Lions Gate Peak

These last few months have been intense as radical planetary aspects have shaken us individually and collectively revealing our shadows. This has been an expansive and beneficial period but also somewhat uncomfortable as we have faced the trapped trauma and suffering of the collective. Major change is being called for and as such what was once familiar and comfortable is no longer bearable. With the Lion’s Gate portal open there is an increase in the light coming into the planet which will create unexpected awakenings, realisations, and healings. Clarity and transparency will emerge to eliminate the unnecessary patterns of distortion and obstruction that have kept us stuck.

This weekend we reach the most active phase of the Lion’s Gate portal as its energy peaks with the New Moon on the 8th of August. There is an incredible amount of energy and power with this New Moon which you can harness and use to overcome your fears, alter your perspective, and break away from old patterns and habits. The New Moon is always a time of new beginnings and with this particular New Moon change will be accelerated as something deep within you recalibrates.

Now is the time to choose to step forward and bring to fruition the changes you need to make. Be courageous and daring as you allow your destiny to unfold without the need to control or manipulate. Remember that you are in the midst of creating a new beginning for yourself and this world. Even if you are feeling challenged by the shifts and changes keep focused on the reality you wish to create. Notice where you are pushing too hard and where any rigidity may be holding you back. Make time this weekend to connect with the silence within and tune into the creative ideas and inspirations that are arising.  




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