Saturn Retrograde

Humanity currently exists within a healing crisis and as the world shifts around us we are required actively align with the incoming energies to advance our awakening, healing and growth. Today Saturn begins its annual retrograde motion giving us the opportunity to build up our strength, our determination and the perseverance we need to continue our journey. Saturn is the planet that gifts us with the knowledge that our soul needs to reach its potential in this lifetime. Saturn retrograde assists us in pushing beyond our limitations and gives us the ability to see deeply into our current life circumstances.

With Saturn retrograde you are being gifted with this time to follow an internal process of reflection, which will enable you to reconnect your physical, material life with the life of your soul. During this period you will be guided to balance your external journey with inward exploration to facilitate an alignment with your soul’s deepest truth. Embrace this process as it offers you the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of yourself. Listen to your intuition and trust that it will lead you to that which is most necessary for your healing and growth at this time.

Much love




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