Breakthrough Into a New Cycle

2020 has been an intense year of sudden changes, rapid growth and collective awakening. Painful truths have emerged revealing the level of damage and trauma that exists within us as individuals and as a collective. For many it has been a confusing time as hidden fears, old beliefs and negative patterns have surfaced intensifying the turmoil. This weekends Solstice and Solare Eclipse created a breakthrough moment compelling us to move forward and into a new cycle. As we step forward into this new cycle we are moved through a period of rapid transformation and healing. Deep inner releases will occur to shift our energy, repattern our reality and illuminate the path we are to follow moving forward.

With two weeks until the third and final eclipse of this season you have time to adjust to the frequency of this new cycle. As you adjust you may feel uncertain, unsettled and hesitant. Anxiety and fear may rise quite strongly as you are pushed to finally let go of the old. Use this time to move beyond the limits of the past and into the expansiveness of your soul. Do not give up hope. Cultivate your faith and listen to your intuition. Remember that you have come to this planet with a unique destiny. Surrender to this destiny and allow yourself to dance into the future with courage, daring and excitement.

Much love



VAARRR 22nd June 2020 12:36 pm

I'll use Kate's message to message myself
yesterday, June 21,sowed crystals-patterns-connection-light in human bodies


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