Liminal Space

Currently, we are floating in a liminal space, on the threshold between the old and the new, between death and rebirth where the dissolution of the old is creating a fluid, malleable space that will enable the new to become fully developed. As such we stand in the space between our old self and our new self. Within this space uncertainty and disorientation can occur as future outcomes once taken for granted are now thrown into doubt. The future is unknown and unknowable as we are moving into a time like nothing we have experienced before.

This is a time of deep inner spiritual work as you are more sensitive and receptive in this liminal space. You may feel somewhat ungrounded and emotional as the inner transformation occurring now releases you from patterns created by old wounds. As a result, you may come to a greater understanding of your current circumstances and conditions. Allow yourself to let go of the burden of judgment and criticism and embrace the fact that you are now able to see yourself and your life more clearly.


Ron Laswell 28th June 2021 11:00 am

Just so you know ... I looked up the word "liminal" in the dictionary. Nope, not there. But - there is the word luminal, which means "of the light".


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