Awakening Humanity’s Heart

August signals a period of great awakenings and vast change as we experience the energy of the Solar Eclipse, the 8:8 Stargate and the Lunar Eclipse. 

Eclipses have always been indicators of change and evolution, shifting the collective unconscious and bringing that awareness closer to the surface of our conscious minds. During the time of an eclipse there is an equal exchange of energy occurring between ourselves and our Creator, strengthening the link between the Spiritual and physical realms. 

The intense energy of these eclipses is creating a transformation of energy deep within each one of us. Through this transformation the Heart of humanity is awakening and we are moving through yet another veil of illusion and reaching another stage of our cosmic evolution. The Spiritual aspect of humanity is now being liberated. Our Souls are being purified, our energies amplified, our blockages revealed and all debris cleared from our being, allowing for rapid transformation, radical change, renewal and rebirth. It is vital that we stay grounded, concentrate on creating structure and order in our physical lives and yet maintain our openness to our Creator, the Great Spirit. 

This process of transformation is extremely powerful and as we emerge from our old wounds we will gain a wider understanding of our future, releasing the oppressive patterns of our past and thereby making it possible for us to gently surrender to our present. 

The high energy of this time is initiating within us a remembering and resonance with the source of all life, love and light, our Creator. As we begin to integrate this awareness into our conscious experience we birth a reawakening of our Light Body and reunite with our beloved self. 

Self love is required if we are to meet our responsibilities and complete our process of transformation and rebirth. As children we loved ourselves, we believed that we were intelligent, beautiful and deserving of all the love and abundance that this world has to offer. Growing up the majority of us learnt that we were wrong and we were bad, our intelligence and beauty were not acknowledged. We were told that in order to survive this reality we needed to become like everyone else. We therefore shifted our innate beliefs and boundaries and adopted those of our families, our societies and our cultures. We stopped loving and believing in ourselves and allowed others to influence our path. 

For us to undo this learning it is crucial for us to change our relationship with our self. By acknowledging that our adopted belief patterns and dysfunctions are what stops us from feeling connected, accepted, honored and respected and to recognize and heal these wounded aspects is the journey back to self love. 

We will always be met with challenges in our lives, what makes it easier to face those challenges is how we approach them. When we understand that the responsibility for our life events rests squarely on us as the individual we are able to consider our actions and how they may affect ourselves and others around us. This understanding enables us to be receptive to the Creator moving within our lives, opening us up to new ways of thinking and allowing old patterns of thought to drop away. 

We have the ability to utilize every resource we have available to us, our potential is unlimited. Our energy is limitless and our ability to master our inner resources enables us to continue on our mission with passion, faith and hope. 

The landscapes of our lives is radically changing and as powerful messages of truth, light and love emanate from our Creator, we are being forced to conduct a reality check and to examine our lives. The pace of life is quickening and we all have the ability to perform at these higher levels as the speed of our thoughts, deeds and actions increase. There is a tremendous force and drive available to us, supporting us in accomplishing our goals and following our truth. 

If we are to succeed in changing our reality and in healing our world, we are required to work as a team and support one another. By having compassion for all living things we are able to rekindle strength in ourselves, our communities and our families. This is a time of blessed healing and a time to share our beauty in service to our world. 

The horizon is expanding before us and truth and clarity will emerge as we take time to contemplate and to be still within the massive changes occurring. The understanding of the power of our purpose and our ability to be fully present yet infused with our Divine Spirit is being revealed. Ancient teachings are bringing new levels of study, enlightenment and communication. By devoting ourselves to beautifying our Earth we are able to explore the wisdom teachings that radiate from the heart and soul of our Earth Mother. 

We are here to fully weave together the Spiritual with the physical and it is time to choose to follow the path of our inner teachings and open ourselves to the mysteries held within. We are being offered higher and more refined ways of understanding the laws that govern the mysteries of our lives. We are no longer being held by the limitations that previously laid claim to our souls and we are now able to forgive and to heal the wounds of our past, releasing our judgments and the limited views that we hold.

We have been initiated and awakened and it is now time to absorb the enlightened consciousness that is flowing through our lives. As you follow the path of your Earth walk, be aware of the light held within, slow down and open the door to your destiny.



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