Choose to Courageously Step Forward

Many are struggling with all the changes and the rapid transformations occurring. Yet this is a time where we are urged to claim our energy and our power as it will enable us to boldly step forward despite uncertainty and fear. We are learning to create the life of our soul and as such must discover where we are holding ourselves back and why. To loosen our ties to the past which keep us stuck we must be open to expanding our perspective, exploring alternatives and trying new things. In doing so we free ourselves from perceived limitations and activate a new way forward.

With the ending of the old there is the promise of a new life. This may not be comfortable but there are incredible opportunities available to you now. Find the courage needed to dive deeply into the creative potential of this time. Remember that you have spent lifetimes preparing for these changes and shifts. Any doubt, fear or uncertainty will dissolve when you choose to courageously step forward. 


Meg 5th August 2021 11:44 am

always appreciate your messages.


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