Energy Report for March 2014

'A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you....Look at every path closely and deliberately.  Try it as many times as you think necessary.  Then ask yourself alone, one question....Does this path have a heart?  If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use’ - Carlos Castaneda

Cycles of the Earths evolution introduce an awareness of change.  Change is our choice and we can either choose to make it or it can be thrust upon us.  Either way the Universe will strive for balance and continuous positive evolution.  Our current cycle is accelerating the evolution and transformation of both our personal and collective attitudes, purifying our hearts, minds and bodies.  The pace of energy has greatly increased over the last month and progress is definitely being made as we learn to dance with the unpredictable energies of this time.  All the processing, clearing and cleansing continues and I’m often asked when will it ever end!  The flow of evolutionary energies is never ending and as such we cannot expect it to end, but we can expect it to become easier to integrate as our hearts continue to open and align with the flow of energies pouring into the Earth.  

Physicality is overflowing with abundant Universal energy, which initiates creative energetic blueprints of thoughts, beliefs and desires. Healing is accepting the Divine Creators love into your life to experience an expanded level of reality, which reveals the incredible depth and beauty of all of life.  As such its important to understand that your heart acts as a portal to Divine energies, a balancing point, which allows energy to be absorbed and integrated into your entire being.  As you absorb this energy, light codes for healing and awakening are activated within the cells of your physical body.  All experiences are integrated within your physical body to create a rapid process of healing where old patterns of imbalance are triggered to fall away. Your Spirit then merges with your physical body to create a unification of all polarized and separated aspects of the self.  As your heart absorbs and your body integrates the current energy downloads, blockages will be cleared from your system to bring clarity and thus transformation.  Deep seated changes and transformations will follow initiating your infinite potential, reconnecting you with an expanded perspective, which will allow you to fully understand the true nature of your heart, and the ability you hold to manifest the path of your heart.

The energies of February were a time of deep transformation within the collective consciousness.  Old established patterns and beliefs held within collective were broken down to allow for the establishment of new patterns and structures.  We all exist in a sea of patterns, habits, attitudes and structures, which are created by our minds and which shape our reality.  Consequently this ‘sea’ influences all our individual choices and decisions both positively and negatively.  This cycle of evolution demands the dissolution and transformation of both our collective and individual patterns and structures.  Our truest mission at this time is to undo the habitual patterns of our human consciousness, while realigning our lives with our hearts.  Working within the realms of the heart requires us to engage with the watery depths of the unconscious.  Purifying and healing the unconscious assists in eliminating the poisons of the past to restore trust, faith and hope in life. All aspects, both individually and collectively need to be released, transformed and changed if we are to escape from duality and return to oneness and unity.  This process is creating strain and instability within the governing patterns and structures, gifting us with opportunities to realign with our hearts while building a new Earth within the wake of the dissolving and transforming old.

Currently you are fully immersed in this deep and powerful transformation.  Your processes are increasing noticeably and your personal attitudes are evolving much more quickly.  Divine energy is activating your heart to allow for a deeper integration of your Spirit, producing periods of deep release and purification.  Your ability to change and adapt is increasing, which allows for faster progress in your life and in the world around you.  You will feel a stronger impulse urging you to fully engage with your heart and to see through your well-worn patterns, attachments and addictions.  Thus showing you the way to oneness and unity.  The sacred messages from your heart are revealing the necessary steps you need to take to transform the very structures of your life. Every experience is leading you to a new understanding, calling you to remember that you contain within you all the power you need to manifest and create the life of your heart.  

