Full Moon October 2010

This week the energies of the Full Moon will see us shifting and integrating many of the darker, shadowy aspects of ourselves. In this period it becomes essential to heighten your awareness around the energies moving within and find ways to integrate them. At this stage of your growth it is crucial that you integrate the shadowy aspects of yourself, thus recognising that they are in fact rejected and wounded aspects of you. With this awareness you will no longer find it necessary to project them onto others.

This Full Moon occurs in the astrological sign of Aries and is the second Full Moon in Aries this year. The first was in September and we are coming full circle to complete what was initiated during the Full Moon period in September. As we move into this Full Moon a new self-identity will emerge. One that acknowledges, honors and respects all others. It is time that we disover new ways of compromise and sharing and with this Full Moon consciously choose between Love and War.

For us to transform our own shadow and darkness we are required to first acknowledge its existence. This Full Moon will energize us and encourage us to look deeper within ourselves and to release that which blocks acceptance of others. As you approach this Full Moon consciously choose the actions you take with those in your life and take responsibility for your actions towards others.

The fiery energies of Aries opens us to the experience of clarifying your Soul identity and discovering what you want to do and how to go out into the world and do it. If you don’t unearth your Soul identity you may find yourself stuck in a role or identity that you do not want. The energies of this Full Moon will enable you to discover your true identity and begin bringing that into form within your life. It is up to each of us to ground this energy in ways that build our unique identity without the need to dominate or subjugate anyone else.

During the month of October Venus went retrograde. Retrograde motion is when it appears that a planet is moving in a backward motion due to the relation of the planet to the Earth in it’s particular position at a certain point in time. Retrograde motion pulls back and gives you the opportunity to take care of the past and old business. The past that needs to be resolved is directly related to the planet involved. During a Venus retrograde period unfinished business with past relationships or issues within current relationships will resurface and reignite.

As we move towards the end of October old wounds and hurt feelings will be released and cleared. In this time we are urged to seek self-knowledge regarding our emotional and psychological life. It is our needs that reflect our wounds and as we heal those wounds we shall discover that we no longer require others to find fulfillment. This learning will bring self-empowerment and an inner security which will allow us to full express our powerful emotions without fear of rejection or punishment.

Venus retrograde will support us in remembering that we are all a part of this world and that we can move through these times of challenge if we join together rather than pull apart. We have all come into this life with past life experiences of pain, domination, inequality and disillusionment in love. We are required to release these old memories and thus birth a new vision of love, peace and harmony.

As we stand at this junction in our human history we are required to take time to integrate our experiences, to let go of that which we have outgrown and discover a deeper understanding of who we are and what we as a human race require for survival. This Full Moon will offer us all an important opportunity to do the appropriate thing if we truly understand that we are all comrades on this journey called life.


Ron Laswell 21st October 2010 4:24 pm

What truly amazes me is how synchronous your message - and the other Spirit Library messages - so accurately describes the current flow of my life. I love you channelers and writers!

At the same time, when I print out a copy, and attempt to discuss these subjects in more depth with those who are close to me, I keep hearing the excuse that they "can't wrap their minds around the words." Many years ago, I realized that spiritual knowledge is like that old adage, 'you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.' So now, without any sadness or regret, I see myself in a position of shifting relations. Ironically, people my own age either are saddened by the inevitable changes, or they quietly retreat into themselves because they don't know what to say. Or as one friend put it, he did not want to discuss it, because then he would be forced to reassess his own relationships.

In spite of all the uncertainty bombarding me from my community, I stand completely confident and self-assured that I'm doing the right thing. Blessings to all on a similar path.

Barbara 22nd October 2010 1:13 am

Ron, I believe that your relations will eventually see inside themselves all your changes because they receive what you reflect. And if you reflect love and acceptance to all without judgement then they will reassess their own relationships with themselves first and then with others.... We are all on the same path, feeling safe and at home towards and in the Light Of God. Bless us all...

sophstar 22nd October 2010 4:48 am

The flow of this article expresses the same flow of nature.which is Beautiful.Within us.. we all have time to change.from old to new.Look within one self..what do you see.? what you see is Beauty..Beauty that needs attention..bring it forth so others can see you shine like the light you are.don't be afraid of your light or darkness as it is a lesson for your self to change,..just like the seasons that shift an move..move with the change you feel and follow the light and what will be will be..take each moment as it comes and trust...love and lightness..; )


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