of reality. Reality unfolds in levels of subtlety causing the obvious to be overridden by our aim to meet the demands of the game. We are diehard, addicted game players who do not realize that we embark on a daily gamble. The casino of the matrix has an assortment of games no different than the physical casinos. One chooses the kind of game or games you will play and how much you are willing to gamble.

We spend our lives “hoping”, just as we do when we sit in front of a slot machine or at the blackjack table or watching for the winning numbers of the lottery ticket. As we pull the lever or roll the dice or select our lottery numbers we hope for the jackpot or for some level of winning that will solve certain deficiencies in our overall game. So it is with each of us in life’s casino. When we awake in the morning we awake ready to dive into the game despite any proclaimed resistance to it. We awaken into the casino hoping that today will be a good day at the slot machine or the craps table. We hope that we are not thrown any curve balls for the day. It’s all a gamble not being sure exactly how the day will pan out. Exactly how do we automatically journey into the casino upon waking in the mornings? In the mornings as we begin returning from the world of sleep most often you will find yourself already thinking and strategizing about the day’s events. The events of the day are your assortment of games that you will play. Each situation, each dilemma, each person, coworkers that you may not be happy with, a job that you hate going into or perhaps you may like going into, a lunch date scheduled for the day, does he or she like you, will you get the loan, relationships, bills to be paid, the party you are planning and the list goes on and on.

Each one of these interactions will shape its own unique game. Throughout the day you may have five or more unique games. Sometimes the emotions injected into the first game for the day will spill over into all other games. At the end of the day you will have collected an assortment of emotional currency from each one of these experiences and this is what you take home with you. These are the payoffs from “today’s” game. At bedtime you lay in bed and you go over your payoffs for the day and you begin to strategize about your approach in the casino tomorrow and you do it all over again each day. We believe that we are out working hard at making money but it’s not about the money it has always been about the payoffs. Money doesn’t exist in the first place what does exist are the experiences we associate with sustaining our money supply. Money is a current that responds according to the required payoff of the player.

There are other factors at play which aid in sustaining the actual money program and our belief systems about money. We can examine the commercial system which regulates the operations of our world along with those who designed it. This is the wheel which ensures the illusionary, daily grind as we hustle our way to fulfill the requirements of the monetary matrix. The word hustle in this context refers to the strategies we incorporate in our game in order to fulfill the illusion of making money. Our general definition of street hustling is equal to the hustle established from the boardroom on down. We are all hustling! We are hustling for the payoff despite the stores we attach to our reasons. This is the thrill of life’s casino. Each time you roll the dice on a daily basis you hope and we become addicted to the rush that is felt from hoping, as you step up to play.

We have convinced ourselves that this is the only game in town and if we do not play it then we are doomed! What will we do! As a reminder we do not make money; for money represent a currency stream "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to the other" There is NO money being made! The system already knows this but it is the rest of the programmed minds that are completely oblivious to this. We all have walked this road; we have all been taken for a ride. What is important to recognize is that although we are speaking of money what lies at the core of this experience is how it all relates to our existence. It is said that time is money and there is indeed truth to this. It’s all science. Neither time nor money really exists!

Finding a way over this monetary illusion is not about fighting the system. One must go beyond the system through an elevation in consciousness in order to transcend these programs and perception boundaries. Our very language, emotions and reference points to money must change. To understand that we measure our life force in the same manner that we measure money is a powerful realization. We are mechanized in our conclusions of money being scarce or plenty. This is based on a systemic programming of our perception in reference to the world of commerce. We view money as something that runs out and rightly so.

We are continuously reminded of the economy and all things of commercial value as measured based on someone else’s conditions. It is only natural that we would be in fear of depletion as this has been a long standing program. The brain is trained to maintain focus on the monetary codes of scarcity and plenty when measuring currency value. This is an amazing game within which we have gotten lost as it all seems so believable which it is when submerged in it. It’s not about what they did although it helps to understand the strategies that continue to hold our minds spell bound to the concepts of money, worth and value. J.P. Morgan said "If you have to ask how much it costs you can't afford it." Author Lex Lobe reminds us that “Morgan knew that he had the ability to create money when needed. Money goes from something that does not exist to something that does”. We are the currency that flows through all facets of life.

