Daily Inspiration Roundup 21st - 25th October - New Moon

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 21st October 2019.

Monday 21st October: Point of Stillness

These final three months of the year are significant as we move through the 10:10, 11:11 and 12:12 gateways. Each gateway dramatically accelerates our path of healing, growth and evolution. Each gateway holds a space of stillness which is likened to the sacred womb of all Creation. In these sacred spaces an equal exchange of energy occurs between us and the Divine fusing our physical and spiritual worlds. During this interchange of energy we are gifted with direct access to the full wisdom and guidance of our soul.

Transformation and change are guaranteed as any remaining limitations or blocks are released opening you to new experiences, opportunities and directions that are more aligned with your soul's purpose. It is your healing processes that will direct you into the inner sanctuary of your soul to unlock the necessary guidance and wisdom you need at this time. Make time for yourself. Rest when you need to. Do not over suppress what is coming up for release. Surrender into the process. Remember to be kind and gentle with yourself. Judgment and criticism of self and others has no place in this process.

Tuesday 22nd October: Weaving

We are currently in the midst of a collective shift, which has been prophesied as a time of great transformation and purification. With this shift new energies are being activated which are helping us access deeper aspects of ourselves, our purpose and our life. For many this is an uncomfortable process as we clearly start to see the pain, the suffering and the hurt we have caused ourselves and others.

Avoidance of this process is fruitless. To heal you must move through this time. Accept where you are and what is coming up. Honour the pain. Do not suppress it. Take time to reflect and give yourself permission to grieve. Time and patience are key. Focus on yourself and find ways to restore your own precious energy. Remember that it is in the weaving of the light and dark within that you that you will find your wholeness.

Wednesday 23rd October: Path of Least Resistance

The current cosmic activity is working to shift the energy on the planet, lightening the density many of us have been experiencing over the last few months. This heavy energy has been difficult to navigate as it has brought a deeper awareness of the healing and growth we need.

There is a natural movement of events in your life which is calling you to follow the path of least resistance. The resources to support your healing, growth and change come when you allow what is to run its course. Know that when the time is right your dreams will begin to take shape. Allow yourself to be taken to what is really essential in life. Remember that whatever is occurring for you now it is for your highest good.

Friday 25th October: New Moon Death & Rebirth Cycle

This weekends new Moon on the 27th brings a new intensity to our journey. The energy is deeply transformative and will call us into a process of death and rebirth. It really is time to let go of the old so that we can step into the new, but before that can happen we must shift whatever blocks are in our way.

The intensity of this New Moon will push you to let go of the old destructive patterns which constantly tell you that you are inadequate and do not have the power to change your current circumstances. Use the incoming energy to support the release of these blocks. Resist the urge to fight your process and surrender to the flow of cosmic energies that are moving across the world. Accept and trust that all is in order.

Much love


debs go lightly 26th October 2019 5:04 pm

Thank you Kate, I always find your words and wisdom so clear and helpful when big energy shifts are happening!

I'm definitely going through shifts and changes and big clearings of old energies, emotions, perceptions, physical changes and letting go of the past on a deeper level. It's confusing, challenging and exciting! Your observations have helped me to get a better overview/understanding of this process.

Very appreciated!

Much love, Debs.

Meg 28th October 2019 4:42 pm

Beautiful message. Thanks.


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