The dynamic energy of this month will ensure that the process of change, both internal and external, is a continual one that inspires and demands your personal evolution into a more harmonious and balanced world.  The vibration of your heart is intensifying inviting you to explore the essence of life within the realms of your heart.  Your life is being repatterned with your hearts vibration, healing old wounds, grievances and conflicts, which may block access to or imped the path of your heart.  A path of healing is being facilitated, supporting the transformation and release of old emotional blocks, fears and old patterns of thought and action. You are urged to let go of all judgment, condemnation and criticism and embrace infinite compassion for all suffering. You may well feel emotionally and mentally unbalanced as the energies work to release and integrate all past and present experiences.  It takes tremendous courage to face obstacles and to confront fears and vulnerabilities.  The energies will lend you courage and assist you in aligning your motivations and actions with the purity and honesty of your heart.  

The forces of Divine love and light are gathering to manifest experiences, which will help to interweave the power of your heart with your material, physical life.  Circumstances and conditions in your life will enable you to see yourself more clearly.  You will find that more and more instances will be presented where you are compelled to give your heart the attention it needs. It is time to manifest the creations you have conceived by taking action to express your hearts truth.  You are being gifted with the energy and perseverance to walk a noble journey, to pursue your hearts calling.  Your hopes and dreams are coming true.  Be aware of the need to transform the outer manifestations of your life in order to sustain and support the life of your heart.  Some things must change for new life to emerge and prosper and you may find yourself inspired to take action on manifesting the hopes, dreams and wishes of your heart. Embrace the uncertainty of change.

This month you will be invited into a space where careful consideration, discrimination and observation will give you the opportunity to take action on the path of your heart.  This month revise and review your life, align it with your heart and find new and balanced ways of being, which affirm your hearts desires.  All experiences and opportunities will provide you with new dreams and new directions.  Be aware of the habits and patterns you still hold, which suggest that you are not enough and do not have what it takes to continue.  Face your fears, release your resistance and free yourself from doubts and procrastination.  You are a luminous being that possesses an individual Spirit and all experiences now will serve to remind you that you have come to this planet carrying special gifts, together with a unique mission and destiny.  Rather than contracting into fear expand into visions of hope and joy.  Anchor the path of your heart within your life and you will be gifted with a sense of calm acceptance, clarity and creativity. How prepared are you?  Are you still allowing your fears and uncertainty to sabotage your dreams?  Are you ready to liberate yourself from the past and reveal the unique individual that you are? What is dying away?  What new opportunities await you?  

It is time to fully commit to following the path of your heart and to release all and any resistance or uncertainty.  Rise out of your antipathy and embrace your hearts direction.  Unify all aspects of yourself through your heart center and actualize your Soul potential.  Live and speak that which lies deep within your heart and allow Divine wisdom to stir your being into a life of greater service and devotion to your path.  Accept your luminous Spirit, it is rising within your heart to reveal the truth of who you truly are.  Step towards your light and wisdom, hold dear the reassurances of your heart and allow the answers you need to emerge from your sacred center.  When important choices and decisions need to be made it is the Divine wisdom of your heart that will help you align with right action. When you follow the path of your heart and open to the mysteries of its teachings you are able to listen and view the world around you with wonder and excitement.  Travel into the intuitive core of your being to reimage and create life anew.  Perceive and understand your inner motivations, desires and intentions so that when opportunity knocks you are ready to have your prayers answered.

Your physical body may still feel overwhelmed by the process of the last few months as it’s working hard to release deep patterns.  Remember that it takes time for the body to catch up to the energetic shifts and changes.  Honor the process and give your body the support and nurturing that it requires to fully integrate the changes.  Physical symptoms may be felt in the digestion, lymph system and adrenals. Circulation may feel sluggish, both physically and energetically.  Make sure you are drinking enough water.  Massage and energy work will help to get energy moving.  Balance is a priority at this time.  Practice meditation and prayer, or anything that brings you into union with your heart.  

Remember that you are blessed in so many ways.  Explore the well of abundance, bliss and divine love that you can draw upon at any time.  Clear away the debris of the past and reveal the path of love unfolding before you.  Open fully to the energy of your hearts purpose and channel the energy of the Divine into all your creations.  Merge the energies of your Spirit with your embodied existence and allow yourself to become a vessel of Divine love and light.  Seal the cracks in your heart, align with your hearts sacred power, believe in the magic of miracles and ready yourself for a new life.