What the economy is or is not are only thought projections which impact the individual according to what their current story calls for. There are a great many that are not impacted by the so called economy. We are dealing with digital projections. This is a psychological game imposed by those privy to the money projector. Therefore our minds become entangled in a measurement assessment of cost. Cost is obviously associated with the value we place on the purchase or exchange being pondered. Where does our value system come from? Are you operating based on what truly resonates with you or is it based on the value table provided for us based on coded brands? When we operate based on resonance scientifically the current should always be there to meet the desire. We can also examine what our desire maybe associated with. This will also make a difference in how the currency unfolds to support the desire. There is an article that came out today February 11, 2011 titled (1) IMF calls for dollar alternative by Ben Rooney appearing on, this kind of information reminds us of the ability of the coordinators or money magicians to determine what money will be or not be. This becomes another program upload or program adjustment to your preexisting money program. This kind of upload takes very well and the people are non the wiser that there is no money only a suggested belief or perception.

The abundance hype and law of attraction concepts had what we would refer to as “good” intensions. However there were always so many key ingredients missing that some either became more confused than when they started or they went to the other extreme of drowning in the hype. It all seemed to become just another cult like episode. There are also those in the “spiritual” community who have convinced themselves that staying in lack and asking for donations is a more “spiritual” approach. Here the table of measurement pops up to evaluate or place you on the spiritual scale. Just how spiritual are you, well let’s just measure that. This is based on the same principles of the concept of money that is programmed into to us. We are using the same method of currency measurement to measure spirituality. Everything is spiritual! Many of these people however feel guilt in expressing monetary value for their work or services clearly based on their money and spirituality programs. There is no right or wrong or good or bad in the perception we choose. This journey is such an amazing experience as one is allowed to take on any character he or she wants to experience. Money is not the evil thing here but rather acts as a catalyst. It supports each of our perceptions. Our deep rooted perceptions about money are only a reflection of the foundation upon which our individual games are being played. It is the shape of our core story from which we live our lives. Money is a phantom and represents the current which flows from us. We are dealing with quantum states. An analogy can be drawn from the EPR Experiment of (2) Schrödinger's Cat. It can certainly be applied to our observation and conclusions of what is or isn’t. The power of suggestion influences the mind of the observer establishing predetermined notions of that which is to be observed; in this case money.

We can perhaps begin to take an honest look at our stories, our perceptions and the current methods of playing the game. Changing the game is therefore possible despite our addiction to the payoffs and when the payoffs no longer serve us only then will we embark on change in creating a new reality.


  1. IMF calls for dollar alternative by Ben Rooney

(2) Schrödinger's Cat

There is a workshop planned for FEBRUARY 19, 2011- MONEY & THE SCARCITY AND PLENTY GAME; How the brain responds to the illusion of money


Katjami 16th February 2011 6:39 am

Hi Sonia,
enjoy your posts.
I read this 6 months ago and thought I'd send it to you.
It is quite a read, but well worth the time....

linda reeder 16th February 2011 7:39 am

thank you so much, this is one of the best things i've read in a long time.

Starfast 16th February 2011 8:43 am

Hi Sonia, thank you from my heart for an excellent description of the money trap. You have put into words something I have been "feeling" for a long time, and with the beautiful insight of your words supporting me, I sense I am about to overcome my last fear in this illusionary 3D. As Joplin sang, "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose." Imagine that! Love, Starfast

Debra A 16th February 2011 11:33 am

I always love your work. It is straightforward, refreshing, and cuts through the bull**** which we are all witnessing and feeling more and more. Keep it coming! deb

shapeshifter 16th February 2011 5:05 pm

Your in-sights are always outside of the mainstream and you simultaneously manage to flow with the current.

Perceiving abundance as an unlimited current of energy is definitely the way to override the limitation game.

Awareness is our greatest asset and it never runs out.

Thanks for sharing your awareness of "current" events. 17th February 2011 3:29 am

Excellent! Excellent!! Excellent !!

What a beautiful profound piece, that gets to the heart and soul of the energy of money!!

Thank you!!


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