Daily Inspiration Roundup 5th - 7th August 2019

Beyond Your Normal (5th August 2019)

The mysteries of the Earth's natural cycles reveals that the Earth is a sacred realm of creation. It is the womb where spirit and matter merger to provide a vehicle for our soul to complete its ultimate purpose. We must redefine our relationship with nature to the point where we recognise its importance and power as it relates to our very survival, growth and evolution. In order to do this we must follow a path of healing and apply the principles of harmony and balance in our day to day lives.

At this time you are coming to know and understand your purpose and to trust the calling of your soul. As a result, you are being invited to engage with the world in a new way, a more authentic way. Contemplate the choices before you and embrace that which asks you to explore beyond the confines of your past. That which calls you to go beyond your normal, to push your limits and your boundaries.

Stepping In & Out (6th August 2019)

Currently we are stepping in and out of realities in order to clear and release all that we no longer need for the new Earth reality. As we step into the new all that we no longer need emerges pushing us back into the old for healing and clearing. This is an uncomfortable process as the foundation of our lives is continually breaking down and shifting.

This transformational process is taking place within you but also all around you. All that seemed to be real and solid is breaking apart to reveal the illusions and lies you have lived with. The uncertainty of change may bring up fear and anxiety. Focus on your emotions and your body and see what is coming to light and inciting you to change. Observe what you are feeling and remain open to the possibilities of what permanent transformation may bring.

Death & Rebirth (7th August 2019)

In preparation for tomorrows 8:8 Lionsgate we are moving through transformative portals of death and rebirth. The structures which upheld the past are breaking down and dying away. All that must be relinquished and completed is being revealed bringing to light things that have previously eluded us.

You are being subtly guided to redirect your life and to embrace the natural rhythms of perpetual change, birth, death and rebirth. Healing the past, releasing old karmic ties and past patterning will bring an awareness and an opportunity to shift situations and bring about rapid change. In order to sustain and support the life of your soul the outer manifestations of your life must change. Make time to quiet your mind, to be still and connect with the wisdom of your soul. Allow that wisdom to guide you and support you as you take bold steps into the unknown.

Much love


Meg 7th August 2019 3:08 pm

"All that must be relinquished and completed is being revealed bringing to light things that have previously eluded us." omg ...FOR REAL...! :)

For real, just mind blown... pretty speechless how it is happening for me, lol. HELP! ;)

Thank you 4sharing.


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