Peter fox 11th March 2014 5:29 am

Wow,Kate!! Fantastic- thank you!

zorro 11th March 2014 5:38 am


This is a powerful, powerful message, and it is a bullseye!

Dls 11th March 2014 7:18 am

I so needed this! Woke up with fear and doubt flooding over me (and that doesn't happen often), meditated, and regrouped. And then this just solidified everything. Thank you so much.

cyndy 11th March 2014 10:15 am

Very nice to have in words, the layers of what I have been experiencing and observing. The words somehow settle it within and I can feel it lining up and integrating in my internal landscape.
"Drink from the well of your own emerging awareness."-Zorro

kay 11th March 2014 10:40 am

Wonderful message, Kate, and an excellent look at the Castaneda quote: does this path have a heart? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cyndy. Cake and ice cream and good company around the table for all of us.

cyndy 11th March 2014 10:56 am

Thank you Kay.
Party favors for all.
"if. when. how. begins the dream. painted between the eyes, of swallowing thoughts and tender sighs, in hands of falling leaves, sweetened dead to beautiful thieves, of time, turned back to run, the following distance of the sun. and moon. whose race tracks back before the days. before they knew. to turn back, laugh and say, together, what a race we run. you've won, you've won." -Tamara

kay 11th March 2014 11:24 am

Thanks for sharing Tamara's sweet poem of releasing and reaffirming, Cyndy.

zorro 11th March 2014 12:49 pm


Happy, happy birthday!!!

cyndy 11th March 2014 1:26 pm

Zorro,Oh yes, thank you. I always bring out Emily Dickinson now. "You grow not older with years but newer every day."

zorro 11th March 2014 2:19 pm

That is such a great quote from Carlos Constaneda. Here is another one:

"Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges."

kay 11th March 2014 5:16 pm

Nice one, Zorro. "Withstand" is an interesting word in that quote. Sometimes that's what it feels like: heavy, to be endured, to stand strong in the face of. But maybe "stand with" works as an interpretation.

cyndy 11th March 2014 6:26 pm

Kay and Zorro, I guess it depends on how one defines challenges. ". We developed patterns of control and repression to feel less vulnerable, but the cost has been a willingness to endure things that are not in alignment with who we are. Life is not something meant to be endured. The discomfort of these days is from the sorting going even deeper with some sense of urgency to purge the last remnants of survival elements and all that does not feel aligned with our core nature. We are finalizing the choices of what isn’t going forward with us."-Chris Lightsmith

kay 11th March 2014 7:02 pm

Thanks, Cyndy. Chris' interpretation resonates with me. Reminds me of Jim Self's view. There are perspectives we won't be taking with us into the new earth. And I think you're right that it's all a matter of how we understand the notion of challenge. For me, it has to do with something I held onto as truth 30 seconds ago, hit a bump in the road with...obstacle alert!...then, reconsidering my choices and ability to adapt, reacted to one way or another.

I just love how you guys make me work out my ideas.

zorro 11th March 2014 7:36 pm

I love the dialogue here; it has heart!

cyndy 11th March 2014 8:14 pm

Great Appreciation for our hearts. The intelligent sensor.Love your intelligent sensors.

zorro 11th March 2014 8:55 pm


That is beautiful..."Stand With" out of "Withstand". Nice one!

SilverAngel9 12th March 2014 2:18 am

I really enjoyed the article, resonated with me deep in my heart...also the dialogue, I don't always read it, but it really was worth reading this time, thank you all you beautiful people for making my day....Loved all the quotes & the interpretations. I am truly blessed.
Peace, Love & Oneness
We are all one
Sylvia x

kay 12th March 2014 11:01 am

Great exchange, guys. Zorro, I think of you as our resident poet. I'm glad you liked the wordplay.


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