Daily Inspiration Roundup 7th - 11th October 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 7th October 2019.

Monday 7th October: Step Out

This is a very internal time for us, where our focus is being drawn to what we need to shift, change and transform internally before manifesting externally. Change is being demanded of us. Our world must change in order for a new reality to fully emerge. World events and personal experiences are revealing how the old reality does not work for us and no longer serves us.

It is so important that you step out of the old myths and stories that have defined you and your life until now. It is time to be who you truly are without the limiting stories of the past.

Tuesday 8th October: A New Day Is Coming

At this time we are being pulled inward to weave together the lighter and darker aspects of ourselves, which includes the dissolution of any remaining energetic and emotional blockages. As a result an energetic reshuffling is occurring initiating a greater conscious connection with our soul.

Your inner world is being strongly influenced by the accelerating energies. Emotional baggage you are carrying at this time is being cleared and released creating an emotional reset. Old patterns of self sabotage, self limitation and stagnation are being released offering a new perspective on the subtle workings of your inner self. You are being helped along this path to clear anything that my obstruct your progress. Do not fear. Your life is renewing itself and a new day is coming.

Wednesday 9th October: Attaining Peace

The Earth’s spiritual energy is an important force that guides and directs humanity’s spiritual growth, development and evolution. It plays an essential part in connecting us with the over lighting universal and cosmic energies. These energies are initiating our current shift and rapidly awakening human consciousness.

In these times of intense transformation your entire energy flow is being reset to support you in fully reclaiming your soul essence within your physical form. As this process continues to unfold your awareness will expand awakening within you a new and a peaceful state of being. Your task is to strip away, cut back and cull any and all obstructions to this new state of being. Addictive patterns, destructive habits, dysfunctional relationships and self-imposed suffering must be relinquished.

Thursday 10th October: Establishing a New Balance

Every aspect of who we are is being fully activated as the deeper egoic aspects of our human nature are dissolving. Deep rooted, painful emotions and old karmic patterns are surfacing to be processed, healed and released. Todays 10:10 portal opening is a watershed moment as we are freed from old wounds and past traumas.

A new sense of balance is being established that will bring a deeper embodiment and greater stability to your life. You may be feeling quite disorientated as old behaviors and rigid patterning are being released. Feelings and emotions may arise as you are freed from the past. Honor these feelings as they bring profound wisdom for your soul. Remember that painful life experiences are equally as valuable as the happy ones. Learn to embrace your life experiences, the pain and the suffering and you will move beyond your personal history and into the enchanted world of your soul.

Friday 11th October: Pushing Boundaries

The profound inner transformations and shifts that have occurred this year are moving us beyond the massive belief patterns held within our individual consciousness as well as within our collective consciousness. With these changes our inner landscape expands shifting our perspective and offering us a different view of our past, our present and our future.

The energy of this weekend's Full Moon comes to reassure you that your current experience holds a sacred purpose. As you continue to process the discordant energetic patterns of the past you will break through that which is clouding your soul's truth, wisdom and inspiration. Practice emotional and mental discipline and seek to become a master of self. Do not turn your back on what is being faced. Learn to view all experiences from a higher perspective and endeavour to work with what is being presented. This is a powerful opportunity to push the boundaries of what you have previously experienced.

Much love



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