Full Attention is Demanded

We are living in a phenomenal time where our full attention is being demanded as the incoming energies work to bring about something totally new and unprecedented within ourselves and our world. The individual shifts and changes occurring now are stoking the fires of our collective transformation awakening us all to a new vision of a new world. We are being pushed beyond what has previously been known and as the old continues to collapse a new and fertile landscape will be revealed.    

As we move towards the Full Moon and Equinox a sense of urgency and a deepening of the importance of this time is being felt. The radically shifting energies are penetrating deep into the very core of your being to release you from the grip of old emotions and negative behaviours.  There are layers to this process, and it is essential that you allow the emotions and feelings to surface for release. Honour the pain and the wounds, witness the emotions but allow for the cleansing of this old energy to occur.


Meg 16th September 2021 11:39 am

super cool message Kate ... awesome


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