As channels of creativity, our daily deeds express our reality and demonstrate our truth.  We each hold within our being a portal of energy that is connected to the energetic grid held within our planet.  We are therefore intimately attached to our beautiful Earth Mother and each time we touch the body of this Mother, our bodies are gifted with life and replenishment.  It is our responsibility and our duty to cleanse and purify ourselves so we may channel pure and divine love, light and truth into our world, freeing ourselves from our energetic and emotional blockages thus enabling the true expression of love.

The Spiritual and physical oneness that we share with our Earth explains the depth of the pain we carry within our hearts each time She is hurt.  The time for healing of the wounds has come and in this moment we shall bridge the chasms that divide us, enabling ourselves as individual portals of energy to gift this world with change and transformation, allowing each and every living being to evolve.

It is during this time of great change and transformation that tremendous potential is being revealed and we are required to enter into this new phase with our foundations deeply rooted in our faith, trust and connection with the Creator, the Great Spirit.  Now is the time for us to accept the promise of hope, unity and abundance that is held within our hearts.  We are the bridge uniting Heaven and Earth.

This time of change and transformation is motivated by The Great Spirit’s love for all beings and the longing for all to be free from the mistaken ideas and beliefs which cause suffering.  We are encircled within the womb of the Great Mystery and as we take our last steps to freedom, we commit our lives to change, opening to the infinite beauty that lies within our Soul and awakening our Power.  Gateways are revealed stretching beyond time and space, expanding our horizons and encouraging the development of empathy and compassion.   

Vortexes of energy are stirring within the centre of our Earth creating gateways in which old, stagnant and damaging energies may be purified and cleansed.  The energy systems of our world will be cleared of any debris that may be causing blockages or imbalances and it is vitally important that we strengthen our connection to our Spiritual paths. 

During this time of purification we shall be cleared of old patterns that no longer serve us making room in our lives for greater Spiritual gifts to be granted.  Our inner truth and desire for freedom, higher knowledge and wisdom is providing us with Divine guidance and essential higher energies which need to be integrated into our energy systems.  We are being aided in rejecting self abuse in all its forms which in turn will activate our higher Power and help us to recognise that each day we have a choice as to whether we shall embody the principles of our Spirit or choose to live beyond the boundaries of balance and self respect.

Our Power holds our strength and our courage and when it is activated within our hearts it becomes the most potent power of all of Creation – Love.  All actions and creations must originate with the source of all love and as we allow the core of our deepest self to be penetrated by the essence of love we can begin our dance of respect and gratitude. 

When we are in conflict there is something within ourselves that has not been healed or integrated into the wholeness of who we are.  When we experience the frequency of forgiveness we are able to release our conflict and to embrace the entirety of self and all beings.  By freeing ourselves and others from the roles of abuse we release ourselves and others from perpetuating the energetic patterns that causes pain. 

We have been granted the greatest gift of all – the gift of self knowledge.  Our life on Earth is an opportunity for us to explore and learn about ourselves.  As our inner eyes open, allowing us to perceive our inner world, we are afforded the opportunity to create a reality that is conscious. This period of growth and enhanced understanding will reveal to us the aspects of ourselves that have previously been unknown. 

Our energetic field is becoming more receptive to Spiritual influences.  We are being allowed to perceive the unseen more fully and to integrate into our consciousness the higher love of the Creator, initiating within us a resonance and remembrance of Source.

If we follow the path dictated to us by our Hearts, we will be able to demonstrate our truth with wisdom and compassion, making in possible for us to forgive ourselves for our deeds of destruction and to do whatever it takes to turn it around.

The light of peace is awakening within and as we begin harvesting our Power for good purposes we shall discover respect for the natural world and we will use our intuition and our knowledge to find sustainable solutions.

We have all been called to Earth at this crucial time in our human evolution to be in service to humanity.  Our mission is to undo the habitual patterning of the human collective consciousness, while dedicating our lives to the building of a new way of being.

Our Soul force is being re-patterned, reconnecting us to our true origins and revealing within each one of us the unique Star qualities that we bring to this world.  For those who haven’t yet remembered their true identities or reasons for being here, this process will indeed bring you closer to understanding.

All potential is held within this time and as we journey into the intuitive core of ourselves we begin to speak with authority and power, to walk in humility and service, sharing our gifts with this world.  The old will be forever destroyed giving rise to the new, our emotions are being purified, our bodies are being purged of poisons from our past and our Soul is being cleansed.  We are being offered a glimpse into the profound mysteries of life, death and rebirth.  By embracing our earthly existence we can restore our hope, unleash our special virtues, direct, build, weave and sustain all the natural forces of life. 

Our paths will be revealed to us as we sleep, in meditation or during awakened moments in our lives.  We are all offered the gift of immense love and hope during this transformative time.  See yourself as The Creator sees you - an incarnation of Divinity.  Re-imagine and recreate new life.  Shed old skin and begin a new cycle, learn to respect your life, to nourish your self and to love yourself, thereby honouring The Creator who gives abundant love and life to us all.


Liliana 12th May 2009 7:50 am

Thank you very much for your excellent comment on Sporit Pathways to purification...
In order to help the Earth, he have to begin with ourselves... Our weapon: Unconditional love and forgivness... This to feelings include gratitude, compassion...
Thank you very Much Kate... is wondefull to read it... is like my feelings were express in there...
Love, light...
In Lak'ec Ala K'in...


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